Chapter 88 is so beautiful

    The long subway rides through the tracks.

    Lu Chen holds the guitar in the case and sits near the door.

    At the peak of non-working hours, Beijing's subway is not crowded, so there are still a lot of vacancies. Don't worry about being squeezed out of your shoes, and you don't have to worry about getting pregnant.

    He accidentally raised his head and saw a girl on the right side of the opposite side pointing the cell phone to one's own.

    Lu Chen smiled at her and knew that the other person was taking pictures.

    Seeing one's own sneak shots was discovered by Lu Chen, the girl's face suddenly smeared with a layer of fainting, she quickly put away the cell phone and turned around, pretending to talk to her companions.

    And her companion whispered to her, and asked her to contact Lu Chen.

    But the girl is ashamed and afraid.

    Lu Chen’s mood was too much to be cheerful.

    Today, he has just been on a life class, even if his personality is open-minded and optimistic, it is also a bit Xiaoxiao's depression.

    At this time, the cell phone in the pocket shook.

    Lu Chenxi took the action machine and opened it. It was the leaves that sent him a flying letter: "Is it?"

    Lu Chen’s mind suddenly showed a pretty face that was pleasant and pleasant, and he moved in his heart and said, “Yes!”

    The leaves are the leaves.

    After buying the computer, the two did not see each other again, and they talked a few times on Fetion and Fetion.

    Lu Chen could feel that the leaves had a good impression on one's own, but the relationship between the two was a bit weak.

    He knows that the leaf is a good girl, and because of this, he does not deliberately pursue what he wants.

    Once the sea was difficult for water, although Lu Chen has not yet reached such a realm, perhaps experienced a loss of love and bitter love, experienced a long life in the dream 3rd Rank, his attitude towards feelings is natural.

    No demand, no demand, no greed.

    However, at this time, the news sent by the leaves inadvertently touched his heartstrings.

    Leaf 彤: "Is it free at night? A new ice rink was opened near our school and I heard that it was fun. ”

    Lu Chen quickly replied: "Let's go together at night. I haven't played skating for a long time. I will come to you at 5 o'clock. By the way, please show your face and eat dinner together?"

    The leaves said: "When you are so sincere, the girl is very difficult to agree."

    A big smiley face was added to the back.

    "See you at 5 o'clock."

    Lu Chen couldn't help but smile, and the stagnation in the heart completely disappeared.

    The girls have put forward the suggestion of the initiative to invite, and it is still a very good girl, if he is pretending to hold anything, it is simply stupid.

    He just put away the cell phone and the destination is here.

    With the guitar up and left, the girl sitting opposite did not ask him for a contact.

    Back home, Lu Chen first stored one's own guitar, and then counted the time to go to Beijing Normal University to go to the appointment.

    Just arrived at 5 o'clock, Lu Chen rushed to the door of the normal university.

    The summer day is short and the night is very bright. At 5 o'clock in the evening, it is still very bright. There are many students coming in and out of the gate of the Beijing Normal University. There are also many boys waiting at the door like Lu Chen. Some people even hold delicate roses in their hands.

    Looking at one's own empty hands, Lu Chen was very shameful.

    Just when he hesitated whether he was running a nearby flower shop to buy a flower, the leaves came out from the campus.

    This beautiful girl is still wearing her favorite white dress, revealing a pink neck jade arm and a pair of well-balanced calves. She is obviously dressed up for one's own, and has a little makeup, and the brighter teeth are more attractive.

    When she appeared in front of Lu Chen, Lu Chen couldn't help but feel amazed, and they all looked at it.

    Under his gaze, the leaves were faintly shy and asked: "What?"

    Lu Chen woke up and said quickly: "Let's go."

    The leaves licked and nodded lightly.

    The two accompanied each other, the tall and handsome man, the beautiful and gentle woman, all the way past, instantly caused tons of damage to the nearby single Wang!

    In the wind, a man’s desperate mourning came faintly: “School Belle was soaked away in the trough!”

