The 487th chapter of the contract

    A formal movie drama crew, the composition of the members is quite complex, in addition to the actors, including the producer, director Director, Director, producer, Planner, art director, photographer and so on.

    In addition, there are drama, makeup artist, artist, lighting engineer, and Item teacher…

    Coupled with logistics and financial assistants, the number is easily over one hundred and hundreds are common.

    The drama crew of "Ghost Story" is relatively small, because there are not many characters in the play, so the number of actors is small, but there are some people who can not be less.

    Except for more than a dozen members of Lu Chen Studio, most of the drama crew were sent by Jiayang Film, and some of them were temporarily employed by the latter and were not affiliated with Jiayang Film.

    This is very normal. Otherwise, with the scale and strength of Jiayang Film, so many people can't afford it at all. Even a large film company will pay attention to the number of employees.

    In the film and television industry, there is a special Manager Corporation to solve this problem. Once a film company wants to get a new project, whether it is an actor, a screenwriter, a video camera, a recording or even a Director, it can be hired through an intermediary. Maximize money savings.

    Suddenly, five people who had withdrawn from the drama crew were assistant logistics personnel. They were not important people. They could still operate without their drama crew.

    But this is undoubtedly a dangerous signal. The scene of the death of the cat on the set, the heart of the drama crew of the "Ghost Story" has become very unstable, and the shooting plan is facing a serious obstacle.

    But things are not over yet. In the afternoon, the tool cart of the drama crew parked in the parking lot of the film studio was poked by the tires, and the four tires were all broken!

    This car was brought to the box lunch yesterday and at noon Zhang Xiaofang, and the intention of the destroyer was very obvious.


    Lu Chen said to Chen Wenqiang: "You will complain to the Film and Television Management Committee."

    In the morning, the film was lost to the dead cat, Lu Chen can still be patient, and now it is unbearable!

    He is very clear that no matter whether it is an alarm or a complaint, it will definitely not solve the problem. Even if the troubled person is caught, the punishment will not be serious. The penalty will be released after a few days, and it can continue to be destroyed.

    Moreover, it is still unknown whether the perpetrators can be found.

    This is not a criminal case.

    As long as Honghua has been so harassed so frequently, it is enough for the drama crew to be restless, and there is no way to film safely.

    It is this where the most disgusting part of these gang clubs is, they can now achieve one's own purpose without having to play the violent means of killing and killing.

    In the face of such troubles, if there is not enough strong network power in the drama crew, I am afraid that only the bow of the bow, or pay the protection fee, or the interests of the interests in order to break the bankruptcy.

    Lu Chen also thought about breaking the money and avoiding disasters. However, the other party must be insatiable, and things must not be good.

    Alarms and complaints are indicative of his attitude of never bowing!

    Chen Wenqiang nodded: "I will deal with it right away, but…"

    He hesitated and said: "But there is no direct evidence, we better not to test Honghua."

    Even if you think about it with your toes, everyone can think that this is what Honghua has sent people to do, but knowing that it is one thing, it is another matter to prove to the police and the film and television city management.

    The evidence without evidence is absolutely to be tarnished by the other party's reputation. Now these gang associations have learned the lessons of the seniors, opened the company to run factories, and invited lawyers to act as amulets. They are good at using legal means to achieve their goals.

    Honghua may be arguing that the crew crew is complaining about them!

    Chen Wenqiang’s explanation made Lu Chen’s second vision, and now the underworld can play this way.

    But at this point, he can't let him back down.

    Chen Wenqiang just took out the phone and prepared to call the police, but his cell phone suddenly rang.

    He connected and said a few words, and the look suddenly changed.

    The other party soon hangs up.

    "what's wrong?"

    Lu Chen was keenly aware that the situation was wrong, and immediately asked: "Is there something wrong?"

    Chen Wenqiang nodded with a smile and replied: "Liu Zhaohui did not play, he quit the drama crew."

    Liu Zhaohui is an actor who plays the role of Grandma. Xiangjiang natives have played countless roles in debuts for decades. They are very famous in the role of the villain. Lu Chen used to watch Xiangjiang movies before.

    The cast of "Ghost Story" is weak, and Liu Zhaohui is a small wrist.

    Since there were no Liu Zhaohui's plays in these two days, he was not on the set, but apparently knew what had happened here, so he took the initiative to withdraw.

    This old play bone is usually very credible. If you break the reputation in this line, then there will be no more drama crew willing to hire, which is equivalent to one's own to get rid of one's own rice bowl.

    If it is not a lot of pressure, Liu Zhaohui will certainly not be so ruined.

    "Fuck/He Grandma!"

    Chen Wenqiang wants to get angry and he can't help but swear.

    The original performance was really "Grandma", and Lu Chen was almost amused by Chen Wenqiang's dirty words.

    "Is Liu Zhaohui not invited by Jiayang?"

    This role is that Jiayang Films strives for the past when negotiating. Now Liu Zhaohui has broken the contract. It is also the face of Jiayang Film Industry. Can Jiayang be indifferent?

    Chen Wenqiang smiled bitterly: "It is the person of Jiayang who informed me."

    Then it can't be saved!

    Lu Chen also had the urge to smash Grandma. He strongly pressed his inner anger and said: "Strongly uncle, don't call the police first, please trouble you to invite Ma Shu."

    Chen Wenqiang stunned and immediately understood the meaning of Lu Chen.

    Liu Zhaohui ran, and there is a more important supporting role, Ma Rongzhen, if he followed, then the drama crew will get rid of most of it, it will be a mess.

    Compared with Liu Zhaohui, who is well mixed in the circle, Ma Rongzhen’s ability to resist the pressure has been weaker.

    Therefore, at this time, Lu Chen can't be self-defeating. To find a way to stabilize the military, the first step is to ensure that the important role of Ma Rongzhen does not go out of his way.

    Ma Rongzhen soon came.

    It is also a supporting role, and there is no scene to shoot at the moment. Ma Rongzhen is different from Liu Zhaohui, who has disappeared after the start of the ceremony. He has always been in the drama crew and even helped with chores.

    Perhaps because of the loss, Ma Rong knows how to cherish this opportunity. He does not talk about it, but uses actions to express one's own efforts.

    "Lu Shao, are you looking for me?"

    Lu Chen opened the door and asked: "Uncle Ma, is there anyone who will let you leave the drama crew?"


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