Chapter 82—Frowing Eyes Exhale

    Beijing, CBD Central Business District South, 39th Floor, Global Building, Light Rain Media Co., Ltd.

    In the general manager's office, Dong Yu carefully read the thick financial statements, and the coffee resting on the table was cool.

    The time when Light Rain Media was founded was only a few months. It is considered a junior newcomer in the industry. At present, the number of employees has not exceeded 50, but as the business started, the work began to become very busy.

    Dong Yu has been working overtime. For her, it is a wonderful experience to be able to master such a new and dynamic company and then grow it up.

    despair! despair!

    The door of the room was squeaky, and Dong Dong responded and pushed in.

    Dong Yu didn't look up because she knew that only one person would do this throughout the company.

    Director of Light Rain Media Director Su Guangmei Su Miss!

    Su Xiaomei was holding two sheets of printing paper in her hand. She walked quickly to Dong Yu’s desk and said with a smile: “Yu Jie, the single publicity of the band’s performance is out, 100% big!”

    Because of the excitement, her pretty face appeared a charming blushing color, more and more charming and charming.

    Dong Yu put down the report and smiled a little: "I have invested millions in front and back. If I can't produce results, then my general manager should resign."

    The band was not the first band signed by Light Rain Media, but it was the first debut combination.

    Light rain media company in the industry of predators like clouds, the current Strength is undoubtedly very weak, although Dong Yu and Su Xiaomei have their own family background as a dependency, but in this circle, it is still done according to the rules.

    Therefore, the first packaging operation after the opening of the business can be successful, it is particularly important!

    For this reason, Light Rain Media has spent a lot of manpower and material resources. Recently, the entire company has been busy around the band, and now it has finally seen initial results.

    Just the publicity funds invested in online media account for 70% of the budget!

    The Entertainment Circle is now very close to the online world and has become the main battleground for most Celebrity publicity. Later, newcomers want to make a comeback. It is a delusion to spend money.

    Of course, the effect of spending money depends to a large extent on strength.

    Dong Yu had confidence in the band, or more accurately, the band's new song, so she decisively launched the band first, instead of signing the North Arrows earlier.

    The two-page thin paper in the hands of Su Xiaomei is carrying her success or failure!

    彷徨The band's main "In the Spring" hits 115 million in the Vision Network, with a favorable rate of 93.26%!

    Tomato Network: The number of clicks is 73 million, and the favorable rate is 95.02%!

    Music Music: The number of plays is 15.6 million, and the favorable rate is 97.46%!

    Easy Network Music: The number of plays is 12.77 million, and the favorable rate is 96.98%!

    Popular radio station :…

    This kind of achievement is completely hot to the point of hot, 100% big sale is inevitable!

    Su light eyebrow proudly said: "From the data compiled by various websites, the network promotion score of this song is the best this year. Both UTV and EasyMusic hope that we can continue to play the list. Evaluated the expected value of the new album download and intends to negotiate with us again!"

    She has no reason not to be proud. Fetion Music is the biggest Music website of Domestic, relying on hundreds of millions of Fetion users, which largely represents the trend of Domestic popular Musical World. If it is not "In the Spring", it has become a phenomenal work. The trend, the industry giants can not take the initiative to ask for a re-talk about the contract with Light Rain Media.

    The cooperation conditions proposed by the former Light Rain Media were directly dropped to Pass by the Music.

    Xiaoxiao's Light Rain Media, where is the qualification to bargain with them?

    Now even Dong Yu, there is the feeling of raising the eyebrow Exhale!

    She smiled and said: "Then you took Song Manager to talk to them in the past, we prefer to use Music."

    Now the Entertainment Circle is taking the idol Celebrity route, earning the fans economy, how popular a song is, and wanting to reclaim the cost through the network or CD sales, it is simply delusional.

