The fourth chapter is a stunning first singing

    "Rainy days, I walk in the deserted street …"

    After the brief prelude, Lu Chen in the piano accompaniment to sing: "Looking at the flowers, opened the Xie …"

    All the fans who are familiar with Tan Hong think that "Flying Pigeon" is one of his best works. The content of this lyric is not profound and complicated. It tells the story of a teenager who yearns for freedom and love, the ideal avatar. It is the flying pigeon in the sky.

    This is also a sensational folk song suitable for young people to sing, so it has been loved by countless people. It has been sung for more than a decade and can often be heard in the bars of Houhai.

    However, it is also recognized that this song is difficult to sing and difficult to play. Singer, who does not have enough strength, wants to sing it wonderfully. It is entirely self-deprecating.

    According to Lu Chen's past standards, he chose "Flying Pigeons" as the opening song, which is simply not self-sufficient!

    However, when he plucked the strings and started one's own singing, the sorrowful grass bar quickly quieted down. Several customers who were talking and laughing closed their mouths. The bartender standing behind the bar stopped shaking the tone. The jug, even when the waiter walks, cripples, for fear of affecting others.

    Lu Chen's clear and clean Voice is clearly transmitted to everyone's ears through the speakers placed in all corners of the bar, so that the customers present are involuntarily infected, so that their moods fluctuate with the songs.

    "I am standing in front of you…"

    "Dream, become a pigeon flying in the blue sky…"

    "La la ah ~ flying pigeons!"

    Because I am familiar with it, I am also very picky because of my familiarity.

    Many customers who often come to forget the grass, many have a good appreciation for Music or popular Music. Singer can make a difference if they play a wrong sound and sing a tone, especially like "Flying Pigeons". The familiar classic is a big test for Singer.

    Lu Chen's playing is almost perfect, fingering, breath, voice, and feelings are all in place. If you want to be picky, you can only say that he is slightly more beautiful than the original singer Tan Hong.

    But isn’t the young boy still a teenager?

    After 5 minutes, a song ended.

    The audience was silent, after a while, I didn’t know who was the head, and the applause rang.

    Good is good, singing well can naturally get a sincere applause.

    The bright rogue whistle followed, and again attracted a lot of laughter and praise.

    "Xiaolu, you sing really charming today, my sister loves you, and gives you a dozen Jinwei!"

    This is a cordial greeting from a real bones/pseudo-Literature and Art youth!

    "Thank you…"

    Lu Chen smiled and waved at the other side to express his gratitude – it was an old customer who liked to joke.

    The customer's likes and support for Singer is usually reflected in the way of reward. Male Singer delivers beer, female Singer sends flowers, and a dozen Jinwei, the price of one is 20 yuan, equivalent to 240 yuan.

    Lu Chen does not need to drink the wine, but he can extract 50% of it, which is 120 yuan!

    The location of the Houhai Bar and the crowd of customers are completely different from those of Sanlitun. There are basically no local tyrants, the rich second generation who squandered XO, and the brain-destroyed children who took action for picking up girls.

    The reward of 12 Jinwei is not a small handwriting here.

    In the past, this sister Shan also gave Lu Chen a drink, but at most two or three meanings, today sent a dozen directly, no doubt that his just finished singing has been loved and appreciated by the other side.

    Lu Chen's "Flying Pigeon" as the first song of the warm-up field is undoubtedly correct.

    He is holding a guitar and his heart feels wonderful.

    Behind the bar, there is also a charming woman who is very special.

    She licked her lips and stared at the bar owner Chen Jianhao with an incredible look. "Building a brother, you don't want to let go of it, just say it, is it interesting to play?"

    Chen Jianhao can't smile: "Su light eyebrow, where can I play you!"

    This Gu Grandma is not an ordinary person, and his old bones are impossible to play.

    "You dare to say…"

    Su light eyebrows gnashed his teeth and said: "Small land's Voice is a bit special, but the level is too amateur. Here, the pad is the limit, and you have to rely on the back to repair the sound, you really want?"

    She repeated the previous Chen Jianhao's comments on Lu Chen's words, and even one word was not wrong!

    Chen Jianhao suddenly became speechless.

    He is one's own and feels very strange. Lu Chenming is an amateur standard, but today's performance of the singing skills and the previous judgments, as if they have reborn like a miracle!

    Just before Lu Chen sang, Chen Jianhao was still very upset that Lu Chen chose "Flying Pigeons" as the opening song.

    He thinks that this song is too difficult and Lu Chen is unable to control it.

    The result is now being ridiculed by Su Xiaomei, and can not refute, can only say: "This kid…Hey! ”

    "It must be that the Expert has been instructed for the past two days, and it is super-level."

