Chapter 461 Episode

    In the early morning, when Lu Chen woke up from his sleep, he first saw Chen Feier, who was curled up in one's own arms. The latter still slept sweetly, and his lips were still smiling.

    Lu Chenhuai clasped her arm tightly, sniffing the familiar fragrance of her girlfriend, and didn't want to get up.


    But a naughty hair inadvertently touched Lu Chen's nose, so he couldn't help but sneeze.

    The result was awakening Chen Feier.

    Lu Chen embarrassedly rubbed his nose and smiled and asked: "Wake up?" Not much sleep? ”

    Chen Feier shook her head, and Jiao Jiao lazily pressed Lu Chen, said with a greasy voice: "There are still shooting missions today."

    Working in the drama crew of Director Zhang's Director, it's a delusion to want to sleep late, no matter how big you are, you still have to follow his discipline, otherwise one's own is the most sensible choice.

    Yesterday, Zhang Ke reminded me that Chen Feier did not dare to take it lightly.


    Lu Chen couldn't help but sigh.

    Not far away, thousands of miles went to the Mongolian prairie to explore the class, he thought about staying with Chen Feier, and visiting the scenery on the grassland, the result is only a dream.

    Chen Feier smirked and turned her head to kiss her boyfriend for comfort.

    Where is this enough!

    Lu Chen Shao could not hold her under her body, and was ready to hurry up to do something unspeakable. It was an unforgivable mistake to say that the good Era was wasted last night.

    Separated for more than half a month, Chen Feier was also in love and enthusiastically greeted.

    "Feier sister, Lu Chen brother!"

    Just as the two of them were out of control, there was a clear shout outside the tent.

    "Are you up?"


    The arrow on the string suddenly felt like a bowl of ice water poured on the head, and whispered awkwardly.

    What is this called!

    Chen Feier, who was full of stunned color, glanced whitely at him, struggling to roll over from the bed and put on his coat and went out: "Sister Guggentana, what is it?"

    It was originally Guggentana who brought breakfast to the two people. Milk tea, hazelnuts, cheese and pies were all authentic Mongolian specialties, and they were just made out of heat.

    Of course, there is a reason why the little girl is so diligent, because Lu Chen promised to sing the song "My Beautiful Home in the Grassland" last night, so she can't wait until now.

    Really self-made, can not live, Lu Chen is dumbfounded, had to go out to wash and clean.

    Fortunately, the breakfast was very good. The tea mellow pie was delicious. Lu Chen ate a few breaths. After filling the stomach, I felt that the whole person was refreshed.

    Just after breakfast, Groottana smashed the matouqin.

    The Mongolian girl not only wants to learn to sing, but also wants to sing like Lu Chen.

    Don't look at her age Xiaoxiao, I have already learned to play the matouqin, and the piano used is also the guqin passed down from the family.

    Eat People is soft, the little girl is so fond of learning, and she likes this song so much. Since Lu Chen has already promised, of course, she will not hide.

    He first copied the scores of the song "Beautiful Prairie My Home", and then he sat at the door of the tent and taught Grentana to play and carefully pointed out his singing skills.

    To Lu Chen’s surprise, Guggentana not only has a good voice like a scorpio, but her learning ability is also very strong, and the music is very good, so the speed of getting started is very fast.

    After some guidance, Guggentana, holding her matouqin and singing herself, is already decent.

    The same "Beautiful Prairie My Home", sung through her mouth, the same tunes, sing different flavors and emotions, although she is quite oysters in singing skills, but still gives the impression It is so moving.

    "Beautiful grassland, my home, water, grass, beauty, I love it, the grassland is like a green sea…"

    Unconsciously, a lot of herders were surrounded by tents. They were all attracted by the songs of Guggentana, and even forgot to do their work.

    When Guggentana sang this "Beautiful Prairie My Home" completely, everyone simply applauded!

    Groottana’s face is red and looks very cute.

    The whole process, all of which was sitting by Chen Feier, was shot with cell phone.

    She uploaded the video to one's own blog and sent it out with a simple title.

    Although the water spring hunting ground is in the hinterland of the Mongolian steppe, it has covered the mobile signal as early as a decade ago, and it can still be accessed through the 4G high-speed network.

    During the filming of the grassland, Chen Feier had to brush the blog every day and send a few stills to the fans.

    This is actually the publicity of the drama series.

    But this video blog post was very different this morning, because Chen Feier and Lu Chen’s fans finally found someone who had disappeared for a while!

    "I said where Lu Chen went. There is no news recently. It turned out to be taking the drama series!"

    “Do Lu Chen have a role in this drama series? Haven't seen it before! ”

    "It is estimated to go with my Philippine!"

    "My morning formidable might."

    "This time I didn't show love, who is this Mongolian girl?"

    "Is it a Lu Chen student, very beautiful, I like it!"

    "What's the name of the song? Never heard of it, sing too nice, ask for the truth! ”

    "Togive the truth…"

The curiosity of the fans was raised by this video. Everyone asked if Lu Chen had been accompanying Chen Feier in filming. Why did this time not appear?

    Who is this Mongolian girl?

    And this song…

    The wave of blogs is in full swing, and the water spring hunting grounds are equally lively.

    Director Zhang Ke came over.

    When I saw the Lord, Chen Feier was so scared that she quickly put away the cell phone and quickly got up and said: "Chapter…"

    "You don't have to worry…"

    Zhang Ke smiled and waved his hand and said, "I came to Lu Chen to discuss things."

    This big Director came to the "Beautiful Prairie My Home". He wanted to get Lu Chen's authorization to use this song as an episode in "The Long Song of the Event". Of course, the lyrics should be slightly changing. a bit.

    In this regard, Lu Chen will certainly not refuse.

    Any songwriter will not refuse to use one's own works in CCTV's big play, which is a good thing to improve their own forcing and garnishing, usually it is impossible!

    As for the licensing fee, it is basically something that does not matter.

    Interestingly, the original Zhang Ke planned to let Chen Feier sing this song, but after listening to the song of Guggenana, he changed his mind.

    This song will let the Mongolian girl sing!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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