Chapter 83, as long as you signed it

    "Mr. Lu Chen, can you have a time at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning?"

    The voice from the phone is very polite and very pleasant, and even gives a wonderful reverie.

    Lu Chen didn't think too much. He first thought of the album that one's own will be making, so he immediately replied: "Time, Miss Ni, can you ask what is it?"

    Lu Chen did not think that the business representative of the Tianzhu workshop would take the initiative to call one's own. In the past few days, he was also considering the issue of album production. Tianzhu Workshop is of course the first choice, but it is not the only choice.

    The other party is now calling for a call, should there be good news?

    Lu Chen could not be sure. After all, he was still a newcomer in this circle. The more he thought about it, the more disappointing he was.

    Miss Ni chuckled: "It is a surprise. A director of our Tianzhu Workshop wants to meet with you. I will meet at the coffee shop on the second floor of Delong Building at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Please come to my name, good. ?"

    Lu Chen: "Okay, no problem!"

    Surprise? How happy?

    The director of Tianzhu Workshop, it sounds a bit coming!

    Lu Chen didn't dare to think too beautiful, so the answer is still to be announced tomorrow.

    No dreams overnight.

    Early the next morning, he exercised as usual in the morning, and had breakfast and went home to take a bath and change clothes.

    At 9:50 in the morning, Lu Chen came to Delong Building in advance.

    The Delong Building is a standard commercial office building. On the second floor, there is a coffee shop and a cafeteria. When he arrived, he reported the name of Miss Ni and was taken to a small box by the waiter.

    Miss Ni is already here.

    In addition to her, there are two other people in the box, one is a young man with a suit and a small flat head, and the other is a middle-aged man with a 50-year-old face. He is dressed casually but full of style.

    Lu Chen recognizes that the latter's wrist is wearing a valuable Vacheron Constantin watch, one of the most popular brands of business elites, and there is a little bit of heart in the heart.

    Seeing Lu Chen coming in, Miss Ni and the young man stood up at the same time.

    Lu Chen apologized: "I am sorry, I have been waiting for you."

    Miss Ni smiled and said: "We came early, you are not late, let me introduce you."

    “This is the director of our Tianzhu Workshop and Mr. Jin Hongwei, the general manager of Juxing Manager Corporation!”

    Poly Star Manager Corporation? Jin Hongwei?

    Lu Chen’s heart glimpsed and immediately said, “Hello, you are so good, you have a long time!”

    Lu Chen said that it is not a guest, he really knows the name of the gold.

    Juxing is the famous Manager Corporation in Entertainment Circle, and this Jin Hongwei is not only the founder of Juxing, but also the big coffee in the industry. It has many Heavenly King days.

    For example, Tan Hong, who is most familiar and loved by Lu Chen, was cultivated by Jin Hongwei.

    For example, Chen Feier, the queen of the songs, was also the first to sign a company.

    Lu Chen’s impression of Jin Hongwei is all from the Eight Trigrams of the Entertainment Circle. There are many rumors of good and bad, but in the entertainment manager industry, Jin Hongwei is recognized as the top figure.

    He did not expect Jin Hongwei to meet one's own today, and this is one of the directors of the Tianzhu Workshop.

    Really a surprise!

    Lu Chen is a bit flattered.

    Jin Hongwei’s reputation for being sinister and good at tapping fresh talents is extremely loud. He is fancy, and is undoubtedly the dream of new people who want to step into the Entertainment Circle!

    Until Lu Chen stretched the take action, Jin Hongwei stood up without hesitation, and shook his hand and said: "Well! Lu Chen, I heard your name half a month ago, a very talented young man! ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you for your compliment."

    "Not a compliment, it is a fact!"

    Jin Hongwei let go of his hand and said: "I have listened to the three songs written by the band. I wrote very well. With your talent and talent, you should not be like this. You should stand on the real stage. Go up…"

    "Become a superstar, I Believe, you have this power!"

    His words are not so impassioned, but the level is firm and full of the tempting Strength.

    Lu Chen can only smile.

    Jin Hongwei's evaluation is too high, so he does not know how to answer.

    "I am very optimistic about you…"

    Jin Hongwei gestured to Lu Chen to sit down and talk, Miss Ni personally poured him tea.

    After chatting a few words at random, Jin Hongwei reached out to the young man next to him.

