Chapter 89 The Most Suitable Gift

    On July 3, Lu Chen successfully passed the official sea election of "Singing China" and advanced to the qualifying competition.

    "Singing China" is the first live-action show program launched by Beijing Satellite TV. Its theme is: singing while singing, singing of Greater China, by Beijing Satellite TV, UTV, EasyMusic and Tianya Culture Co-organized, so it attracted widespread attention in Domestic.

    "Singing China" is divided into Beijing, Shengjing, Huhai, Hangzhou, Tianfu, Huacheng and Bihai, and uses the unique PK method to decide the final champion. The total prize amount exceeds 30 million!

    Since 2008, the variety industry of Domestic has been surging, and the "Super Girl" represented by Shonan Wei has set off a boom in the reality draft program and has achieved great success.

    Many TV stations have begun to follow suit, and similar variety programs have emerged one after another, forming a pattern of strong alliances. The competition between them has been fierce for many years.

    The original Beijing Satellite TV has always been the role of the spectator in this competition, giving people a feeling of restraint.

    But in the face of huge interests, any restraint is doomed to last.

    So when this summer vacation came, Beijing Satellite TV launched a long-awaited "Singing China", supported by its strong background and resources, and blew the horn of the stage of the variety show.

    Beijing Satellite TV's three partners, Vision, EasyMusic and Tianya Culture, are among the best in the domestic industry. Based on the big capital circle, they dare to face the "strongest singer" of Xiangnan Satellite TV.

    Beijing Satellite TV's choice of sea time is very easy. Just after Shonan Satellite TV's "The Strongest Singer", such a large number of eliminated contestants can switch to the "Singing China" camp, and the latter's requirements are obviously better than The former is much broader, and people have the opportunity to qualify for promotion.

    In Beijing, the most important thing is the talent in this area.

    When Lu Chen was in the official sea election, he did not even come up with one's own original works. He relied on a self-singing "flying pigeon" to easily get the promotion card.

    "Tell everyone a good news, I will participate in the Chinese draft contest on the 10th of this month!"

    "Welcome everyone to watch the live broadcast, please also support us!"

    When Lu Chen announced the news to hundreds of thousands of online fishmeal in the live broadcast of [Whale TV], the whole live broadcast room was boiling, and the barrage was like Changhe’s break, drowning in the mighty screen.

    "Long live the anchor!"

    "Wow, haha, you can see us on the TV!"

    "stand by! Keep it up ! Work hard! ”

    “Congratulations anchor, wishing the anchor can win the championship.”

    “The people of Beijing sent a congratulatory message, and Lu Fei’s battle is invincible and he’s the leader!”

    "The people of southern Hunan sent a congratulatory message!"

    "Zhedong people sent a congratulatory message!"

    "The people of the deep sea sent a congratulatory message!"

    "The people of Baodao…"

    Along with a row of rows of curtains, there are countless fish balls and a ship carrier!

    In fact, a long time ago, there was a fishmeal that I hoped to go to the draft program. Everyone thought that with his talent, he should not be on the live broadcast of the network, but on the bigger and wider stage, become the real Celebrity.

    Although the current live broadcast of the network is very popular, the revenue of the popular network anchor is not worse than the Celebrity of the third and fourth streams, but in people's habitual impression, the influence of the two is still incomparable.

    Now Lu Chen has finally taken this step, so most people are happy and bless him!

    In the eyes of these fishmeal, Lu Chen is the person who supports the people together. If he can kill the four sides in the TV draft, it is simply no more praise.

    In the future, if Lu Chen becomes a superstar, then they can proudly say to others that they have chatted with the superstar to blow water and work together.

    "Congratulations boss!"

    After the end of the live broadcast, Li Bai sent a private chat to Lu Chen by flying news: "I don't say anything, look at our performance of Lu Jiajun, and promise not to let you down!"

    Any live-action draft program can't ignore the off-site audience. Whether it's SMS voting, online voting or telephone voting, the influence of the off-site audience has always been the most important.

