Chapter 45 makes money

    On Saturday, May 23, 2015, Lu Chen experienced a dreamy night.

    This night, he sang Singing in front of more than 2,000 spectators, winning the most enthusiastic applause from the audience.

    This night, he earned the largest amount of money he had ever earned, and sold an original piece of 200,000.

    This night, he got a 5% stake in the Forgotten Grass Bar, from a wage earner to a minority shareholder!

    When Lu Chen signed one's own name on the share transfer contract, his heart was grateful.

    Grateful for that long dream, grateful for the 3rd Rank life experienced in the dream, grateful to Xu Bo, Mo Ran, Fang Mingyi.

    Lu Chen doesn't know if the world in his dreams really exists, but he knows that one's own is incomparable!

    And Luck's is not just that.

    When he came to the middle-level VIP area of ​​the Blue Lotus Bar, the live performances will come to an end.

    Li Feiyu is still sticking to live broadcast, and seeing Lu Chen, he is so excited that he burst into tears.


    He pointed at the computer screen of the notebook, and his eyes were full of emotions, and Lu Chen was scared to have goose bumps.

    See what?

    Take a closer look, I will go!

    Lu Chen saw one's own live broadcast room, the online popularity of the number actually exceeded 300,000!

    300,000+ of the popularity!

    Lu Chen was really surprised and happy, as if a huge pie suddenly fell in the sky, and then "jingle" fell on the top of one's own, there is a feeling of dizziness.

    Online live broadcast, online popularity value is extremely important data, pay attention to fans is easy to fake, online number is not the same, unless the website helps to falsify, otherwise it reflects the value of the anchor to a large extent.

    The online popularity of Lu Fei's live broadcast has always been growing, but from the original 100,000+, just two hours to 300,000+, it is a bit ridiculous.

    After all, he is still short on the live broadcast of [Whale TV], and the number of fishmeal is not much.

    Now the number of fishmeal attention has reached 170,000+!

    "what's up?"

    Lu Chen couldn't help but ask: "To be honest, you have done something good!"

    Li Feiyu laughed: "We rushed to the hot list of the homepage!"

    [Whale TV] has a number of lists on the homepage to recommend the popular live broadcast programs and anchors. One of the most important is the hot list on the whole station, which is also the most competitive list.

    The principle of the whole station heat list is based on the online popularity of live broadcast, the number of barrage and the number of rewards, using a fixed formula to convert the corresponding value, the data is automatically on the list, unless there is a violation of the situation of cheating Otherwise, the website will not interfere.

    There are only a total of twelve places in the hot list of the whole station, the location is very eye-catching, so once you hit the hot list, it will inevitably attract more popularity!

    Lu Fei live broadcast between the Lu Chen to go on stage sings when the heat hit the end of the list, and then the popularity of the popularity increased until now has not been reduced.

    As the new anchor of [Whale TV], in the case of Lu Chen without the scene of the live Host, his live broadcast actually killed the home page list, which can be said to be a miracle.

    After Li Feiyu explained it, he proudly said: "Long live Lu Jiajun!"

    Can win such a result, Lu Chen's fish meal group Lu Jiajun is absolutely indispensable, just Li Bai rewarded 15T fish balls, driving the atmosphere of the entire live broadcast.

    Since the live broadcast is always going on, although the camera is facing the stage, the microphone is all-round.

    So the conversation between the two people is clearly heard by the fans in the live broadcast room.

    "The anchor, is the anchor back?"

    "Even I heard the anchor of the anchor, it is Lu Fei's big mistake!"

    "Long live Lu Jiajun!"

    "The anchor is big, I want to see your face."

    "The anchor is a handsome pot, really.Handsome pot. ”

    "The performance of the anchor has been seen. The two Singings are so great, I really want to hear it again!"

    "Listen again!"

    "Three times!"


Lu Chen saw it and immediately adjusted the camera and microphone.

    He waved at the scene and said, "Hello everyone, I am Lu Fei anchor, welcome everyone to my live broadcast, I hope you like my song, and this Music Carnival Night show!"

