48th Chapter PK Theme Show

    Coral fish has already been waiting for the news.

    She sent several messages to Lu Chen, and couldn't wait for Lu Chen's reply to call.

    Wu Shanshan and Lu Chen are negotiating a good thing. [Whale TV] will hold a competition show in the near future, and the reward is very rich. As a representative of the new anchor, Lu Chen is also among the invitees.

    Yes, Lu Chen is now No. in the [Whale TV] newcomer anchor.1!

    In less than half a month, he jumped from the pure newcomer anchor to the leader of [Whale TV], and created a record of the largest population growth rate without the website's highly recommended situation. High innovation, with a large number of loyal fans.

    Although the current number of fishmeal and online number in Luchen is far from being comparable to several big anchors, his growth speed is too amazing, and it is a bad means without brushing the data, so he got [Whale TV 】 attention to the aspect.

    Especially last night's Music Carnival live broadcast, Lu Fei live broadcast between the home page, but also caused Xiaoxiao's sensation in the Department of Transportation, Wu Shanshan also watched live broadcast.

    Based on the above factors, Lu Chen has become one of the 24 candidates for the contest.

    To know that they are eligible for inclusion, they are not the popular anchors of [Whale TV]. They have more than a million popularity, some signing fees are Gundam million, and some are senior seniors in the industry. Newcomers like Lu Chen just joined soon. Only 4 people.

    Lu Chen is undoubtedly the most junior.

    "The name of this competition is called the Whale PK Theme Show…"

    Wu Shanshan said to Lu Chen: "The form is very simple. One theme show is selected by the contest anchor one's own, live broadcast performance is performed within 90 minutes, and the overall ranking is based on the heat index, audience vote and bureau rating. 5 winners!"

    Lu Chen returned: "It looks very interesting. Is the content of the theme show me thinking about one's own?"

    Wu Shanshan: "Yes, such as nostalgia, sadness, humor, inspirational, etc. are all possible, but there must be a clear theme, because when it is time to put all the publicity on the front page, the more the theme is more conspicuous, of course, the premise is not to violate the rules. Otherwise, the competition will be cancelled directly."

    Lu Chen has fully understood: "Understood, thank you Shanshan sister."

    Wu Shanshan: "(*^__^*) You are welcome, but I signed it. The better your performance, the more radiant my face is, so be sure to keep it up. If there is anything you don't understand, just manage it. ask me!"

    Lu Chen: "What are the top 5 rewards?"

    Such an event must not be missed, but he is more concerned about the rewards of the site.

    There are incentives to be motivated!

    Wu Shanshan: "PK champion rewards 300,000, the first page of the popular anchor is 3 times, the PK runner-up rewards 200,000 + 2 times, the third is 100,000 +1 times, the fourth and fifth It is 50,000 bonuses."

    [Whale TV] is not a small hand!

    Lu Chen looked very excited: "When was the event held?"

    Wu Shanshan: "Forget the most important thing, the WK PK theme show is held on May 30th, which is 8:00 to 10:00 on the next Saturday night, but you will send me the theme before the 29th."

    "Remember to warm up in advance and let all the fans know that you participated in this event!"

    Lu Chen: "OK!"

    After talking with Wu Shanshan, Lu Chen began to reply to many messages on the flyer.

    Lu Chen did not open a live broadcast this evening. Although he has already announced the notice in the live broadcast and the group, there are still many enthusiastic fans who sent a letter to ask with concern, and he can return it all.

    While replying to the news, Lu Chen is also thinking about what theme of one's own to participate in this PK show.

    There is already a preliminary idea in his mind.

    After processing the news and mail, it is already more than 10 o'clock in the evening.

    Lu Chen shut down the computer and hurriedly left the one's own new residence. He stopped a taxi and rushed to the bar.

    His current performance time at the Forgetting Grass Bar has been postponed until around 11 pm, which avoids conflicts with the live broadcast of the network and ensures that both can be taken care of.

