Chapter 478

    The story of the squid is derived from Lu Chen’s dream world memory.

    There is also a special term in the dream world called the squid effect, which means introducing competition to stimulate the vitality of the enterprise or the industry. The story itself is actually fabricated, not real.

    Lu Chen’s debate with this new story that is not in the world is undoubtedly very vivid and brilliant. Anyone can understand and understand what he means.

    The most important thing is that Xiangjiang's film and television industry is waiting for a real change!

    The glory of the past will not be mentioned anymore. The final glory of Xiangjiang’s film and television dramas began to decline in the 1990s after entering the new century. The practitioners of Hong Kong Island adhered to the glory of the past and did not realize that with the Internet. The market changes that have occurred with the advent of the tide are finally abandoned by the market.

    Nowadays, although Xiangjiang's film and television industry is still very developed, its influence is far less than it used to be. What's worse is that the filming and drama series achievements, the plagiarism on the screen mimics the routine, and the content of the pee fare remains unchanged for ten years. The audience on Hong Kong Island are getting tired of how to hold the mainland and Southeast Asian markets.

    The future of the industry is in jeopardy. The Xiangjiang government has joined forces with the relevant departments of Domestic to issue support policies, allowing mainland film and television companies to invest in Hong Kong Island and sharing special treatment support. It is said that it is intended to stimulate local practitioners.

    It is ridiculous that some people in the circle do not reflect on their own problems, blindly rejecting foreign competition, and the final result will be like a sardine!

    In fact, there are many problems in the film and television industry in the mainland. However, the prevalence of big IP has brought prosperity to the market. The box office of the movie has been rising year by year. The Xiangjiang film wants to reproduce its glory. Only by regaining the market in the mainland.

    Regarding this issue, Lu Chen simply let go and said, "The biggest problem with Xiangjiang TV drama is that it lacks popular IP and fresh ideas. Xiangjiang does not lack talents in film and television, nor does it lack channel resources. With decades of experience accumulated, but now behind the times."

    When I heard him, many TV viewers nodded secretly.

    Xiangjiang people like to watch movies. According to statistics, on average, every Xiangjiang person spends more than 300 yuan on movies every year, that is, the box office size of three to four billion yuan, not counting other consumption in the theater.

    However, many Xiangjiang people, especially young people, like and love the Hollywood blockbusters, as well as Japanese and Korean movies or drama series, why not have to say more.

    Shen Shuling asked: "Is this the reason you chose to come to Xiangjiang to make a movie??"

    Lu Chen said that he wants to be the "squid" in Xiangjiang's film and television industry. The most direct performance method is definitely the new movie he will shoot, otherwise it will be empty talk.

    "one of the reasons…"

    Lu Chen nodded without thinking, and said with confidence: "My film will be innovative and intent!"

    Lu Chen's personal image need not be said, tall and handsome, and full of talent, and as he continues to gain achievements and improve his position in the industry, he naturally has a confident and trustworthy temperament.

    His self-confident temperament not only affects the present, but also allows the audience to feel through the screen.


    In A Kang's room, his sister screamed and hugged his brother's arm tightly, and swayed hard: "Lu Chen is really handsome!"

    "I announced that starting from today, I am Lu Chen's fans!"

    A Kang couldn't help but rolled his eyes and his heart was sour.

    Xiao Wei likes Lu Chen, and her sister has become Lu Chen’s fans. The Charm of the mainland artist is too big.

    Although he must admit that Lu Chen, who is sitting at the Program site at this moment, is very handsome and very good.

    There are really few artists from the younger generation of Xiangjiang who can be compared with them.

    Zhuang Dong was very unconvinced and couldn’t help but stabbed: "If I remember correctly, is this your first movie?"

    The implication is that the first film dare to boast so much, not afraid of the wind flashing his tongue?

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I debuted last year, my first album sold more than 3 million. One's own created and starred the first drama series broke 3% in Domestic Viewership Ratings and over 30 in Republic of Korea. %!"

    The drum does not need to be hammered, and Zhuang Dong is speechless.

    The first album sold three platinum, the first drama series in mainland China Viewership Ratings broke 3%, the Republic of Korea also achieved great success, such a dazzling achievement, Liu Gangsheng just out of the past few years is also far behind!

    What qualification does Zhuang Dong have to think that Lu Chen’s first film will not work?

    Lu Chen took the opportunity to give one's own new film an advertisement: "Welcome everyone to watch my personal first movie "Ghost Story", please also give more valuable advice!"

    This time, the "Three Entertainment Entertainment" was bombarded. In fact, Lu Chen was quite awkward, because before him, there were already many Domestic film and television companies going to Hong Kong to prepare for filming.

    These film and television companies, both in the industry's reputation and strength, must far exceed the newly established Lu Chen Xiangjiang studio, but the latter is the latter being shot.

    Although he strongly responded to those unfavorable remarks in the Program, Lu Chen also wanted to get back more.

    Shen Shuling couldn't help but smile.

    Although it is normal to say that Celebrity is on Program, it is normal to play the album or movie of one's own, but there is very little such as Lu Chen.

    However, this shows his true and honest.

    Shen Shuling smiled and said: "When you release the new film, I will definitely support you with a movie ticket."

    Lu Chen said that he would like to thank him: "Thank you Shen Jie, a…Can you bring your husband together? ”

    Shen Shuling laughed happily – she was really amused.

    The same laughter sounded in the audience, and the atmosphere in the studio became exceptionally harmonious. The original taste of the sword was utterly absent.

    At this moment, when the "Entertainment Trio" was aired, Shen Shuling was sitting in the studio and watching the ratings of one's own latest Host Program.

    She saw one's own in the monitor, and she smiled again.

    Looking back now, there are still many things that can be discovered in Lu Chen, but the time is too short.

    叮 铃铃~

The phone in the studio suddenly sounded and a staff member immediately picked it up.

    He yelled at the microphone "Hmm", then extended his right hand to Shen Shuling, and the five fingers opened.


    Rao has many years of experience in the Host, and he is used to the big winds. Shen Shuling’s heart has also jumped up.

    The staff member told her by gesture that the Viewership Ratings of this "Entertainment Trio" has reached 5%, far exceeding the average of around 3%.

    Absolutely successful!


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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