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Chapter 463 is popular

    Back at the home of Beijing Zichengyuan, it is already 11 o'clock in the evening.

    After Lu Chen had taken a hot bath and washed away the dust and exhaustion, he did not go to bed immediately. Instead, he sat in the study room and combed the work of the recent time in detail.

    After the official establishment of Xiangjiang's film and television studio, in the long period of time in the future, the Beijing-Hong Kong round-trip flight will inevitably become the norm. If you don't arrange the work well, there will be some trouble.

    At present, Lu Chen's current work focus is definitely on the Xiangjiang side, the new film "Ghost Story" is about to start shooting, in order to catch up with the new policy next year to support the film list, absolutely indispensable to his existence.

    And Beijing does not need Lu Chen on the other side. On the contrary, many businesses can't live without him. Advertisement endorsement, commercial performance, film and television cooperation…With the explosion of the new album and the great success of the two drama series, there are more and more people coming to seek cooperation.

    Jingshi, Zhejing, Crown Film, SPG, Gande Brothers and other partners have earned a lot of money in the drama series of "Full House", and they all strongly demanded to start a new drama.

    Lu Chen went to Xiangjiang to make a movie. It’s okay to get the new drama out. The work of setting up the crew crew, recruiting actors, renting the studio, etc. is all done by them. At that time, Lu Chen will take time to shoot.

    Their voices are so strong that Lu Chen and studio can't be ignored. Of course, this year is definitely too late, but it is no problem to start the new drama in the first half of next year.

    So he has to write the third book of the drama series.

    According to Lu Chen's plan, this new drama will be the last part of his urban emotional drama trilogy. After the filming, the future drama series will be fully transferred to the big IP plan.

    "Jiang Hu", "The Legend of Heroes", "The Condor Heroes", "Eternal Dragon Sword"…

    An A4 copy paper was written by him, and several times of changing and smearing, the idea gradually became clear.

    叮 铃铃~

At this time, the landline phone resting on the desk rang.

    Call shows Lu Xi.

    Lu Chen connected the phone: "Sister?"

    Lu Xi asked: "When are you coming back?"

    Lu Chen replied: "I just came back, I am afraid that you have not called before you have already slept. Have you still had a rest?"

    "Where can I sleep?"

    Lu Xi said with no anger: "You went to the Mongolian prairie to find a good seed, why not sign it?"


    Lu Chen is confused: "What good seedlings?"

    Lu Xi simply hates iron and steel: "Gangentana! The Mongolian girl, who is now very red on the Internet, was signed by Chen Feier studio. ”


    Lu Chen never imagined that Lu Xisan would call one's own in the middle of the night, saying that it was Guggentana.

    He didn't even know that Groottana was famous on the Internet, and he quickly asked what was going on.

    Lu Xi saw Lu Chen did not know the truth, so he said the ins and outs of things.

    It turned out that the day before yesterday, Chen Feier sent a video in one's own blog. The content of the video is the scene of Lu Chen teaches Ghentana to play "Beautiful Prairie My Home".

    As soon as this video was released, it immediately became popular and the number of hits increased. Chen Feier’s blog comments and forwarding volume exceeded one million today, ascend the summit.

    Then there were a lot of netizens who wanted to know who the Mongolian girl was, or last night, Chen Feier briefly introduced her identity in the new blog post.

    So 14-year-old Grootana became a real "net red" overnight.

    That night, her name was on the hot list of online search.

    Then this morning, Chen Feier Studio announced on the official website that he officially signed Guggentana.

    This is the original!

    Lu Chen finally understood. He remembered that when he was at the water spring hunting ground, Chen Feier said that Groottana had the potential to become a Celebrity. At that time, Lu Chen did not care too much. I couldn’t think that Chen Feier would directly sign Guggentana. under.

    Lu Xi was dissatisfied, and counted down: "You call this a daughter-in-law to forget the sister. We have one's own to sign up for Grootana. How can Beijing studio always rely on you alone to support the field?"

    The original purpose of Lu Chen studio was to serve Lu Chen alone, but as his reputation became higher and higher, his career grew bigger and bigger, and the expansion of studio was inevitable.

    Now Beijing studio's external business has been doing, and the studio that invested heavily in construction has not only been idle, but the daily work plan is full.

    But this obviously does not meet Lu Xi's expectations, because in the circle, many Celebrity studios are moving towards Entertainment Manager Corporation, and she also hopes to expand Lu Chen studio into a real industry first class.

    Therefore, the original studio does not dig people, do not sign people's strategy is changing.

    After more than a year, Lu Xi has already made Lu Chen studio a one's own career. She gave up her plan to apply for graduate students early and devoted herself to her work.

    It can be said that Beijing studio may not be able to achieve today's achievements without her efforts!

    Now seeing such a good seedling of Guggentana was robbed by Chen Feier, even if the other party is the future brother-in-law, Lu Xi is also very upset – with the daughter-in-law forgetting the sister!

    Lu Chen dumbfounded: "Do you want me to talk to Mayfair?"

    He believes that as long as one's own opening, Chen Feier will 100% transfer Guggentana.

    Lu Xi is not fooled: "You don't want to blame the water, I can still grab it with your girlfriend?" If you have the ability, if you discuss with Fairchild and merge the two studios into a new company, then you don't have to separate each other. ”

    Lu Chen suddenly realized that he said so much, this is probably the true thought of my sister!

    But when I think about it, her proposal is very reliable and maneuverable. It is a so-called strong alliance. The effect is definitely one plus one and more than two.

    The only problem is that the two are still not married or engaged. It is not a trivial matter to merge the studio. Chen Feier does not know what it is.

    Of course, Lu Xi did not say that he really wanted Lu Chen to make a decision immediately. She just made a good suggestion. The final draw was still completed by Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    My sister also cared about Lu Chen’s life. He also told him about the home and sister of the seaside family. Although there were a lot of words, Lu Chen was warm in his heart.

    When I finished the call, it was already midnight.

    He rearranged the idea, then made a document on the computer, and saved it before going to rest.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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