No. 433 Chapter Twins

    Mrs. King early knew Chenfi son, and also yesterday with Chenfiele through the phone, then know Lu Chen things that is very normal, apparently with Lu Chen opened a harmless xiaoxiao joke.

    However, Lu Chen knows very well that Chen Feier and Mrs. Jin should not have much friendship, or have not contacted for a long time, otherwise she will definitely tell one's own that there is such a presence.

    Lu Chen said with a smile: "I really thank you this time, didn't let me go!"

    Mrs. Jin shook her head and didn't take it for granted: "Xu's slap first shot, I just grab her, and the hoe is not easy to provoke, you just remember."

    Lu Chen dumbfounded, because similar to the implicit reminder, the previous Shu Wei has already said.

    He is already very clear that Xu Hui, who is known as one's own fans, is not an ordinary artist, and has a background.

    What Lu Chen wonders is, does one's own look like someone who is very arrogant?

    "I just forgot to introduce you…"

    Fortunately, Mrs. Jin did not go deep into this issue. She introduced Lu Chen to two girls around one's own: "This is my daughter, Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyu. Xiaodie will debut next month. It is."

    Her eyes are full of love, and I can see that I like two daughters.

    Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyi are both 17-year-old ages. The two girls are all pretty and pretty. Ji Xiaodie’s face is slightly thin, long hair shawl is beautiful, and Li Xinyi is a short-haired apple face, laughing and still dimple.

    "Lu Chen is good!"

    The two girls greeted Lu Chen in unison.

    Mrs. Kim immediately corrected: "To call Lu Chen Teacher, Lu Teacher!"

    Li Xin vomited and spit out his tongue and said quickly: "Lu Teacher is good."

    Ji Xiaodie followed.

    The two are like a pair of sisters, and Li Xin’s character is obviously lively. Ji Xiaodie’s introversion is easy to be shy.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "How are you."

    He asked Mrs. Kim: "Is this song to be written for Kocho?"


    Mrs. Jin nodded and held the hand of Ji Xiaodie and said: "Xiaodie's temper is a bit soft. I am afraid that she will encounter any setbacks, but people always have to learn to grow up. Since they have stepped into this circle, then There is no choice."

    "I just hope that her first step will be smooth, and Xinxin…"

    "In the future, please ask Lu Chen Teacher to give you more guidance. You can make them useless when you say a word!"

    Lu Chen modest: "You are too praised, I am sorry."

    Mrs. Jin said in a positive color: "You don't need modesty. As far as I know, in the original Chinese language, no one in the younger generation can compare with you, but some frogs at the bottom of the well don't know."

    She is undoubtedly ridiculing Liang Zhihao.

    Lu Chen smiled and shook his head.

    Mrs. Jin did not intend to let him go: "Since you have met here, then you will give Ji Xiaodie some advice."

    Mrs. Jin is not a guest, her understanding of Lu Chen is much deeper than that of Lu Chen.

    She is very clear about Lu Chen's achievements in Music. Chen Feier has already achieved the best proof of the [Crown] achievements, and Lu Chen has also won many Singers and combinations, and is famous in the popular Musical World.

    It’s just that the time he debuted was too short and he didn’t have a concert in Xiangjiang, so most people don’t know him.

    This real potential stock, Mrs. King, of course, must be firmly grasped.

    Therefore, she will compete with Xu Hui, the junior.

    Ji Xiaodie looked at Lu Chen with a look of hope, and she was obviously worried about the one's own debut.

    In fact, many newcomers have such problems. As a result, the first show has failed or even failed, lacking enough confidence.

    Lu Chen thought about it and asked: "Is Xiaodie alone debut?"

    Mrs. Kim replied: "Yes, I am going to let her go out first, then arrange for her."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Why don't you let the two debut together and make a women's double Singing combination?"

    Ji Xiaodie is indifferent to introversion, Li Xin is cheerful and generous, and the two seem to have a good relationship. If they can form a double group, they can solve many problems.


    Mrs. Kim is obviously embarrassed, she really did not think so.

    On the contrary, Li Xinyi took the initiative to expose himself: "Lu Teacher, my Voice is in general condition. The godmother is ready to let me develop in variety and film and television. Xiaodie's Singing is much better than me. I can't hurt her."

    Ji Xiaodie shook his head and did not speak.

    However, she is obviously very excited about Lu Chen’s suggestion. If there are good sisters to accompany me, then there is a lot of peace of mind.

    Lu Chen said: "This is actually not a problem. The key is that your two images are very good, and you don't need to have a lot of singing skills or talents. It is perfectly possible to take the youth idol route."

    Mrs. Jin only hesitated for a moment and decisively made a decision: "That's it, you will debut with a duo. I will let the company redo the copy of the publicity!"

    Her enthusiasm is very strong, only Lu Chen's words overturned the previous preparations, the price is not low.

    Mrs. Jin, who made up her mind, seemed to put down a big stone in her heart. She smiled and asked Lu Chen: "The idea is that you are out, then the names of the two of them are not allowed to pick you up?"

    The title is a very serious matter. Mrs. Jin asked Lu Chen to name the duo. It is recognition and respect.

    Lu Chen thought a little and said: "That is called Twins!"


    Ji Xiaodie asked with amazement: "Is the English for twins?"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes, do you like it?"


    Ji Xiaodie gently recited the name, and the eyes flashed with strange looks.

    She looked at Li Xinyi, who nodded with a smile.

    Li Xinyi undoubtedly liked it.

    Mrs. Kim looked at the two daughters of one's own and laughed dumbly: "This name is really for you."

    Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyi did not know each other. They both became good friends when they were working as a trainee, and then they were inseparable.

    After the graduation, the two will develop separately, and it will be difficult to say in the future.

    The fate is really wonderful. Now, because of the appearance of Lu Chen, they can continue this friendship and work together on the road of career. Perhaps is the fate of destiny!

    Mrs. Jin finally said to Lu Chen: "That's the work that Twins debuted."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "No problem."

    Mrs. Kim donated 1 million. In return, he has already thought about the works that Twins debuted.

    In short, it will certainly not disappoint.

    "In three days, I sent someone to send the score."

    At this moment, the charity auction is nearing completion.


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