Chapter 403 is not stupid

“…With the breeze blowing there is a long way to go , where is your story? ”

    In the studio, Lu Chen, wearing a large monitor, sang the last sentence of The Ordinary Road. He opened his eyes again and saw Wang Hui erecting his thumb across the thick glass.

    Lu Chen smiled, also to Wang Hui vertical thumb, and then took off the headset.

    He is recording the second album of one's own individual. After careful consideration, this "The Ordinary Road" will be the main song of the new album. It has been completed more than half so far and is expected to be fully available at the end of August.

    For Lu Chen, it's nice to be back in the studio again.

    Today's Lu Chen, name and profit are not lacking, work and life is busy and full, shooting TV, endorsement of advertising, participation in various activities, but only here, he can find the original love and touch of Music.

    The confined studio is isolated from all the noise, standing inside to hear one's own heartbeat and bloody Voice, and when the familiar accompaniment Music in the headphones sounds, I just want to sing.

    The most important thing is that this is a recording studio belonging to Lu Chen's own, without any restrictions, without any restrictions, and can pursue perfection with impunity.

    In just one or two days, Lu Chen found the feeling, and one song after another recorded very smoothly, it was simply impossible!

    But today is enough.

    "Working hard for you…"

    Lu Chen walked out of the studio and said to Wang Hui, who was sitting in front of the tuning console: "Go to the beautiful world at night, use my card to consume it!"

    Beautiful Scenery is a food city in the business district near the New Age Art Park. It has a variety of food and snacks in the heart of the sea, and the business is excellent.

    After Lu Chen studio moved here, Lu Xi set up two recharge membership cards in the beautiful scenery, and from time to time with the group to go to the teeth festival, it is a small welfare of studio.

    Wang Hui has been working hard these days, often busy late at night, although Lu Chen is not in a hurry to launch one's own second album, but for the technique otaku, it seems like a sin.

    After receiving the membership card from Lu Chen, Wang Hui said: "Thank you boss."

    He added another sentence: "The next week is sure…Definitely can be done! ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "In fact, it doesn't have to be so fast. It doesn't matter if you take it slowly. Try to do your best."

    Wang Hui said without hesitation: "That is a must, this album must exceed the "you at the same table."

    Lu Chen's first solo album "You at the same table" was also recorded by Wang Hui, but at that time Wang Hui used his own recording studio and equipment, which is completely incomparable with the present.

    Lu Chen studio's studio decoration and equipment, a total of nearly 10 million before and after, although compared with the top shed, there is no way, but it is definitely the first-class level of Domestic.

    For Wang Hui, who is addicted to professionalism, let him independently control such a studio that is completely created according to one's own ideal. It is like a mouse transferred to a rice tank, which is extremely satisfying.

    Under such a situation, Wang Hui can't tolerate any slack or relaxation in one's own work. He only uses the hardest work to repay Lu Chen's trust and support.

    Lu Chen smiled and took a shot of Wang Hui’s shoulder.


    At this time, a bottle of mineral water was handed to Lu Chen.

    "Thank you."

    Lu Chen took over and unscrewed the bottle cap. After drinking two drinks, he asked: "When did you come over?"

    It is Wang Jing who handed him water.

    Wang Jing squinted and replied: "Just come over, Ouyang, they are all outside."

    At the beginning of the year, Lu Chen picked up the original Nirvana studio and re-established the Nirvana band.

    After the Nirvana band settled in Lu Chen studio, under the arrangement of Lu Chen, in addition to the usual accompaniment and follow-up performances, they also went to other places to run, such as forgetting the grass bar.

    Especially during Lu Chen's busy shooting of the drama series, most of the Nirvana band's time is to run in addition to the practice, in order to continuously improve one's own ability level, maintain and temper their own skill level.

    As for the rewards of the Nirvana band running, Lu Chen studio does not take a penny.

    In this way, the Nirvana band not only died of Lu Chen, but their progress is very obvious. The quality of the accompaniment of Lu Chen's new album is stronger than that of "You at the same table."

    In the Nirvana band, Wang Jing is a well-deserved soul. She is a arranger and lead singer and guitarist.

    Lu Chen’s new album has the harmony of several songs, which was also completed by Wang Jing.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "That's just right, let's go to the beautiful world together, let everyone have a good time."

    Wang Jing asked: "Don't you go?"

    Lu Chen shook his head: "I made an appointment with Mayfair at night, she just came back."

    Wang Jing nodded silently and suddenly said: "We are not going to run out of the next time, concentrate on practicing your work, I want to re-arrange several songs into a live version."

    Lu Chen has plans to open one's own personal concert at the end of the year, when Nirvana will definitely participate in the whole process.

    Singer's concert is rare if there is no band live accompaniment, and it is very Low.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "That line, it is estimated that at least until November, right…"

    He asked Wang Jing: "Have you ever thought about a single or album of one's own band?"


    Wang Jing apparently did not have any mental preparations for Lu Chen’s problem and was asked to stop.

    Nirvana band out one's own album?

    All along, Wang Jing or other people in the Nirvana band, their own location is Lu Chen's exclusive band, is also a studio professional band, never thought of the issue of the band album.

    Because they are working for Lu Chen.

    Instead, Wang Hui reacted faster and hesitated and asked: "Boss, we…Can we do it? ”

    Wang Hui is also a member of the Nirvana band, but only belongs to the editor, and can only play when needed.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "What can't be done?" There are conditions in studio, you can't consider one's own. ”

    He looked at the time and said, "I am leaving, you are going to eat."

    Wang Jing looked at the background of Lu Chen’s departure. She bit her lip and flashed a complex light in her eyelids.

    Wang Hui said carefully: "Sister, actually…"

    As a result, his words have not been finished yet, and his head was knocked hard by Wang Jing: "In fact, let's go!"

    Wang Hui can only swallow back what he wants to say with tears.

    He still has to be thankful that one's own has not said it, otherwise it is estimated that he will not be able to take care of himself.

    Although Wang Hui is very home, he is not stupid.


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