    Lu Chen couldn't help but ask: "Don't you go left sweet?"

    He thought that this evening will be the two bosom friends of Ye Zi and Zuo Xintian.

    The result was very pleasant.

    The leaves licked their heads and reached for a few scattered blue silks. They asked, "Do you want her to be there too?"

    Lu Chen will be stupid at this time, laughing: "Of course not, I am thinking about saving money!"

    The leaves squatted down and a slight smile appeared on the lips.

    The dinner was eaten at a nearby western restaurant.

    Because Lu Chen is not very familiar with the surrounding area of ​​the university town, she is still a buffet selected by the leaf彤one's own. She uses the cell phone to buy a group online for as long as 98 yuan, the environment and dishes are very good.

    After eating dinner, the two came out to walk along the artificial lake, and arrived at the ice rink until 7:00.

    The skating rink is just opened soon, the decor is quite stylish, and it is still a real ice site.

    Just after 7 o'clock, the business here is very hot. Lu Chen has been in the team for ten minutes, and he has received two pairs of skates and a brand new down jacket.

    The down jacket was rented to the leaves, and the ice field was so cold that she couldn’t resist wearing a skirt.

    In order to rent a new clothes that no one passed, Lu Chen also secretly tipped the staff.

    "Try to fit your feet, if you don't fit, I will change."

    At the entrance to the ice rink, he helped the leaves to change into skates and asked, "Have you slipped before?"

    The leaves are a bit shy, but they still accept Lu Chen’s help: “I slipped over the roller skating.”

    Skates are just right, not too big or too small.

    "It would be no problem."

    Lu Chen said with a smile: "It is very easy to slide over the roller skates and then slide the ice. Pay attention to balance and practice more."

    He extended his hand to the leaves: "I will take you over and adapt."

    The leaves hesitated for a moment, or one's own white jade like a jade in the hands of Lu Chen.

    Holding her silky hand, Lu Chen’s heart was a little embarrassed.

    There is also a home skating hall in Hangzhou. The size is not as big as that of Beijing. When Lu Chen was in the freshman and sophomore years, he used to go there to slip and master a lot of amateur moves.

    It was only then that he was holding another girl in his hand.

    The scene is like today, but it is a thing!

    "what's wrong?"

    The leaves are very delicate, and I noticed that Lu Chen’s look was a bit wrong, and asked openly.

    Lu Chen woke up and smiled quickly: "Nothing, I just want to show you how to play."

    He secretly reminded one's own that he lost his face several times today!

    The leaves grinned: "It doesn't have to be so troublesome, we will play slowly, I am a little afraid of falling, it hurts."

    "Then you grab my hand."

    Lu Chen smiled and pulled up the leaves, and took her from the outer road to the infield.

    In order to take care of his female companion, he started to slide very slowly, so that the leaves can adapt to the skates with ice skates.

    The difference between real skates and roller skates is still very big, but the balance of the leaves is very good. Under the leadership of Lu Chen, it will soon be able to slide one's own, although it is still cautious.

    The indoor skating rink has a large venue with at least 700 to 800 square meters. The high domes are fully illuminated and the bright lights illuminate the entire venue.

    There are many people who have been skating, most of them are young men and women like Lu Chen and the leaves. They wear colorful ski shirts and play along the ice track with passionate Music.

    There are also a lot of people around the stands, cheering and screaming, making the whole ice museum very lively.

    In the cold air, there is a joyful laughter and a breath of youthful hormones.

    Lu Chen took the leaves and shunned the mainstream crowd, sliding at the edge of the outer lane, and Speed ​​gradually accelerated.

    The leaves clung tightly to Lu Chen’s hand, she was a little nervous, but more excited.

    "Don't be too fast!"

    She said aloud, then laughed "gage."

    The laughter was as crisp as a silver bell, and the sound broke into the heart of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen suddenly felt that life is so beautiful, there will always be surprises!


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