    "I am also grateful to everyone for their support. Thank you very much!"

    His voice just fell, the enthusiasm of the barrage instantly filled the screen, accompanied by countless fish balls.

    "like! like! like! like! like! like! ”

    “Music Carnival Night is great, so I want to see the scene!”

    "The anchor is not welcome, the fish balls are good!"

    "I just want to listen to Lu Fei singing a lot."

    "I would also like…"

    System System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver IV) to give the anchor an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: Whale Big Brother (Golden VI) gives an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    Among them, the two aircraft carriers smashed all the barrage in tandem, bringing a full-fledged fireworks, as if celebrating the success of Lu Chen.

    Two familiar local friends!

    Lu Chen looked at the number of fish balls and found that the fish balls added this evening actually exceeded 40T!

    It’s really normal to be on the home page.

    He quickly expressed his gratitude to the two local tyrants, although it was vulgar, but it was sincere.

    Live broadcast ends at 11pm.

    This live live broadcast in the true sense brought huge popularity to Lu Fei's live broadcast. By the end, the online popularity number climbed to 350,000+, the fishmeal concern was 180,000+, and the new reward was 45T. .

    45T fish balls!

    According to the 65% tax after the tax, then I calculated that I earned nearly 30,000 yuan in the morning!

    Together with the fish balls accumulated in the front section time, he directly cashed out 50,000.

    [Whale TV] 50,000 signing fee has been paid, the sum of the two is 100,000, and then sell songs 200,000, Lu Chen will be able to play 300,000 in the past tomorrow!

    The money was put in the past, he must at least work hard for four or five years to earn, now less than half a month…

    Lu Chen shut down the computer and stood up and said: "Go! We eat late at night, spicy crayfish tube enough! ”

    "Three pots!"

    Li Feiyu erected three fingers and said with pride: "I have to eat at least three pots!"

    Lu Chen laughed happily: "As long as you can eat it, thirty pots are no problem!"

    In his mind, suddenly there was a loud and majestic song.

    "I make money and make money, I don't know how to spend it!"

    I bought a Nokia right hand to buy a Motorola.

I am moving Unicom PHS one day to change a phone number,

I finished the Mercedes-Benz and opened the BMW. I have nothing to do to wash the sauna and eat lobster!

    I make money and make money…"

    Stop and stop!

    Lu Chen stunned, quickly dispelled the distracting thoughts in his head, brought equipment and Li Feiyu to stay up late.

    Houhai Pedestrian Street heads south to the south. Crossing the intersection is a small street full of old Beijing customs. All kinds of snacks and snacks are its biggest feature. Although it is almost midnight, it is still bustling.

    The Jiaji Lobster Museum is located in the small street. The main lobster is very famous. When Lu Chen and Li Feiyu entered, they were almost filled with people, and the business was too good.

    The two men grabbed a double seat in the corner of the hall, and then ordered a "three shrimps do not change."

    A pot of spicy crayfish, a pot of braised crayfish and a bowl of salt and pepper crayfish, plus two sizzling towns have just got a good beer, really give a god does not change!

    Lu Chen and Li Feiyu did not talk nonsense directly.

    After killing two bowls of lobster and two beer, Li Feiyu touched the nozzle and said: "Da Chen, your live broadcast is very strong. It is time to continue to live in the basement. Right!"

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "Yeah, I am also considering changing a small apartment, or are we sharing?"

    At the moment, the basement he rented is really too simple. In the summer, there is no heating in the sweltering winter, and there is not much privacy. At night, live broadcasts have to be scrupulous to affect neighbors.

    Lu Chen’s lease expired this month. Li Feiyu did not mention it. He also thought about changing the land.

    "My rental period is going to be next year, and the decoration has cost a lot of money…"

    Li Feiyu shook his head and said: "Don't say me, just say you, Xiaomei's little sister has a single apartment, she wants to rent out, the location and environment are very good, the house is new, are you interested?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Since it is Xiaomei sister, I must go and see!"

    Li Feiyu smirked.

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