No. 431 Chapter Competition


    Just as Liang Zhihao was proud, the auctioneer was speechless, and when the atmosphere was subtle, a clear Voice broke the silence in the ballroom.

    The eyes of everyone in this place are all in the direction of the Voice.

    I saw a placard bidding for a pretty woman wearing a goose-yellow dress. She sat at the table with a smile, as if she didn't notice the strange look from all directions. She said again, "I am out 300,000!"

    The banquet hall seems to be like a deep pool that has been broken into a stone, inevitably picking up waves.

    "Who is this?"

    "I know her, a daughter of Xu family."

    "Which family?"

    "There is also a Xu family, that is the Xu family!"

    "If you have money, you can't spend it, and 300,000 buy a song. Ouyang Derong's work is almost the same. Who is Lu Chen?"

    "Oh, Xu Hui is Shu Shu's Junior Sister, she may be helping the Senior Sister round."

    "Oh, this is normal."

    Many people recognized the women who placarded, and they suddenly talked about it.

    Liang Zhihao’s smile solidified on his face. He also recognized Xu Hui and heard the surrounding talk.

    "His mother's little white face is delicious."

    The young Liang family can only secretly sneak out of the morning.

    He still dared not to anger Xu Hui, because ten people who tied him together could not afford a Xu family, even if the other party is a rebellious woman who is famous for his family, he does not want to see the family.

    Plus his uncle can't do the same.

    In Xiangjiang, the celebrity family's power is very strong, and it is qualified to be included in the giants. It is a family with deep roots, wide connections and political and economic roots.

    Xu is one of them.

    When Xu Hui held a card, Lu Chen’s face was instantly resolved, and Shu Yan’s face was also saved.

    Lu Chen was very surprised. He didn't think that the woman who had talked a few words would help one's own, and also directly raised the auction price to 300,000.

    Just now Lu Chen is going to let Li Zhen hang a selfie, even if it may be a bit embarrassing, it is better than no one cares.

    And Shu Shu’s mind is much more complicated.

    Only her heart is very clear, Xu Hui holding a card to shoot Lu Chen's song, definitely not for one's own support.

    The rebellious woman of the Xu family is already a good thing for the big ones!

    "what's wrong? Still not shooting? ”

    Xu Hui shook his bidding board and asked the auctioneer on the stage.

    Zheng's auctioneer suddenly woke up like a dream, and quickly said loudly: "300,000, Miss Xu Hui bid 300,000, is there a higher?"

    Although I asked according to the usual practice, the auctioneer did not think that some people would pay a higher price, so they raised the auction and prepared to knock down.

    Charity auctions are not as stressful as regular auctions, and Speed ​​and efficiency are number one.


    When everyone thought that there would be a final tone, suddenly there was another Voice that rang.

    Actually bidding with Xu Hui!

    Everyone's gaze turned over again to see exactly where the sacred is stirring the factory.

    The bid is for a middle-aged woman who is 40 or 50 years old and has a good charm. Seeing everyone toward one's own, she smiled and said: "My little butterfly debuted next month, is missing a title song, so only Sorry Miss Xu."

    Everyone can't understand this.

    This graceful middle-aged woman, the guests present at the scene basically know each other. She is the owner of Hong Kong's famous performing arts manager Corporation, Mr. Jin Mingxiu.

    Jin Mingxiu was born in the famous family. When he was in his twenties, he founded an entertainment company and was involved in the production of the film and television variety program. The training of artist Singer has sent a large number of talents to Xiangjiang's Entertainment Circle for decades.

    Like the famous actors Liu Jiaen, Gu Rong, Singer Gao Mingfeng, Li Li, etc., are all from the door of Mrs. Jin.

    Xu Hui is certainly a Xu family, and it is not enough for Mrs. Shang Jin alone.

    Mrs. Kim’s relationship with Shu Wei is very good.

    What everyone can't understand is that if it is for Shu Wei, then Xu Hui's bid is enough. What is the significance of Mrs. King's hand?

    It’s impossible to be angry with Xu Hui? Mrs. Kim is not so boring!

    The real anger is Xu Hui, she said with a cold face: "The auction will see who bids, no one is sorry, I am out 500,000!"

    She lifted the plate again.

    Mrs. Kim’s smile does not change: “The same is true, then I will give 600,000.”

    In the blink of an eye, the starting price of 10,000 was raised to 600,000, and it seems that there is no end trend.

    Generally speaking, such a situation is rare in charity auctions. The purpose of everyone here is not to take a heirloom, first, socializing, and second, doing good deeds.

    So even if you encounter a favorite lot, there are many people bidding, then everyone talks about each other, whoever has a face is full of people, and the human genius does not fall, they are all happy.

    Mrs. Jin and Xu Hui are so direct that they are not allowed to go up.

    But no one has ever heard of the grievances of the two.

    Some people who know how to do it are silent, because if Mrs. Jin really bids for the new debut artist, the price of 600,000 has far exceeded the highest level in the industry.

    In Xiangjiang's popular Musical World, the top price of a piece of lyrics is between 300,000 and 400,000. With Mrs. Kim's status and reputation in the circle, her choice is too much, no need at all. With Xu Hui lifted the bar.

    Mrs. Kim is not so superficial, then the question is coming – what prompted her to do this?

    Probably aware of the surprise of others, Mrs. Jin explained in a special way: "Mr. Lu Chen is the most outstanding singer in the Mainland. His first capital is excellent!"

    Almost the same, the auctioneer just said, but not many people take it seriously, but now it is said from the Jinfu population that the effect is completely different.

    "As far as I know, his quotation for a song is around a million, and his album "Flower Woman" for his girlfriend Miss Chen Feier has sold more than five million records."

    Five million album sales!

    Several people in the circle took a breath of cold, even if the market is huge in the mainland, a record sales of more than 5 million, is also extremely amazing results.

    And Chen Feier’s name, more people know.

    Chen Feier’s boyfriend, a song with a price of one million, sales broke the table…As such, it is no doubt that Mrs. King’s bid of 600,000 is normal.

    Many guests present at the scene looked around and looked for Lu Chen's figure. They all wanted to see and see what this outstanding figure looks like!

    Only Liang Zhihao shrank his head and wanted to retract one's own back into his crotch.

    Mrs. Kim’s praise of Lu Chen is like a slap in the face, slamming on his face.

    He already felt the strange, mocking eyes from the surroundings.


The second one is sent, and the number on the train is not yet in Zhangzhou, so I have to sleep well at night. (To be continued~^~)

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