The first test of the eighty-fifth chapter “The strongest singer”

    June 20, cloudy, air index: good.

    At 9 o'clock in the morning, the lights in Beijing's Capital Gymnasium were very lively, and the Hainan registration and initial test of the second season of Shonan Satellite TV's "The Strongest Singer" Beijing Division was launched at the same time.

    There are hundreds of tents in the stadium. All the tarpaulins are customized to represent the orange color of Shonan Satellite TV. The black and white "The Strongest Singer" logo is printed on the top, and above the auditorium around, The huge advertisements are everywhere, and the two words "rich" are vividly written!

    As the dominant TV master of Domestic TV, Shonan Satellite TV's advertising business revenue is catching up with China, and it is really not bad money in terms of capital utilization. It also dares to run to the capital to set up a platform.

    When Lu Chen arrived at the Capital Gymnasium, there were at least tens of thousands of people gathered inside.

    Because I am worried that the road will be blocked, Lu Chen is coming by subway. There are many sea-singing Singers with guitars like him. Some of them are much younger than him.

    When I arrived at the gymnasium, I realized that it was a real crowd. If there were not a large number of staff wearing yellow vests on the scene to guide the guidance, Lu Chen could not find a place to take the initial test.

    On-site registration for the "Severeest Singer" Beijing Division is only one day. Online registration has already begun. After Lu Chen completed the online registration, Luck was assigned to take the first test on the first day.

    The time for the initial selection of the sea election is 3 days, and after the end, the official live broadcast sea election on the 25th.

    Lu Chen’s player number is 17690, which means that more than 10,000 people have signed up in front of him, plus the number of people who signed up with the scene in the next few days, which is estimated to be at least 30,000 to 40,000 or even 40,000.

    This figure is quite exaggerated. You must know that this is only the number of applicants in the Beijing Division. The "strongest singer" has higher requirements for the drafters. You must be able to sing and write songs, at least with a certain Music. Literacy, otherwise it is a laughing hand.

    But in addition, only Beijing will have such a grand occasion.

    Because Beijing has gathered countless Jingping Singer, plus three major music colleges and a lot of music training institutions, Xiaoxiao's entertainment and media companies…How many people are really normal.

    According to the player number, Lu Chen was assigned to the first pilot of the 19th.

    The so-called initial pilot is actually a big tent. The players go into the performance in order. After passing, they can enter the live broadcast of the 25th, but they will be eliminated directly.

    The preparations for Shonan Satellite TV have been completed very well. Although there are many players waiting for the rankings, everything is well organized. The first pilot is equipped with awnings, plastic chairs for the rest of the players, and free mineral water.

    At least one or two hundred players sitting together with Lu Chen, some players even the whole family!

    For example, a little girl on the left side of Lu Chen, who looks like a 14-year-old, dressed like a princess, and surrounded by the stars around the father and mother, Grandpa Grandma, served like the Empress Dowager.

    The little girl was very proud, holding a pink guitar in her arms, probably noticed Lu Chen's gaze. She turned her head and turned a big white eye toward Lu Chen, and her mouth was so ok to hang the bottle.

    Lu Chen couldn't help but shook his head. He stood up and said to the little girl's Grandma: "The old man, this position is for you to sit down and pay attention to your body."

    The seats in the waiting area are for the contestants, and there is no share of friends and relatives. Lu Chen is really hard to see the old man standing, so he took the initiative to get one's own position.

    Unexpectedly, the old Grandma and the little girl parents thanked him, and Lu Chen smiled and stood next to him.

    Interestingly, the little girl didn't know what it was. Suddenly her eyes were red, and the tears of crystal clear tears fell down and the family was shocked.

    The next moment, she jumped from the position and pulled one's own Grandpa and said, "Grandpa, sit for you!"

    Her Grandpa hurriedly said: "Grandpa does not sit, Xiaoqi sits."