    The young man is an assistant to Jin Hongwei. He quickly took out a contract from his briefcase.

    Jin Hongwei took it in his hands and said with deep meaning: "Lu Chen, I know that you recently wanted to make a solo album. Did you encounter any problems with the funds?"

    “This is very simple, our company will help you solve it, customize it according to the highest standard, and…”

    After a pause, he continued: "A few days later, the second season of Shonan Satellite TV "The Strongest Singer" will hold a sea election. Our company has cooperation with the other side. How do you recommend it? At least ensure your top three position! ”

    The big business clerk put the contract in front of Lu Chen and said: "You just have to sign it."

    Jin Hongwei's Voice is full of confidence, and he obviously does not think that Lu Chen will refuse.

    Miss Ni said with a smile: "Congratulations you, Mr. Lu Chen!"

    The highest standard album customization, "Top singer" top three name, Juxing company's strong…

    Of course, this one is the favor of an Entertainment Circle big coffee!

    For any newcomer, it is a good thing to dream of!

    Lu Chen looked at the contract placed in front of one's own, and the reputation and interests he longed for seemed to be at your fingertips.

    Just feeling that everything is coming too fast!

    He is still not mentally prepared.

    However, at this time, Lu Chen was not stunned, but calmed down.

    There will be no pies in the sky. Juxing and Jin Hongwei are not living Lei Feng. How much they pay, they must double their profits. Is this contract really what he wants to sign?

    Lu Chen couldn't help but think of the news on the Internet. Tan Hong and Chen Feier, who were cultivated by Jin Hongwei, finally fell out with him. The lawsuit was soaring. Both of them had denounced the company's hegemony and harsh contract.

    Although online rumors are not necessarily true, the rumors must occupy the moral high ground, but there are boundless reasons for this. Jin Hongwei's evaluation in the industry is not perfect.

    The contract placed in front of me makes Lu Chen recall some unpleasant memories.

    He has just had some shaken determination and has become firm again!

    "Golden, thank you for your love…"

    Lu Chen did not look at the contract, but raised his head and said to Jin Hongwei: "But I am not going to sign a contract with any company, so please forgive me."

    Lu Chen is not confident that one's own is stronger than Tan Hong and Chen Feier. Jin Hongwei has given such a high treatment. The contract must be very strict and even harsh. In all likelihood, it is a sales contract. !

    In order to avoid people's mistakes that one's own is a big card, it is not red, so Lu Chen simply refuses, clearly indicating one's own attitude and thoughts.

    For Jin Hongwei, Lu Chen’s refusal was completely out of his expectations.

    How can you refuse? How can I refuse? How dare to refuse!

    Jin Hongwei’s horror was directly manifested on his face, and his city’s deep and disappointing.

    Jin Hongwei debuted for 30 years, starting from a Xiaoxiao manager assistant. Up to now, he is most proud of one's own person who wants to sign, basically not signed, no advantage!

    At that time, Tan Hong was so difficult to do, and he was fixed by him.

    When Chen Feier was so proud, did he still sign his name on his contract?

    Lu Chen is just a small newcomer who hasn't officially debuted. He actually ignores the favorable conditions he put forward. Even the contract refuses without looking at it. It is just hitting his face!

    His assistant and Miss Ni are also stunned, watching Lu Chen's eyes are unbelievable.

    A golden road to fame was laid at the foot, Lu Chen actually did not want to step on it, crazy or stupid?

    After all, Jin Hongwei is not an ordinary person, his face changed for a moment, and soon he calmed down.

    He asked: "Lu Chen, are you embarrassed, can you tell me to listen?"

    Lu Chen didn't know what the other person's thoughts were. He felt very embarrassed and explained: "Golden, I am really sorry. I just don't like being tied up. I originally planned to open my own studio, so…"


    Jin Hongwei nodded and said: "Then I can understand, really regrettable, I hope there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future."

    Lu Chen said with pleasure: "Thank you!"

    Since he had already refused, he could not stay any longer, so he got up and said goodbye.

    Jin Hongwei did not retain, but at the end said: "Lu Chen, your talent should not be buried, go to the strongest singer, I am very optimistic about you!"

    After Lu Chen left, the face of the industry's big coffee suddenly sank.

    Even the temperature in the box has dropped a lot!


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