The 44th chapter wins

    "Xu Bo…"

    Dong Yu whispered this ordinary name, and there was a wonderful feeling in his heart.

    Through Lu Chen’s remarks, unconsciously, the image of a wandering, unrestrained stray Singer was clearly outlined in her mind.

    Forty or fifty-year-old still no fixed, no savings and no home, his bearded face wind and the vicissitudes of life, wear old trousers, wearing a piece of not worth 300 guitar in the breeze singing: "If one day, I quietly leave, please bury me in, this in the Spring!" ”

    All the doubts seem to have an answer.

    "I really want to know this, Liu, and have the opportunity to invite him to the bar," she said. ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I don't know where he is going now, not even his phone."

    Qin Hanyang regrets: "It's a pity!"

    what a shame!

    Dong Yu and Su Liangmei looked at each other. The former categorically said: "Blue Lotus 200,000, we want all copyright, of course, the authorship is still yours."

    The price of the 200,000 song is really high, reaching the level of the big coffee industry. For a newcomer, it is really incredible.

    However, Lu Chen's wiseness is that his condition is that the entire copyright buyout, which means that the other interests involved in this song have nothing to do with him after the buyout, and enjoy less than half of the benefits.

    A good song, especially a classic work, is actually a Xiaoxiao gold mine. As long as it is good at digging, there are many wealth that can be created.

    It can be used as the mainstay of an album, or directly as a single release, can be made into a ring tones download, and at the same time, the network is authorized to pay, if the luck is good to be seen by the film company, it can be used as the theme song.

    There is also an adaptation cover, and the powerful Music Entertainment Company can squeeze the value of a song to extreme!

    The most important thing is the influence on Singer itself.

    A song that has made a singer has always been there, and it still exists!

    Lu Chen gave up these rights, so the price of 200,000 has become acceptable. It is necessary to know that those big gems and even many famous songwriters will be required to share rights and retain part of the copyright.

    He nodded and said: "This is what I want."

    Lu Chen certainly knows the importance of copyright. But for him, those long-term interests are too ethereal. It is really not realistic for a newcomer to share the cake of the entertainment media company.

    In front of this savvy "eyes" is impossible to agree to share the terms.

    So Lu Chen to a ruthless price is enough, and through this transaction, he put up one of the own in the circle of the force of the signboard, others want to buy songs to him, then please refer to!

    35,000, do you want to take a take action?

    There are so many good songs in Lu Chen’s memory, he will not sell it cheaply, and even will ask for a split in the future!

    Dong Yu's behavior was very clean. After finalizing the deal, she immediately called the lawyer of one's own company and signed a formal contract on the spot.

    After the signature is completed, the post-tax amount of 200,000 will be credited to Lu Chen’s bank account.

    Lu Chen borrowed a laptop from the other party, logged into the “Greater China Music Library” account, and transferred the copyright of “Blue Lotus” to Light Rain Media through an online platform to complete all transactions.

    Although the fees for the "Greater China Music Library" are black, the service is really perfect, even if Lu Chen is the first to transfer copyright, it only takes a few minutes to get it.

    This also allowed Dong Yu and others to take a high look at him, because very few newcomers are willing to spend money to register the copyright in the "Greater China Music Library" because they can not guarantee the cost of one's own works can be earned back.

    Lu Chen is bold and ambitious, but his mind is meticulous and meticulous. Every aspect has been considered.

    Such a young man has a promising future!

    “Happy cooperation!”

    Dong Yu got up and took the initiative to take action on Lu Chen: "There are some good songs in the future, please give priority to light rain media!"

    Lu Chen and her shook and smiled: "The cooperation is pleasant, Light Rain Media is a company with strength and strength, I am looking forward to cooperation again."

    If you say beautiful words and don't have to spend money, Lu Chen is of course willing to make a good relationship with the other side.

    Mixed in the circle, the network is really important.

    So he thought that he didn't see Su Guangmei sitting next to roll one's eyes.

    Among the people present, the most happy one is Gan Kai. With this "Blue Lotus" and the two original works originally invited as the basis, publishing an album is really not a dream.