    Xiao Zuzong immediately lost his temper: "Let you sit and sit, don't sit home, go home, don't play!"

    Her Grandpa had to sit down.

    The little girl was satisfied, then looked at Lu Chen with a provocative look.

    Lu Chen smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

    The little girl didn't buy it. "Hey," he turned his head and stopped looking at him.

    Time A little bit past, the clouds in the sky are scattered, the hot sun shines in the open-air stadium, the temperature rises continuously, and the atmosphere is filled with an anxious atmosphere.

    Lu Chen waited a little bit groggy, and the mineral water drank two bottles.

    "No. 17688, player 17689, please come over and prepare!"

    At this time, a staff member from the initial pilot on the 19th, said with a loud speaker: "Please come to players 17688 and 17689 to come in!"

    Immediately two Singers stood up and followed the staff into the big tent.

    Lu Chen suddenly got a good spirit and spent more than two hours sitting here. It is finally his turn!

    The efficiency of the organizers is still very high. As the pilots of the initial pilots have entrances and exits, the players who are here will enter, and there will be people out there, and newcomers will be added to the waiting area.

    Just came out is a girl in a white dress, she cried in a scary way, even the makeup on her face was spent, regardless of whether she ran directly to the field, it is estimated that she was ruthlessly eliminated in the first round.

    The players in the waiting area looked at it and it was taken for granted.

    In the first round of the sea election, tens of thousands of people were eliminated. At least 90% of the first round of the game was eliminated. The competition for this popular draft program is actually very cruel. No matter how much effort and praise gained in the past, there is still any mark at the back. It is possible to be eliminated.

    Shonan Satellite TV's draft program has always been a lot of controversy, but it doesn't hold people's Viewership Ratings high!

    Therefore, as a contestant, you must be prepared to withstand failure.

    In contrast, Lu Chen’s mentality is much more relaxed – Cheng is also happy, and defeat is no problem.

    He is mainly to warm up and get familiar with the process and atmosphere of the draft.

    If Chen Jianhao’s judgment is correct.

    After about 5 minutes, two more players came out and the staff followed.

    "No. 17690, player 17691, please come over and prepare!"

    Lu Chen quickly walked over with the guitar.

    It is also a little clever, the 17691 player behind him is the little girl who is proud.

    Her family and friends wanted to follow in, but was blocked by the staff: "Family members are not allowed to enter!"

    Lu Chen looked back and saw that they were very worried at the entrance. He said, "You don't have to worry, I will help take care of this little sister, and I will come out soon."

    Probably Lu Chen’s previous move made the little girl’s family feel good, so they barely let go.

    The little girl shouted: "I don't want you to take care of me, I am not your little sister!"

    Lu Chen ignored her and curiously looked at the situation in the initial pilot.

    His current position should be regarded as the backstage, but the area is very small. There are two Singers in front waiting to play. Sitting here can clearly hear the singing on the stage and the judges of judges.

    When he came in, a player just finished singing.

    Just listening to the judges said: "There are two paragraphs written well, singing is also good, let's go."

    Another judges said: "Well, I agree."

    Third place judges: "Over!"

    Very fast, there is no muddy water, there are three judges in the first test, even if the two have been given.

    The time of the player to go on stage is only more than 1 minute. If you want to sing long, you can't sing. If the judges don't feel right, you will be interrupted if you just open a few words, and then you will be eliminated!

    The two Singers, which were in front of Lu Chen, were eliminated.

    "No. 17690!"

    Hearing the number of one's own, Lu Chen took the guitar and walked in without hesitation.

    The arrangement inside is very simple. Two men and one woman and three judges are sitting behind the long table. There is a folding chair on the open space in front, and there is no microphone. There is a small digital camera next to it.

    Lu Chen just stood, the female judges said, "Get started."

    In the same way, she should have said it many times, and she seems to be weak.

    Lu Chen’s slight temperament was a salute, and then he played the strings very well and began to play.

    He is playing "You at the same table."


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