Chapter 81—Strength of In the Spring


    Just finished dinner, Chen Jian and the usual sitting in front of the computer, he opened the blue tab in the browser collection, and the link into the excellent network.

    Chen Jian, a middle-aged man, is a wage earner who is seven to six. He has a gentle and kind wife and a lively and lovely daughter. He also bears heavy mortgage and family responsibilities.

    So he quit smoking and the game, reduced the number of times he went out with friends, saved his time and spent most of his leisure time in Xiaoxiao's study room, surfing the Internet to watch news, novels, movies and videos. is the earliest and largest video site of Domestic. It claims to have a registered member of Over a hundred million. Chen Jian likes to watch various colorful video programs on it.

    Because they are all free.

    The mouse wheel just rolled two laps. Chen Jian didn't find the content he liked. Suddenly a Xiaoxiao pop-up popped out and slammed into his sight.

    "The popularity of Vision is growing…"

    Chen Jian is dissatisfied with the mantle. Of course, he has become accustomed to the "discrimination" treatment as a free member, and he has voluntarily opened this pop-up video – because clicking on the advertisement can increase the points and redeem the time limit for the full membership.

    The pop-up video instantly expands to the entire screen, and the picture is quite clear.

    The first thing that caught the eye of Chen Jian was the bustling metropolis. He easily identified that this is Beijing.

    Then the scene swooped down and entered an underground pedestrian passage.

    The spacious underpass is clean and tidy, people come and go very busy, the men and women in the city rub shoulders, and the pace is as fast as the rhythm of the city.

    In the position where the yellow coil is used on the side of the underpass, many street performers are performing arts. Some of them perform magic, some show dance skills, and some sing low-pitched, expecting one's own performance to leave the footsteps of pedestrians.

    The scene advances and ends up on a street band.

    The middle-aged Singer with the guitar stood in front of the microphone, and there was a faint vicissitude in his eyes, as if recalling.

    Four drummers, keyboardists, Bass hands and guitarists were motionless against the wall, such as solidified sculptures.

    After a while, the noise in the underground passage gradually disappeared, and the music's prelude sounded.

    The band seems to wake up suddenly from a deep sleep.

    Started singing!

    "Remember the spring many years ago,

I didn’t cut my long hair at that time.

No credit card or her,

There is no home for 24 hours of hot water.

    But I was so happy at the beginning,

Although there is only one broken acoustic guitar,

On the street, under the bridge, in the fields,

Sing the songs that nobody cares about!


    When a little hoarse voice was heard and passed through Chen’s ear through a small speaker with a hundred pieces of weight, his hand holding the mouse suddenly became stiff, and the index finger pressed on the left button could not be pressed. .

    Originally he was going to click to close.

    This song seems to be like a lightning bolt, suddenly broke his heart defense, let him suppress in the bottom of my heart for a long time, long time to think that the feelings that have long since disappeared, suddenly touched out!


If one day,

I have nothing to do with it.

Please leave me here,

In that Era!

    If one day,

I quietly left.

    Please bury me,

In this In the Spring!


    Countless memories have emerged in my mind. I used to be young and frivolous. I used to have a high spirit. Today, Chen Jian has no passion for the past, and her life is calm and peaceful.

    He cherishes the life of the present, tired but happy, but always feels that something is missing and can't be said.

    Until I heard this song.

    Chen Jian did not shed tears after the age of 10, but at this moment there is a tearful impulse!

    It’s not a long MV to watch this, and he didn’t press the mouse.

    At this time, the door of the study room was suddenly pushed open, and a small head with a small scorpion came in. Her big eyes were curiously looking at Chen Jian, who was in a state of disappointment. It was very doubtful.

    Biting his finger, the little girl twisted his head and shouted: "Mom, it’s awkward, Dad is crying!"

    "Small, don't scream!"

    Chen Jian suddenly woke up like a dream, almost fell from the chair, hurriedly opened the mouse and raised his hand to wipe the corners of his eyes.

    Really a little wet!

    The footsteps came from far and near, and Chen Jian’s wife appeared at the door of the study and asked, “What?”

    Little girl said with certainty: "I saw my father crying, shame and shame!"

    Chen Jian is ashamed and angry: "Why are you crying, Dad is sore in the eyes, just dripping the eye drops, not crying!"

    The wife smiled and she leaned over and picked up the little girl, then closed the door: "We don't bother Dad…"

    Chen Jian was relieved and his attention returned to the screen.

    The screen of the screen is fixed in the last frame.

    The song and singer's name is displayed above – "In the Spring" / 彷徨 band.

    Chen Jian calmed down his mood, opened the video website link with the mouse, and logged into the comment area.

    He wants to say something. If he doesn't say it, I am afraid that he will lose sleep at night.

    And this video titled [rock and roll new Strength, 彷徨In the Spring], its comment area has been very lively.

    Comments on Gundam 50000+!

    In addition to VIP members, video advertising is the most important profit point of UTV. Based on the large number of registered users, the cost of purchasing a home pop-up window is very high.

    The customers of the original home pop-up window were basically the main product of the advertisement. Later, because the users of the website were very disgusted, and the rise of the entertainment industry, the content of the pop-up window was changed to popular Music, movie trailer, variety publicity and so on.

    Many famous Singer launched new songs, which often buy a few years of home pop-ups on the Vision. The effect of promoting publicity is quite good and can attract a lot of attention.

    For the thousands of visitors of UTV, the band is a strange band, but this does not hinder their love for this "In the Spring".

    "A really good song!"

    "It has been downloaded and saved, at least 10 times."

    “A very delicious song, a rare light rock and roll masterpiece!”

    "Well well, sing very well. Who knows if there are other works in the band?"

    "Is it a new debut band? Not found online. ”

    "I am very touched, it is too vicissitudes, I want to cry when I listen, what should I do?"

    "The tears of the landlord are too low, right? Although this song is really good! ”

    "From now on, I am the rice of the band!"

    "The first time I saw the home page of the vision of the camera…"

    "I am also the first time!"


One of the members whose name is "Dream of Chang'an" wrote in the comment post:

If life has not experienced suffering, then you will never realize the happiness of life itself. Suffering is part of the happiness of life, and happiness is a sublimation of suffering. Whenever I think about the past, why don’t you cry?

    Recalling those youths who have experienced the hardships but the most worthwhile to recover, they have no time to say goodbye. There are always feelings and recollections in their hearts. But sadness does not mean depression. We lament the common sufferings of life in the past, and we should know how to cherish the present beauty. And happiness.

    I think this is what this "In the Spring" wants to tell us!

    Thank you, the band, let me experience a touch, let me hear a really good song.

    In this flashy world, such a good song is really too little and too little…

    The post of "Dream of Chang'an" was topped by the administrator and won 30000+ praise!

    "Dream of Chang'an" is Chen Jian.

    The first single "In the Spring" of the band of Light Rain Media was launched on the Vision Network. The number of hits in the night exceeded 5 million, and the number of comments was 100,000+, and 92.85% of the audience praised it.

    Such data is undoubtedly the beginning of a big fever!

    Then, "In the Spring" launched the MV and original sound works on the network media of Tomato Network, Fetion Music, Easy Network Music, popular radio station, etc., all of which caused widespread and enthusiastic attention.

    Starting on June 11th, as of June 15th, a total of 5 days of time.

    "In the Spring" hits 100 million in the excellent screen!

    Charm, a classic song, can withstand the test of any time and space and will never be buried.

    "In the Spring" has such a Strength.

    As long as it is an appropriate opportunity, it will surely shine brightly!


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