    Chen Jianhao thought of an explanation that he thought was reasonable.

    "Two days?"

    Su Xiaomei sneered: "Can you point out such a level in two days? Which Expert is so powerful, I am hired for a million years, and you don't tell me that you can't hear it, his Voice has not been adjusted in the background! ”

    Chen Jianhao feels that one's own face is swollen.

    He knows Music, it was originally a circle, and the bar is owned by himself. How can he not hear the scene Singer's singing has it been repaired?

    It must be a problem with the electric room!

    This is more and more telling the power of Lu Chen – pure original sound!

    In the face of aggressive Su Xiaomei, Chen Jianhao can only be depressed and helplessly said: "Then you are one's own to talk to Xiaolu, as long as he agrees, I will let go!"

    In fact, Lu Chen and the Worrying Grass Bar did not sign a formal contract, and they wanted to leave.

    Su Xiaomei’s smile, showing his victory, said: “Listen to two more, maybe it’s really super-level?”

    At this moment, Lu Chen, who is sitting on the stage with his guitar, has already received 37 beers.

    The extra income of 370 yuan made his mood almost fly, and finally he suppressed the excitement and said to the microphone: "Thank you for your support, the song below, um, very special…"

    His words took a nap and paused and continued: "It was a song written by one of my own. It was the first time I took it out today. Its name is…"

    "You at the same table!"

    "You at the same table", this is Lu Chen's first song in the dream world. He lyrics the song and then successfully registered the copyright in the "Greater China Music Library" with another song.

    Therefore, on the legal level, "You at the same table" is the original song that Lu Chen has all copyrights.

    However, Lu Chen could not deceive one's own, saying that such behavior is not plagiarism. However, when he thinks of the huge debts of his family, the burden in his heart is weak.

    Familiar and strange dream world, 3rd Rank The memory of life, when God is giving him a gift to change his destiny!

    Taking a deep breath, Lu Chen’s confused eyes re-firmed and his fingers pressed back on the strings.

    Original song, singing for the first time in the Forgotten Grass Bar?

    Lu Chen’s words inevitably caused Xiaoxiao’s commotion in the bar. The guests were amazed at the many people who did not think that he was sensational.

    Especially those old customers who know Lu Chen, I was already amazed at the level of Lu Chen playing "Flying Pigeons". Now I hear that he wants to sing a song created by one's own, which is unbelievable.

    Where is the original is so easy!

    Since the birth of the modern popular Music, there have been countless classics in mainland Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan and Europe, but now, there are fewer and fewer good original works, and some people even say that excellent melody has been written.

    The melody is of course impossible to write, but this statement also proves the difficulty of originality.

    Many popular Singer claims to be one's own original, and their works are often patchwork or unremarkable. Such Singer is also in the bar circle. They often count on making a name for themselves. The result is mostly ridiculous.

    Did Lu Chen also faint his mind?

    The impulse of young people is normal. When there is no passion for passion, everyone can understand.

    But that doesn't mean they think Lu Chen can come up with good original works.

    It’s just that the name of the song is very interesting – you at the same table.

    Many people think of one's own the same table when they were young, and they all showed a smile on their faces.


    Su light eyebrow grin and said: "Jian Hao Ge, your little guy is really hidden, today I am right!"

    The bar owner, who has been hit hard, said: "Listen, listen…"

    Original? It’s a ghost drag. Lu Chen has a few pounds and two, he still doesn’t know?

    At the beginning, Chen Jianhao let Lu Chen go to stage to perform, it is to see his appearance is good, Voice is also okay, fooling amateur people have little problem, anyway, just singing the Singer, it is irrelevant.

    As for the Music literacy, does Lu Chen have this thing?

    But there have been previous lessons, Chen Jianhao will not say more, in case it is to be face-smacking again…

    Where is his old face still resting?

    On the stage, the guitar prelude sounded, and the soothing singing sounds into everyone's ears.

    "Will you remember tomorrow?

The diary you wrote yesterday,

Do you still remember tomorrow?

I used to cry the most.

    Teachers can't think of it,

Can't guess the problem,

I also accidentally flipped photos.

Just think of you at the same table!

    Who has sent you so sentimental,

Who saw your diary,

Who put your long hair up,

Who gave you the wedding dress…


    The customers at the scene were stunned and the waiters were stunned.

    Chen Jianhao stunned, and Su Xiaomei was also stunned.


    A classic ballad belonging to another world, after Lu Chen’s singing, suddenly broke his/her heart!

    Touching the soul of everyone.


Note: "You at the same table" lyrics / song: Gao Xiaosong

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