The fourth chapter of the layout of the future

    Domestic's film industry has developed extremely rapidly. As of 2015, apart from the three special administrative regions, the country has more than 5,000 theaters and more than 25,000 screens. The total box office in the year reached 48 billion, accounting for 50% of the Asia-Pacific market. Proportion, the size is second only to United States.

    In Domestic, Wanlong, New Generation, and Meichen, the three major theaters have divided the main market share. The Wanlong family has more than 400 theaters and is the well-deserved leader.

    The profit brought by operating the cinema line is quite amazing. According to the proportion of the box office of the Domestic movie box office, 100 yuan in the box office, of which 5 yuan need to be turned over to the film fund, 3.5 yuan of taxes, and then the remaining 91.5 yuan, the theater With 45 yuan, the theater took 15 yuan, leaving only 31.5 yuan for producers and publishers.

    This means that a theater with a large amount of cinema resources can share the most lucrative benefits.

    Not only that, with the expansion of the movie market, the financially rich cinema line extends the tentacles to the front section, forming a mode of shooting production and distribution, and eating the meat from top to bottom.

    Under such a situation, the Xiaoxiao film and television production company is bound to be clamped by the cinema, and the competition between them is very fierce. Lu Chen as an independent artist wants to squeeze into this market, the difficulty can be imagined!

    Lu Chen must rely on a powerful production company to establish a good cooperative relationship with the three major theaters, and then share most of the benefits to gain a foothold.

    And in this process, Lu Chen still has to look at other people's eyes.

    Of course, he doesn't need to do this. With the popularity he has now, there is no problem in mixing a male lead in a movie.

    Participating in shooting and production distribution, it is totally different!

    Lu Chen’s ambition is obviously not satisfied with becoming the male No. 1 in the movie. He wants more.

    Wan Xiaoquan’s friend saw this point, so he would make such a suggestion – go to Xiangjiang.

    With the new regulations of SARFT and the support plan of the Xiangjiang government, he can get a good, without any historical burden, and with a green channel, it is much easier to issue in the Domestic.

    Because it is as powerful as the three major theaters, it has to bow to the SARFT.

    In addition, Xiangjiang's film and television industry has a very good foundation, and there are many practitioners. Directors, actors, photographers, makeup, items, and other film-related professionals abound. It has already formed a very mature operating system.

    In addition, the performance of local actors in Xiangjiang is generally lower than that of Domestic, which is one of the main reasons why many Xiangjiang actors like to go to the mainland to film programs.

    Of course, there is also a disadvantage to the development of Xiangjiang. That is the cultural and social atmosphere of Xiangjiang. It is quite different from the mainland. If it cannot be adapted, it will not be worth the loss.

    Finally, this friend of Wan Xiaoquan did not say that it is the best choice for Wan Xiaoquan to go to Xiangjiang to start a new stove, because no one cares about his past and can make him live more easily.

    Such a kind, let Lu Chen really heart.

    The benefits of going to Xiangjiang are obvious. As for how to integrate into Xiangjiang, Lu Chen’s problem is not big.

    He can speak fluent Cantonese.

    Because Xu Bo is a native of Guangdong Province, the Cantonese songs are also very good. There is no obstacle in communication with the Cantonese-based Xiangjiang people.

    Lu Chen thought about it and said to Wan Xiaoquan: "Old Wan teacher, you see this is good, I registered a movie studio in Xiangjiang, and then you will help me to support the show and prepare for this movie. ?"

    Lu Chen can't go to the company to make a movie at once. In fact, he did not pre-arrange this year's plan. In the next half of the year, he will release a new album and open a one's own personal concert. .

    Lu Chen’s debut album, "You at the Same Table," has been released for nearly a year, and many fans are looking forward to his second album.

    In the past year, Lu Chen has accumulated enough works, and there is no problem in releasing a new album.

    Most importantly, he now has a high-end studio and a professional Music team.

    The new album is not out, when is it waiting?

    After the second album, the opening of the personal concert at the end of the year will be the new peak for Singer's singing career, and is also planned by Lu Chen.

    In the popular Musical World, there has always been such a saying that Singer, who has not played a special concert, is not a real coffee.

    Like Chen Feier's debut for more than ten years, the concerts that have been played are almost unclear. If it wasn't following Lu Chen's filming, she had a concert last year, and it has not been moved until this year.

    It is imperative to open a concert, and a single field is definitely not enough. It is a must for several major cities to tour!

    Such a variety, Lu Chen where there is time to go to Xiangjiang to prepare for the movie studio, Lu Xi is not available.

    But if you miss this opportunity, if there is any change in the policy in the future, it will be too late to try again. The so-called time is no longer coming!

    In this way, please leave the mountain to Wan Xiaoquan is undoubtedly a good choice, let him go to Xiangjiang to fight in front of the station, familiar with the local situation, recruit useful talents, take the pit to prison, then Lu Chen will be easy too too much.

    Treating people with sincerity, Lu Chen clearly said one's own idea to Wan Xiaoquan.

    As for how he chooses, Lu Chen will respect.

    Wan Xiaoquan didn't hesitate. He lost his knowledge and cherished it. This time he has the opportunity to go to Xiangjiang to start a new stove. It is an opportunity and a challenge for him. Maybe he will face all kinds of difficulties, but that is precisely the meaning of life.

    The most terrible thing is not the difficulty, but the decay in the silence.

    As long as there is a film to shoot, Wan Xiaoquan does not mind working for Lu Chen, and Lu Chen’s attitude towards creation is not comparable to those who have won a ticket.

    In his heart, I am very grateful to Lu Chen, how can the icing on the cake be comparable to the snow?

    It’s just that Wan Xiaoquan is a restrained person. He will not put gratitude on his face all the time. He will use his actual work and achievements to return Lu Chen’s investment.

    This matter has been finalized.

    Of course, Wan Xiaoquan is not likely to leave immediately. Lu Chen has to be accompanied by one or two reliable assistants. In addition, he has to prepare funds for the construction of Xiangjiang Studio, which requires him to discuss with Lu Xi.

    The most important thing for Lu Chen is still the "Full House" in the hit.

    On July 29th, "Full House" broadcasts the seventh and eighth episodes.


The second is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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