The 40th Chapter rushes!

    The scene of more than 2,000 people is very quiet.

    Quiet to who coughed in the corner, then everyone present can hear it.

    Yet some unspeakable emotion stirred among the crowd!

    Lu Chen put down the guitar, and the vicissitudes in his eyes retreated like a tide, returning to the original clear.

    Simply put a sentence: "Thank you!"

    The applause sounded, and there was a sound of two small pieces of Little Fan. Soon people seemed to wake up from sleep and clapped with force.

    They stared at Lu Chen's palms, from sporadic to dense, from messy to neat, and then!


    I don't know who is shouting in the crowd, but quickly infects everyone around me.

    "Chong!"Rush! ""Rush! ”

    Thousands of arms were lifted up, and countless people screamed in unison, and they immediately made huge noises on the scene.

    In it, even those who are very calm will feel the scalp numb and tremble, excited to be unable to self, blood flowing in the body, can not help but want to join in, "rush" together!

    Such a situation usually only occurs on the large Music Festival, when the audience's emotions reach the boiling point, and the “rush” also includes the meaning of letting Singer sing again or sing another song.

    Its original source was a classic rock and roll "GO" by the famous Bluebird Bluebird of United States. When the fans heard the song on the spot, they would shout "GO" with the passionate melody. "Even if the singing is over, it won't end until the Blue Jays band sings again as they wish."

    The resulting wave of music spread to Domestic, and the fans of Domestic changed the “GO” to a “punch” that is more suitable for one's own. The meaning is the same, but the Voice is more powerful and powerful!

    Chong! Chong! Chong! With you rushing to the sky!

    The Singers who also came to participate in the light blue carnival night, listening to the envy, can not even produce a trace of embarrassment, because they are very clear about the meaning of "rush".

    With the exception of a few Singer fans, the audience is basically a true Music enthusiast. It is very difficult to get the highest recognition from them. There have been few incidents in the past.

    In contrast, the warm atmosphere brought by the Fit Band and Cheng Xiaodong was nothing at all!

    And they also hope that Lu Chen can sing again, this one hits their soul "In the Spring."

    I have never heard of addiction!

    The sound of “rushing” swept the audience and brought a strong impact to the people in the VIP area of ​​the Blue Lotus Bar.

    Those in the industry circle look at each other in dismay, except for the shock, it is speechless.

    Dong Yu stared demantly at Lu Chen, who stood on the stage. Her eyes on Dan Feng, hidden under the black-rimmed glasses, revealed a strange look, as if she said: "It’s a wonderful show…"

    Su light eyebrows sitting next to her, pretty face and blushing can not find a place to sneak down, she just vowed to say to Lu Chen a good-looking, but did not expect the result is Lu Chen to give everyone a good look.

    At the same time, she also hit her face!

    Her calculations for Lu Chen, whether it was "ordinary dishes" or "delicious big meal", did not play any role at all, and all were swept into the trash.

    If you are as proud as Miss Su, why?

    Dong Yu did not continue to swear by one's own sister. She turned and said very seriously to Su Xiaomei: "Your eyes are right, his contract is negotiated by me."

    Su light eyebrows bent down, buried his head deeply in the other's arms, and then called "ah".

    Dong Yu smiled.

    On the table with her neighboring wine table, Chang Wei’s boss, who is usually in a mood of anger, is horrified.

    With an unbelievable gaze, he looked at Chen Jianhao, who was also stunned by the side, and murmured: "Old Chen, Old Chen, you can hide it deep enough, and actually buried such a big bomb for me!"

    The Music Carnival Night was jointly organized by Light Rain Media and Blue Lotus. The main party is Light Rain Media, which aims to win the North Arrows band that has just signed up to it.

    The North Arrows Band and Gan Lang also made meticulous preparations for this. They paid a lot of money in advance to invite famous artists to create two songs for them, and they were well received by the industry, waiting for the blockbuster night!

    Lu Chen from the forgetful grass, was originally just a foil, just a stepping stone for the North Needle.

    Who can think of it, Lu Chen actually took out such a wonderful original work, causing a huge sensation on the scene!

    It seems that this Music night is for him!

    Although this has no effect on Chang Wei and Blue Lotus, it has great benefits, but he still feels ridiculous.

    Among the people who sat together with Chang Wei and Chen Jianhao, there was a gentle middle-aged man who heard Chang Wei’s complaint and shook his head and said: "This song, this song…"

    The middle-aged man is also a circle insider named Chen Ke. He is the Editor and Music critic of Beijing Popular Music magazine. His pen name “Jiang Hu Xiao Yao Ke” is well-known in the industry.

    The relationship between Chen Ke and Chang Wei is very good. He participated in the Blue Lotus Music Carnival Night. The new song of the North Arrows band got his approval and gave a good evaluation.

    But he must now admit that the two original new songs and "In the Spring" are not comparable at all!

    It’s just that Chen Ke doesn’t know how to say it, because such a work full of vicissitudes of Strength should not be created by young people in their early twenties.

    But the facts are in front of you, Lu Chen not only wrote "In the Spring", but also sang the true connotation emotion!

    It’s incredible!

    He shook his head is not a denial, but was subverted common sense, and his brains could not turn.

    In this regard, Chen Jianhao said with a smile: "I am always a boss, you are innocent, I am innocent!"

    Everyone couldn't help but laugh, and it was rare to see the old Jiang Hu playing rascal.

    At the same time, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast, the atmosphere is more popular on the scene!

    "Thumbs up! Thumbs up! Thumbs up! Lu Fei's big new song is awesome! ”

    "Agree, I want to cry when I hear."

    "Distressed anchor, may I ask everyone who can tell me who the anchor is, and I promise not to hack her."

    "I can hear such a song, and it’s worth it in my life!"

    "I really want to listen to it again, I really want to go to the scene to listen, so I want to think about it!"

    "Hahaha, who said that Lu Fei is under great pressure and his face is swollen?"

    "Well, my face is swollen, but I am happy!"

    "Rush! Chong! Rush! …"

    System System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver III) to give an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver III) to give an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: Whale Big Brother (Golden VI) gives an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: No one will stop me (Silver IX) to give an anchor to an aircraft carrier!


    Seeing the screen of a domineering aircraft carrier after another, Li Feiyu smiled and his mouth was stunned.

    In the evening, this live broadcast has been rewarded by the fishmeal. The newly added fish balls have a total value of more than 20T, which completely exceeds the 5T target he promised to Lu Chen!

    Not only that, the online popularity between live broadcasts has exceeded 150,000 and is growing substantially.

    In such a hot situation, the little Brother Fei students could not wait to pick up the phone and call Lu Chen.

    Sing two more songs!

    "Chong!"Rush! ""Rush! ”

    The audience at the scene "rushed" for more than a minute, and Lu Chen, who had been deeply touched by their enthusiasm, finally calmed down the emotions. He smiled and flashed a little bit of light in his eyes.

    Then said to the microphone: "Thank you for your support…"

    The shouts were calm and quiet, and everyone was listening carefully to what Lu Chen had to say.

    Lu Chen continued: "The next thing I want to bring to you is the second song I created."

    "The same, it is also the first time to sing here!"

    what? The second original work?

    Many people still think that one's own is wrong, and there is nothing wrong with it.

    Under the current atmosphere, everyone thinks that Lu Chen will cater to their enthusiastic demands and sing "In the Spring" again, so that everyone can hear satisfaction and thoroughly enjoy it!

    Unexpectedly, Lu Chen actually took out the second new song.

    Is this going to be against the sky?


Selling Meng rolling for a ticket!

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