    For countless Singers and bands mixed in Beijing, an album is probably a lifelong dream!

    Therefore, he also stood up and expressed his goodwill to one person.

    The atmosphere was very harmonious. Chang Wei said with champagne. He smiled and said to Chen Jianhao: "Old Chen, we have finished talking, now it is your turn, we have so many, that In the Spring, how much are you going to give to Xiaolu? what?"

    Originally this was a matter of Lu Chen and Chen Jianhao, and there is no need to discuss it here.

    However, Chang Wei has a resentment against Chen Jianhao. If Chen Jianhao did not support Lu Chen on the spot and gave Lu Chen enough confidence, then Light Rain Media is likely to win all two songs, or buy Blue without paying such a high price. lotus".

    Chang Wei has a stake in Light Rain Media.

    Therefore, Changda boss thinks about the run on the run of Chen Jianhao, intentionally let him offer, anyway, can't cheap him!

    Dong Yu and Su Liangmei are also very curious.

    This is not easy to say even Lu Chen.

    He is a grievances distinct person who sold "In the Spring" to the sorrowful grass. First of all, he thanked Chen Jianhao for giving him a good job at his most difficult time.

    Of course, it will not be white, Chen Jianhao will not be white, as the price is really good.

    "In the Spring" is a song that is enough to sing once in the morning. It is too vicissitude and not suitable for the young Singer. Even if he can use the memory from Xu Bo to interpret it enough, it is not one's own style. .

    To Chen Jianhao, also to Qin Hanyang and the band, took care of all aspects of human feelings.

    But now it is directly slipped out by Chang Wei. Lu Chen can't say that I will sell it cheaply. Isn't it the same as the former to run Chen Jianhao?

    But what kind of character is Chen Jianhao, how could it be difficult to be stuck by such a small means as Chang Wei?

    He smiled and said: "It is common to talk about money. I am not ready to go out."

    The counterattack is not light and heavy, so everyone is embarrassed.

    Can't get out of it, do you want to take it?

    Chen Jianhao immediately revealed the mystery: "Small land, have you said that you want to forget the shares of the grass?" Then I will exchange this song with you for 5% of the company, how about? ”

    5% forget about the grass shares!

    This answer is too unexpected, and even Lu Chen did not think of it.

    Lu Chen said that he would buy some shares of Forgetful Worry from Chen Jianhao, but he was just joking. He said that he did not forget the meaning of one's own. Chen Jianhao still remembered it.

    Chang Wei stayed for a moment, then gave a thumbs up to Chen Jianhao: "Old Chen, you have to!"

    Among the people present, he is undoubtedly the most aware of Chen Jianhao.

    Forget the grass bar to calculate the value of fixed assets, up to one or two million, because the field is rented, not like the blue lotus is even one's own, 5% is really not much.

    But Chen Jianhao has been in business for so long, the bar business has always been good, and there are fixed and loyal customers.

    If he wants to transfer the bar now, there are absolutely three or four million people who are rushing to buy a net profit of hundreds of thousands a year!

    The 5% stake doesn't sound like much, but it's an affordable benefit.

    Chen Jianhao is willing to give up a little share to Lu Chen, apparently not to buy "In the Spring", because the dozens of 200,000 Chen Jianhao completely came to him, his real intention is to retain Lu Chen.

    Retaining people is not to say that Lu Chen has been singing in the grass, it is impossible, but to use Lu Chen this sign to enhance the reputation of the forget-free grass bar!

    In the future, the future of Lu Chen will be far greater, and the more light that can be touched by Zouyoucao and Chen Jianhao.

    And what he has to pay is only 5% of the shares.

    Win-win trading!

    Chen Jianhao smiled. He asked Dong Yudao: "Dong Dong, can you borrow your lawyer to use a contract?"

    Dong Yu certainly will not reject this Xiaoxiao request.

    She also admire Chen Jianhao – Jiang Hu Cao Yu also has a dragon crouching!

    Na sister smiled at Lu Chen: "Congratulations you, Xiaolu boss!"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly, and there was a feeling of being driven by the duck on the shelf.


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