    Of course, Lu Chen is very clear that one's own time to stay in the grass is not much, and the world there is too small.

    Small enough to accommodate his ambitions!

    But this evening is very important, Lu Chen does not want to be late.

    Today is Sunday, and the business of the Forgotten Grass Bar in the evening is still very good. All the wine tables are full of guests, and even the front of the bar is full of crowds. It looks very lively.

    On the stage, there is a female Singer who plays folk songs. The song is a familiar old song, and the faces of people are strange.

    Lu Chen knows that this is the first time Singer has come to forget the grass.

    Singer mixed in the bar, even if signing Singer will often run, the exchange is very important in this circle, otherwise there are a few familiar faces coming and going, and the loyal customers will be tired and aesthetic fatigue.

    "OH, our Xiaolu boss is here!"

    Lu Chenang was ready to slip into the background. I didn't expect David to be seen by the bartender. The guy immediately screamed strangely, and the customers sitting in front of the bar turned their heads.

    "It’s a small land!"

    "It should be said that it is the boss of Xiaolu, huh, huh!"

    "Small land boss, I saw your performance at the scene yesterday, and the two new Singing are really amazing!"

    "We should let Xiaolu boss give us a discount!"

    "Small land…"

    Most of the old drivers who like to stay in front of the bar, most of them know Lu Chen, and they also made a joke with David.

    "You, Uncle, have spared me!"

    Lu Chen dumbfounded a glance at David, and then begged the old customers for pleading: "I invite everyone to have a drink, and later call me Xiaolu, the boss can't really dare!"

    He didn't expect one's own to get the ecstasy of the company's shares so fast, so that everyone knows now, it is estimated that David should say it.

    In fact, Lu Chen holds only 5% of the shares, which is barely a minority shareholder. Qin Hanyang and Na Jie also have a little forgotten about the shares of the grass, but they are non-transferable incentives to distribute dividends.

    The old drivers have made a profit, and Hee Hee has let go of Lu Chen.

    The big room behind the grass is also very lively. In addition to Na Jie, Li Hong, Ye Zhenyang and Wang Xiaoshuai, the members of the band who rarely go out of the small suite are also there, and there are many more to run.

    "Little land is coming!"

    Seeing Lu Chen coming in, Na sister first expressed her warm welcome: "Everyone will wait for you!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I moved today, I came late, didn't miss your sister's first singer?"

    Tonight, Sister Na will sing the song he wrote for one's own for the first time.

    The original singer was placed on the music night of Music yesterday, but because the North Arrows band gave up to go on stage after Lu Chen, so Na Sister temporarily changed the performance track, and did not want to leave the glory belonging to Lu Chen.

    So this time she prepared a new song for a long time, it was placed in the forget-free grass bar tonight.

    Sister Na complained: "How come you don't come to me?" If you are not there, I can’t open my mouth…Hahaha! ”

    When she said that she laughed and smiled very happy.

    Others, whether they are familiar or not, greet Lu Chen or warmly or politely.

    After experiencing the light blue Music night last night, Lu Chen has become famous in the circle of Houhai. His outstanding singing strength has been recognized by everyone, and his status has undoubtedly surpassed that of ordinary Singer.

    Young and gifted, who doesn't want to make friends with people like that?

    The presence of fear only Yezhenyang dare not and Lu Chen more talk, polite all say dry, don't know people still think two people originally don't know, eyes flashing guilty.

    Lu Chen very clear the other side of the ghost, but lazy to care about what.

    If Lu Chen would go to envy Ye Zhenyang before, then now he can completely ignore each other.

    As for Ye Zhenyang's small tricks on the light blue Music night, it not only did not affect Lu Chen, but let him fight with lofty spirits and exerted 100% strength on the spot.

    Ye Zhenyang, but it is just a villain.

    Lu Chen’s vision has already been placed in a wider world!


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