Chapter 423

    Xiangjiang was originally an important colony of the United Kingdom. After its return in 1967, it became one of China's three special administrative regions, retaining its original political system and social structure, and will not change within a hundred years.

    Next year is the 50th anniversary of Xiangjiang’s return to the motherland.

    In the past 50 years, it has been the prosperity and development of Xiangjiang's economy for 50 years. With financial trade as the pillar industry, Xiangjiang's per capita GDP has always been at the forefront of the world, and many world-class rich people have emerged.

    However, different political cultures have also created a social atmosphere different from that of the mainland. This international metropolis has shown a state of independence and independence in recent years, instinctively rejecting the political, economic and cultural influences from the mainland. The social situation is very complicated.

    Xiangjiang's Entertainment Circle is also a self-circulating, relatively closed circle. Although there is communication with Domestic's Entertainment Circle, it is quite clear, and there is a lot of water in the well.

    Locals in Hong Kong usually only care about local artists and lack interest in Domestic Celebrity, and Xiangjiang’s media will selectively ignore entertainment news from Domestic, only cover Hong Kong’s entertainment Eight Trigrams, or plus Treasure Island. , Japanese and Korean, and European and American news.

    All of these are manifestations of this kind of independence and independence. Even as more and more Entertainment Circle people continue to seek opportunities for the development of Domestic, more and more Xiangjiang artists appear on Domestic TV and movie screens.

    The Xiangjiang government teamed up with the SARFT of Domestic to jointly develop a new regulation to support Xiangjiang's film industry, encourage any film production company incorporated in Xiangjiang to apply for special treatment and support policies, share the movie market of Domestic and Xiangjiang, on the one hand, to revitalize the decline. The Xiangjiang movie, on the other hand, is also to break the barrier.

    But the specific effect, you have to let time prove.

    As one of the first crab-eaters to enter Xiangjiang's registered film and television institutions, Lu Chen Studio wants to develop smoothly here. It is not enough to rely solely on special treatment.

    After decades of development, Xiangjiang’s film and television circle has already formed an inherent rule pattern. It is not easy to break through the natural barriers for those outsiders.

    Therefore, Lu Chen filming in Xiangjiang does not mean that several photographers, reporters, and sound engineers can easily get up with a tractor crew. First, understand, familiar, and finally know how to use the rules.

    The suggestion given by Chen Wenqiang is very simple, that is to find a powerful local film company to co-produce new film.

    This is the quickest and easiest way, but it is more troublesome to go to which film company.

    In the 1980s and 1990s, Xiangjiang’s local film and television companies were once numerous, and the number of movies and drama series produced each year was amazing, and they were sold to Domestic and Southeast Asia.

    Although the scenery is not here today, the deadly camels are bigger than the big horses. Large film companies such as Jinrong, Wangshi, Baolida and so on still firmly control the market and hold the right to speak in the film and television circle.

    Chen Wenqiang's evaluation of these old-fashioned film companies is not very high, even if they all have a glorious past, but now they want to get a stable place to export to the mainland, one's own single and casually looking for a family of three or four streaming film company that is very There is a problem.

    The new problem is that large companies like Jinrong, Wang and Polaroid are very difficult to deal with. Foreigners like Luchen Studio are newly established small businesses. Even if they agree to cooperate, they will have very good conditions. High, even to a harsh degree.

    Wan Xiaoquan is currently the most troublesome, it is this problem!

    If this step is not good, then the road behind it is very difficult to go.

    Lu Chen saw that Wan Xiaoquan was worried about this. He thought that he would pull one's own over here. I am afraid this is also the reason, so he comforted: "Don't worry, we will slowly find a solution."

    Since Lu Chen came, it must be to help. He is unfamiliar in Xiangjiang, but through Chen Feier, Tan Hong and other friends, he can still contact several insiders.

    Chen Wenqiang did not speak because the film cooperation involved was very high-level, and he was familiar with the middle and lower-level circles. He had no say in the high-level film and television circles. Of course, he could not talk indiscriminately.

    Several people discussed the meeting room for two hours and drafted preliminary plans and work arrangements.

    After the temporary meeting, Chen Wenqiang said to Lu Chen: "BOSS, you first came to Xiangjiang, can you let me do the East today, please taste the food of Xiangjiang? It can be considered as a dust for you. ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "If you pay for it, then it will be fine!"

    When I first met, how could he let one's own subordinate's subordinates eat?

    Of course, Chen Wenqiang’s face must be given.

    Chen Wenqiang stunned, and Wan Xiaoquan laughed: "That's it, we are gone!"

    He reached out and patted Chen Wenqiang, who was a little bit stunned. "Strong brother, we don't have to save money for the boss. He writes a song for others and the price is millions!"


    Li Zhen sat on the side and snorted, watching Lu Chen's eyes brave the stars.

    How many millions of songs to write to others?

    Wouldn't it be possible to buy a house in Xiangjiang without writing dozens of songs?

    Chen Wenqiang can't believe it. As far as he knows, Xiangjiang's top songwriter, the price of a piece of work is only two or three hundred thousand. Lu Chen is several times more than them?

    Lu Chen is very powerful in Music original, but the price is too amazing!

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Strong uncle, don't listen to the guide, let's go eat!"

    The place where Chen Wenqiang took Lu Chen to go was the typhoon shelter in Causeway Bay.

    Even with a total of five assistants, Li Zhen and Zhang Xiaofang, everyone enjoyed dinner on a special cruise ship, while enjoying the beauty of Victoria Harbour, while enjoying the first-class raw seafood, the real local characteristics, let Lu Chen be Full of praise.

    After eating this big seafood big meal, Chen Wenqiang asked: "BOSS, which hotel do you live in at night, is there a reservation room?"

    Lu Chen said: "I don't live in the hotel. My friend borrowed a house from Repulse Bay and gave it to me. Wait for Brother Zhang to send me in the past, then you will arrange for him to stay."

    Repulse Bay House!

    Chen Wenqiang secretly sighed, that is the high-end residential area of ​​Xiangjiang, with hundreds of millions of luxury homes abound.

    I don’t know which friend of Lu Chen borrowed the house in Repulse Bay.

    He quickly said: "No problem, then I am here to wait for Xiaofang to come back. I will take him to the apartment where the staff lives. The room is ready to be arranged."


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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