    Fetion Music has the largest number of genuine downloads. One song is paid for 1 yuan, VIP member is 0.8 yuan, more than 100,000 paid downloads are hot, 300,000 are big, 500,000, 99% may be one's own !

    The vast majority of people are accustomed to using free online audition, or free pirated resources.

    For this money, Fetion Music has to split 50% first, Singer at least 10%, how to earn back the cost?

    In the era of non-intelligent machines, the sales of hot songs and ring tones were a piece of fat, and who is still playing this now!

    Therefore, the funds invested by Light Rain Media are finally to rely on the band to take the exhibition, announcements, performances, variety shows and other channels to recover and achieve profitability.

    Of course, because of the huge influence of the network, even if you lose money, you have to do it.

    Su light eyebrows smiled and said: "In the Spring big sale is no problem, but also drive the sales of the entire album, the other two new songs have the same potential, maybe we can rely on online sales to earn most of the cost!"

    Dong Yu sighed and said: "Unfortunately, we have not been able to sign Lu Chen."

    Speaking of Lu Chen, Su Xiaomei’s face immediately became embarrassing.

    Lu Chen gave a total of three songs to the band and Na sister, plus two original songs by Qin Yanghan one's own, a total of five songs to form a mini album, which is the focus of the current promotion of Light Rain Media.

    All five songs have been audited by industry veterans. As the main "In the Spring", the highest rating, Najie's "I want to have a home" and another song evaluation is also very good, Qin Yanghan's two songs Reluctantly qualified.

    For a mini album, there are three good songs that are enough. What makes Su light eyebrows is that all three songs are from Lu Chen’s hand, even the singles that will be launched by the North Arrows band!

    Thinking of the cockroaches that I had eaten in Lu Chen, Su Xiaomei always felt one's own teeth itch.

    In any case, she knows that she can't be willful in this matter. She grins and says, "The Miss will talk to him again. It will not give him the best conditions. Don't believe that he won't be tempted!"

    If Lu Chen’s original works have not been verified by the market before, there is still the possibility of uncertainty, then his talent is now unquestionable and even coveted!

    The key is that Lu Chen has not signed any company so far. He is like a diamond falling on the street. If the light rain media does not want to get rid of it, I am afraid there will be no chance in the future.

    For the company's future and development, Su Xiaomei can still pull the following.

    But Dong Yu is not optimistic: "That may not be, I feel that Lu Chen will not sign with anyone, but one's own alone!"


    She blinked at Su’s eyebrows and said, “You sacrificed a hue for the company. As long as you can seduce the little handsome guy, what if you don’t want to?”

    "Sister Yu!"

    Su Xiaomei suddenly flew to his cheeks and said: "You are the general manager. It is your sacrifice to sacrifice!"

    Dong Yu smiled and said: "I am an old woman, and people don't want it."

    Her voice just fell, Su light eyebrows rushed over, and the hand went straight to her to say hello: "Then I want it!"

    The laughter sounded and the office was full of spring!

    At this moment, Lu Chen does not know that one's own is being remembered, and someone must sacrifice the hue.

    He just received a call from the Tianmu Music Workshop.

    It is the business representative of Miss Tianzhu Workshop who is calling the call of Lu Chen.

    In addition to early exercise these days, Lu Chen is basically at home, in addition to live broadcast is to organize songs.

    The 10 songs of the debut album, he spent a lot of energy on the details of the correction, to ensure that all the songs perfectly match the works in the memory, and the lyrics are carved to achieve the effect of excellence.

    In addition, Lu Chen also wrote the composing requirements for 10 songs, so once the partner is determined, it will soon be able to enter the production process and save a lot of communication time.

    Most importantly, such work is also a process of improving one's own for Lu Chen. He does not want to simply write songs according to his memory, and then he casually throws out the money and becomes a lying on the Golden Mountain. silverfish.

    He also hopes to digest and merge the spiritual wealth from the dream world through continuous Geography learning, so that one's own becomes the perfect superstar!


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