Chapter VIII Chapter Price Increase

    Lao Jia is coming soon.

    The Jiayang Film Company dispatched the drama crew stationed in the drama crew for more than forty years old. The five short-sleeved eyes are very savvy, the mouth is very active, and the coordination ability in all aspects is very strong.

    Although I didn't know it before, but in a few days, Lu Chen was very satisfied with the ability of Lao Jia.

    The drama is the abbreviation of the drama crew service. It is the daily affairs leader in the filming process of film and television dramas. Its main task is to do the work of the crew members of the drama crew, which is cumbersome and necessary.

    If there isn't a good drama in a drama crew, there are often many problems.

    When Lao Jia saw this batch of boxes that were completely unqualified, his face suddenly changed and he was shocked and angry.

    "Lu Shao, I am really sorry, I will check to see what is going on!"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Let's go and let them change a batch, or simply change a restaurant to order lunch."

    Although he did not blame Lao Jia, Lao Jia was obviously very stressed, and he left in a hurry.

    The lunch box with poor pig food is naturally no one to eat. Everyone puts the lunch box back into the incubator. The atmosphere in the studio is a bit strange. Many people sit around and whisper.

    Wan Xiaoquan has no choice: "This thing is done…They don't want to do business? ”

    Chen Wenqiang said in a deep voice: "I am afraid that things are not that simple."

    Lu Chen was shocked and asked: "Strong uncle?"

    Chen Wenqiang hesitated for a moment and said: "The lunch business in Lion Rock Studios is occupied by two communities. Others can't intervene. I don't know which one of our drama crew is booked. It is over there. There is a problem, otherwise any restaurant will not do such a self-proclaimed sign."


    Lu Chen suddenly stunned, did not expect to eat a small lunch, but actually involved in the Xiangjiang community.

    The "community" that Chen Wenqiang said is certainly not the kind of formal good mutual benefit organization, but the gang society. Popularly speaking, it is the underworld gang of Xiangjiang.

    Xiangjiang’s gang community was once flourishing in the 1970s and 1980s. At that time, the triads of Shenghe, Xin’an and Hongtang organized activities. The gang members were hundreds of thousands of people, and the forces spread throughout Xiangjiang, Aocheng and Baodao. Several countries in Southeast Asia have even established temples in the Chinese communities in Europe and America.

    These large gang associations operate businesses such as drug/drug, smuggling, selling spring, piracy, gambling, etc. The following small organizations receive protection fees and bullies, which has caused the public security situation in Xiangjiang to be very bad.

    At that time, Xiangjiang, even the rich and wealthy people were in danger. They must bring bodyguards to go out, otherwise they might be swindled by a few daring gangs to kidnap blackmail.

    On July 15, 1987, the long-term accumulation of contradictions between the two gangs of Xin'an and Hongtang broke out. Thousands of gangs from both sides fought in the streets of the prosperous New Territories, killing 78 people and injuring 154 people. The injured were disregarded. In addition, several innocent passers-by were killed by stray bullets.

    7.15 The New Territories bloody case shocked the whole territory and triggered public protests on the streets. It also prompted the Xiangjiang government to finally resolve to resolve the cancer and specifically requested the help of the resident troops from Domestic.

    In March of the same year, in the action of the Xiangjiang government’s plowing and sweeping, many triad organizations that had been on Hong Kong Island for decades were uprooted. A large number of key members were either killed or arrested on the spot, so that countless Xiangjiang people clap their hands and say fast.

    At this point, the security situation of Xiangjiang has been fundamentally improved.

    However, the triad society with great influence in Xiangjiang society has not completely disappeared. After the old clubs such as Shenghe, Xin'an and Hongtang fell, the new community re-emerged.

    However, these new associations are no longer blatantly engaged in illegal activities. They have established a company to start a legitimate business, and in the secret to do some business, the members of the community no longer easily shoot and shoot, the means of making money is more concealed, and even hired The lawyer is a legal counsel.

    Such a new type of community is even more difficult, and dealing with them is undoubtedly a very headache.

    The gang's gang forces have deep entanglements with the Entertainment Circle. Many film and television entertainment companies used to have the background and power of the society. Although they are basically completely whitewashed, they are smashed in the dark.

    Only a few minutes later, Lao Jia came back and brought back three people.

    Old Jia’s face is very unsightly.

    He introduced Lu Chen: "Lu Shao, this is the manager of Honghua Catering Management Co., Ltd., the manager of our drama crew is ordered through Honghua Restaurant. Manager Jiang has something to talk to us."

    The manager of Honghua Food, the manager of Honghua Foods, is a middle-aged man in the head of a squirrel. He wears thick hair and hair, and the flies are untenable. He wears a suit and tie, and he wears a pair of gold glasses. The feeling of giving people is wretched.

    "Lu Shao, hello."

    Manager Jiang nodded and greeted Lu Chen, cracking his mouth and revealing a golden tooth.

    Behind this is a strong man with two tiger-backed bears. They are expressionless, and the red/naked arms are covered with dark blue tattoos. The muscles are bulging and powerful.

    Lu Chen saw this situation immediately and understood it. He nodded and said faintly: "Okay, let's talk about it."

    It is definitely not possible here. The members of the surrounding crew crew are watching, and many people are surprised.

    The location of the conversation was chosen in a Zen room in the temple, which was also used as the temporary office of the drama crew.

    After sitting down, Lu Chen opened the door and asked: "Mr. Jiang, can you explain what happened to the lunch that our drama crew had eaten today? Is it that we are not paying for your expenses? ”

    Manager Jiang said with a smile: "Lu Shao, the dining expenses of your drama crew are all paid in a timely manner. There is a problem with the lunch today. We are also very sorry. I can guarantee that this will not happen again in the future."


    His words suddenly turned around and said: "Now the price of Xiangjiang is very high. Recently, the prices of vegetables and pork have risen sharply. If we follow the original price, our company will lose money, so…"

    So what, Manager Jiang did not say, smiled and looked at Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen quietly picked it up for him: "So I have to raise the price?"

    "I'm really sorry…"

    Manager Jiang smashed his hand and smiled more on his face: "There is no way to raise prices. A group of employees in our company are also going to eat…"

    Lu Chen interrupted his embarrassment: "Do you just say, how much should you rise?"

    Manager Jiang rushed to Lu Chen and gave a thumbs up: "Lu Shaozhen is a quick talk, not a superstar from the mainland. In fact, there are not many. After a box lunch, 55 yuan, we guarantee quality."

    55 pieces!

    If Lu Chen remembers correctly, the original boxed meal price is 30 yuan, and now the price increase to 55 yuan, which is equivalent to nearly doubled!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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