The 465th chapter envy

    “Happy cooperation!”

    In the conference room, Zhang Yaocheng, deputy general manager of Shanhai Publishing House, and Lu Xi, general manager of Lu Chen Studio, signed a contract for the publication of a long martial arts novel, "Jiang Hu".

    Zhang Yaocheng smiled and smiled with Lu Xi and Lu Chen respectively. He said sincerely: "Please rest assured that our Shanhai Publishing House will invest all resources to publicity and promote this novel, so that "Smile Jiang Hu" At the end of the year, the book market was hit!"

    "Swordsman Jiang Hu" has a total of 5 volumes of 1 million words. According to the publishing contract signed by both parties, 100,000 sets of hardcover editions are printed, 200,000 sets of paperback editions are printed, and the total number of first prints has reached 1.5 million copies!

    For a newcomer's new work and a non-traditional hot-selling novel, the first print of "Jiang Hu" is undoubtedly too big. Once it is not sold well, Shanhai Publishing House will lose money.

    As the leader of this publishing cooperation, Zhang Yaocheng also bears considerable risks. To a certain extent, he is betting on one's own career prospects and reputation within the circle.

    Of course, Zhang Yaocheng does not fight the unsure, in addition to the confidence in the quality of this book, he understands the popularity of "Jiang Hu" on the Internet, plus Shanhai Publishing House and Lu Chen, Chen Feier The big studio's push, the real risk is actually not big.

    The two big coffees added more than 50 million fans to the Inspur blog. Even if they were folded, the sales of 300,000 sets would not be anything.

    Seriously, if under the leadership of Zhang Yaocheng, the "Swordsman Jiang Hu" is fired and a new type of bestseller is created, his reputation in the circle is bound to increase greatly.

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "Then please ask Mr. Zhang."


    Zhang Yaocheng tempted and asked: "To tell the truth, I admire the author of "Smile Jiang Jiang". It is not ordinary people who can write such a wonderful work. Can you ask him to come over and have a meal?"

    In this publishing contract, Lu Chen studio signed the contract with the author's agent, the author himself did not appear, and Zhang Yaocheng did not find any information about "Recalling the Ancients" on the Internet.

    This made him very curious, thinking about this opportunity to get to know.

    Everyone is familiar with becoming a friend. If "Jiang Hu" is really big, then the follow-up works are easy to talk about. Although Lu Chen Studio is the author's full-fledged agent, I have to consider the author's own tendency.

    Zhang Yaocheng has no other meaning, nothing more than the professional experience of an old Jiang Hu.

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi looked at each other. The latter smiled and said: "I am sorry that Mr. Zhang, the author does not like socializing, and he has transferred all copyrights to our studio, so…"

    "If there is a chance to get the author's consent in the future, then we can arrange it."

    At the time of the explanation, Lu Xi was quietly white and looked at Lu Chen – all the mysterious tricks he played.

    In fact, Lu Xi can also understand Lu Chen's scruples, writing Singing songs has been so powerful, the screenwriter starring is all-powerful, if you publish a novel to become a true best-selling author, it is simply speechless.

    Sometimes Lu Xi couldn't think of how many things were hidden in the head of one's own brother. He had never seen him have so many talents before, and suddenly it broke out violently.

    A proper low-key is not a bad thing.

    Zhang Yaocheng regrets: "That's a pity."

    He did not think that Lu Xi was intentionally perfunctory one's own and would not let him contact the author because there is no need to play such a trick with the strength and status that Lu Chen Studio now has.

    Moreover, many talented writers do not like socializing, and often only devote themselves to writing, in order to create truly outstanding and classic works.

    After sending away Zhang Yaocheng, Lu Xi said to Lu Chen: "Xiaochu, they are waiting in the studio."

    Lu Chen couldn't help but patted his head: "They are coming too?"

    Lu Xi smiled and said: "You are now a big man in the circle. Everyone is staring at every move, so when you come back, everyone will come to the door. I need to give you an assistant."

    Lu Chen laughed and shook his head and said, "I went to the studio."

    In the studio's studio, Lu Chen saw the three beautiful girls of MSN again.

    The MSN women's group under the record of Fei Shi Records has become one of the most powerful women's groups in the popular Musical World. Its debut album "Lover's Unhappy" has now achieved the achievements of Double Platinum, fans on the Inspur blog. The number exceeded 10 million, and notices, commercial performances, and endorsements were soft.

    Drinking water source, Fei Shi record can not forget the great hero behind MSN, has always maintained a good relationship with Lu Chen studio, they even outsourced part of the studio business to the studio side, so that the latter did not have a profit plan shed Actually, I also earned a lot of money.

    Of course, there is no white lunch in the world. Good cooperation is due to common interests. Last month, Fei Shi records sent three works to Lu Chen studio, which is still designed for MSN.

    On the foreign publicity of Fei Shi Records and MSN Guanbo, the amount of this contract, Gundam 5 million, definitely created a new record in the industry, which made many people in the circle stunned.

    But the problem is that Lu Chen’s external quotation for writing songs is 1 million, but no one can use the price to get the work from him. Only a partner like Fei Shi Records can get the moon in the water.

    "Lu Chenge!"

    Seeing Lu Chen appearing, Mu Xiaochu, who was chatting with Wang Hui and others in the listening room, greeted him with surprise and surprise. The pretty little face smiled into a flower, with joy from the heart.

    To put it bluntly, the two have not seen each other for a while.

    "Lu Teacher Hello!"Lu Teacher is early! ”

    The other two members of MSN, Su Jiajia and Ning Yu, also followed up and respectfully said hello.

    The two of them respected Lu Chen differently from Mu Xiaochu, because the latter had a better relationship with Lu Chen, and in the fans circle of both sides, the fans always treated Mu Xiaochu as Lu Chen’s sister.

    The three members of MSN, Mu Xiaochu has the most fans, and her personal fans in Inspur blogs add up more than Su Jiajia and Ning Yu.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Hello."

    Three beautiful girls are surrounded by Lu Xun, and Mu Xiaochu curiously asks: "Lu Chenge, Mongolian Prairie is fun? I have seen photos sent to me by Mayfair, where the scenery is so beautiful! ”

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "It's very fun, I will take you there next time."

    He Xiao Hee: "That's great, you can't regret it!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Do you want to pull the hook?"

    Su Jiajia and Ning Yu looked at each other and saw the envy of each other's eyes.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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