Chapter 490

    "it's him!"

    "He is the Celebrity boss from the mainland!"

    "Put him, don't let him run, exchange our brothers!"

    "Get on!"

    Several Honghua people recognized Lu Chen at the first time. They suddenly got the best, and yelled and quickly rushed toward Lu Chen, all of whom saw the fierce light.

    One of the flat-headed youths was quite awkward. He had a dark blue tattoo on his neck, a wooden baseball bat in his hand, and the fastest speed to Lu Chen.

    While rushing, his mouth still groaned: "Fighting the street, dare to buckle my brother, dying!"

    At the same time, the baseball bat in his hand is raised high, and the stick is bright and reflective under the morning sun, which is extremely deterrent.

    Zhang Xiaofang saw that the situation was not good, and immediately took the lead to prepare to protect Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen reached out and stopped him. He said, "You protect my uncle, I will deal with him!"

    During the speech, Lu Chen kept on foot and greeted each other without showing weakness.

    The flat youth is very surprised.

    In his impression, a Celebrity artist like Lu Chen, who is so arrogant and intimidating, is the most savvy in the face of violent intimidation. He believes that one's own can only scare the morning and the nose.

    Then his purpose is reached.

    However, what the Pingtou youth never expected was that instead of one's own and the baseball bat in his hand, Lu Chen not only did not have the slightest dew, but instead set a posture to meet.

    This rhythm is wrong!

    The Pingtou youth did not think that it was really necessary to play Lu Chen, because once the real person was injured and the Celebrity artist from the mainland, the consequences were absolutely serious, and the boss behind him could not cover it.

    The Xiangjiang government’s crackdown on violence is very strict, not to mention the victims are celebrities.

    However, in order for the Pingtou youth to choose to withdraw at this time, then his face will go where it is, so many brothers look around, and it will become a joke on Jiang Hu.

    Mixed society, the head can be broken blood can flow, face can not be lost!

    At this moment, Pingtou’s mind turned a few thoughts, and finally the violent emotions in the bottom of his heart prevailed. He snorted and waved his baseball bat toward Lu Chen’s left shoulder.

    This is still very measured, otherwise it will be directly on the head, and it will be fine!

    Moreover, he still retains a little bit of effort. As long as he can successfully intimidate Lu Chen, it would be enough for Lu Chen to eat Xiaoxiao's bitterness – this is what the above people have specifically told.

    Pingtou Youth is also a bit of a mind, but unfortunately he is facing Lu Chen.

    Seeing the other party wielding the weapon, Lu Chen suddenly speeded up the Speed, and his body shape was like an arrow of the string, I'm free rushing out, as if it was a fierce beast that went to the prey, and hit the flat youth in an instant. .

    At the moment of the collision, Lu Chen leaned over and hit the other side's chest with his back shoulder.


    Along with a dull low voice, the flat-headed youth seemed to be hit by a bull. The whole person was involuntarily bumped out and slammed back together with several companions, and suddenly became a gourd.


    The screams, the painful voices, and the colliding sounds of the flesh/body were intertwined, and the other Honghua people present were all smashed.

    what happened?

    The result of the collision between the two sides is really unexpected. They feel that the common sense of one's own has been subverted.

    There are a lot of fans in these towns who are chasing Celebrity, but they never think that the actors in the movie and TV are really good at Kungfu.

    Like them, if there is a machete in hand, just cut the eighteen nine Heavenly King days without problems.

    The Pingtou Youth is a small leader of Honghuali. He is a member of a very cooperative society. Although he does not hold a machete in his hand, the baseball bat is not vegetarian.

    However, in just one round, the Pingtou youth was given to KO by Lu Chen, and even the others were unlucky.

    This is not scientific!

    "Do not want to run one!"

    Everyone is stunned, and Wan Yong, who is stationed at the door of the studio, rushed out with a group of drama crew members.

    They don't have a large number of people, and Wan Yong is only eight people in the district. They can face three or four times more opponent than their own. They seem to be like a group of tigers going down the mountain and suddenly fall into the wolves!

    Last night, Lu Chen laid out most of the staff left in Lujiaban on the set, and finally revealed sharp fangs at this time.

    All members of the Lujia class are retired from the military. They are good at fighting and fighting in close combat, and after rigorous training, the mingling with Honghua is not a series.

    The previous forbearance was just to wait for the arrival of Lu Chen. Now Lu Chen has taken the action himself. Of course, Wan Yong will not stand spectator and immediately direct Lu Jiaban.

    The battle, at the beginning, showed a one-sided trend. Although Honghua’s gangsters dominated the number of people, they could not compare with the former in terms of organizational mobility and combat effectiveness.

    Therefore, they immediately lost their helmets and abandoned them. The people of Lujia, led by Wan Yong, caught a gangster and used his plastic buckle to tie his hands.

    There are also gangsters trying to resist, but the result of the resistance is even worse. It is necessary to slam a fist in the stomach, or be overwhelmed by the ground, and the pain of eating will be great.

    This is also the result of the deliberate control of the size of the members of the Lujia class. Otherwise, if they are in a life-and-death struggle, they will be allowed to lie halfway in half a minute and never want to get up.

    A few of those who dared to resist were doing it all. They saw that their companions were one by one, and everyone else was scared. They left their sticks and squirrels, and they really went to the extreme.

    At this moment, those paparazzi who are not far away are very excited. They raise their own long guns and short shots, and they are shooting against the scene, for fear of missing a wonderful scene.

    Lu Chen certainly saw it, and did not intend to interfere.

    Today's counterattack is completely ruling. Even if it is to the court, it is not afraid. Seriously, it is necessary to have such a hearty victory to erect prestige and reputation. Otherwise, it will only be exhausted in the endless sinister means of Honghua. Falling in the wind.

    The take action takes action, and if everything is carefully taken care of, Lu Chen is not as good as one's own to go back to the mainland.


The heart-warming sirens came from far and near and told everyone that the police had arrived.

    Interestingly, those who were laid down on the ground were relieved.

    The police have appeared, then they are not in danger.

    In fact, not only the police, but also the people of the film and television management agency, the ruins of the Faun Temple in the remote corner of Lion Rock have never been as lively as they are now.

    When Chen Wenqiang and the police and film city management personnel negotiated, Lu Chen gave Zhou Yi a second call.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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