    Even if there is insider operation, the data on the bright side has always been the largest share of audience fans.

    This is precisely the advantage of Lu Chen. At present, the number of attentions between Lu Fei's live broadcast is close to one million. The number of Lu Jiajun members in the Feixun group is more than 50,000. Once fully launched, it is undoubtedly a strong support for Strength!

    From the live broadcast of the network to the Pan-Entertainment Circle, it’s not just one in the morning, but there have been successful examples.

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen replied, and at the same time selected a file on the hard disk and sent it to him.

    Li Bai: "?"

    Lu Chen: "A Xiaoxiao gift for you, I hope you will like it."

    Li Bai Hahaha: "Boss, is it your real selfie small video? I will declare first that I am a straight man! ”

    Lu Chen: "…"

    Li Bai accepted the past.

    After a full 5 minutes, Li Bai asked: "Boss, is this for me?"

    Even if it is across the screen, Lu Chen can feel the other side's surprise.

    He smiled and quickly tapped the keyboard: "Yes, this song is the gift I gave you. I didn't register with the Greater China Music Library. It is done by one's own, and it belongs to your name!" ”

    Lu Chen’s most grateful for all the time, this is a friend who has never met, his number one fan.

    In the initial stage of Lu Chen's anchoring business, if Li Bai did not spare no effort to support it, then he could not achieve today's achievements and earn so much money through live broadcast.

    Li Bai is only one's own, and he has given him more than 200,000 rewards. The Lu Jiajun fans group has always been in management, and he does not know how many red envelopes are spilled.

    Get the grace of dripping water, since the spring is reported!

    Lu Chen has always been a person with distinct grievances. He is very grateful to Li Bai for his support, but he does not know how to return.

    This local tyrant is a typical rich second generation. According to him one's own and Lu Chen said that in addition to spending money on daily life, he doesn't even expect him to do anything, as long as he does not cause trouble. In the future, the task of completing the transfer to the family will be OK.

    Through ordinary communication, Lu Chen also knows that Li Bai likes Music very much. He once formed a band. He once had the dream of being a singer, but he has no talent, and he can only enter the bar to entertain himself.

    So he will support Lu Chen so much.

    Knowing this, Lu Chen had an idea. He carefully selected a song and gave it to Li Bai as a gift.

    Lu Chen believes that this is the most suitable gift!

    Li Bai was silent and did not respond for a long time.

    Lu Chen thought that he was disconnected and could not help but ask: "Is it?"

    Li Bai replied: "Yes, thank you boss!"

    Lu Chen posted a smile and said: "I want to thank you, this song, you find someone to help arrange the music, it is best to be good at the country rock and roll style, then a single!"

    After a few more minutes, Li Bai replied: "Okay."

    Lu Chen felt a bit strange, but did not care, after saying goodbye to him, Log out to rest.

    At the same time, Beijing Second Ring Security District, A7 villa.

    There was a light in the study on the third floor of the villa. A young man in his twenties sat in front of the computer and his eyes didn’t know what he was thinking.

    What is displayed on the screen is a score of a song.

    After a while, he seemed to jump up like a dream, grabbing the cell phone resting on the desk.

    Skillfully dialing the number, the young man walked back and forth in the study with anxiety.

    Waiting for a few seconds, over there: "Hey?"

    The young man shouted impatiently: "Hey, I am Li Mubai!"

    "You have to find me a arranger, I want the best, I have to be good at the country rock and roll style, how much does it do not matter, I have a song to accompany the song!"

    "so late? What is late now, nightlife has not yet begun, who is going to sleep so early? ”

    "Remember, I must be the best!"

    "I want to reorganize the band…"

    After the phone call, the young man re-sit back into the chair and breathed a sigh of relief.

    He rubbed his eyes and suddenly felt a little strange, subconsciously reaching out and wiping his eyes.

    The fingertips were stained with a little wet.

    The young man snorted and immediately shouted: "His mother…"

    Voice is very light.


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