Chapter 84—The circle is too dark

    Shonan Satellite TV is the master of the variety TV on the Domestic TV screen. Its daily variety "Happy Big Family", "Celebrity Pairs", "Daily Life Show" and so on are Program Viewership Ratings, which have been high for many years.

    Since 2008, Shonan Satellite TV has also launched the popular drafts such as "Super Girl", "Super Boy" and "New Idol", all of which have achieved great success, and launched a group of well-known idols Celebrity. Coming to other David's competing imitations, set off a wave of entertainment for all.

    Although Lu Chen doesn't look at the TV Program very much, the name of Shonan Satellite TV is still very good.

    So after returning home, he searched for Shonan Satellite TV and "The Strongest Singer" online at the first time.

    The result was a surprise.

    "The Strongest Singer" is the Singer Draft which Shonan Satellite TV just launched last year. With its high professionalism and fierce competition, it has won the season's variety show champion.

    Fan Meilin, who won the title of "The Strongest Singer", is now the Celebrity of Domestic A-list, one of the masters of Orange Field Entertainment, who recently launched her first album!

    Lu Chen learned more about the draft rules and process of "The Strongest Singer" and watched the first season's multi-set video. I feel that this draft is really suitable for one's own. However, it is definitely a shortcut to fame.

    He holds so many original pieces in his hand, and he will surely shine in "The Strongest Singer"!

    Even if he can't get the champion's throne, with the super-high Viewership Ratings of "The Strongest Singer", Lu Chen can also promote one's own well publicity, which will greatly help his future development.

    The sea election of "The Strongest Singer" started on June 20th, that is, the day after tomorrow, he did not need to travel to Shonan to sign up for the competition, because there is a sub-field in Beijing!

    If it is not the reminder of Jin Hongwei today, Lu Chen may really miss this opportunity.

    After the excitement, I recalled the meeting with the industry's big coffee. Lu Chen always felt a little wrong.

    too easy.

    Jin Hongwei put forward the favorable conditions and took out the prepared contract. After he refused on the spot, the other party did not have any fierce reaction except for the surprise. He even stopped persuading and arbitrarily dispersed.

    Such a golden grandmother, it seems that the entertaining godfather of Lu Chen’s impression is not the same.

    Of course, Lu Chen’s impression of him came entirely from the Internet. There must be problems, and he did not know it before.

    Lu Chen thought about it and felt a little peace of mind, so he called Chen Jianhao.

    Chen Jianhao was also inside the circle before opening the bar. Maybe he had dealt with Jin Hongwei and knew each other better.

    "Small land?"

    Chen Jianhao's Voice is a bit tired, as if he just woke up: "What are you looking for?"

    Lu Chen said today that Jin Hongwei was looking for one's own signing.

    Chen Jianhao listened quietly, and later sneered: "Xiaolu, do you know what nickname is in Jin Hongwei?"

    Lu Chen asked: "What nickname?"

    "His nickname is Kim Wang Ba…"

    Chen Jianhao said slowly: "The shell is very beautiful and tempting. If you want to touch him and touch it, you will be bitten by him. He will not let go if he doesn't bite the flesh and blood."

    "Da Qin and Na's album are made in the Tianzhu workshop, and you are the songwriter. Jin Hongwei's vision is still very high. I know that you are a lonely man now, of course you want to bite you in your mouth."

    Lu Chen is cold and speechless.

    But he can hear that Chen Jianhao is very disgusted with the big business in the industry.

    Chen Jianhao continued: "So it is very correct that you don't sign the contract. Jin Hongwei's cheapness is so good. The better the conditions he is now, the more he will squeeze in the future, and some means that you can't get away. come out."

    “I used to know a young man who was just as talented as you, and was signed by Jin Hongwei.”

    "Now do you know where this young man is?"

    Waiting for Lu Chen to ask, Chen Jianhao one's own revealed the answer: "He is in the drug rehabilitation center, the whole person has been abolished, do you know how his drug/addiction is infected? This circle is too dark and too deep, and it is good for you to do it alone. ”

    “Although it can be very hard and tiring, at least there is freedom of choice!”

    Lu Chen nodded and said: "I understand, boss, thank you for your reminder."

    Fortunately, he called Chen Jianhao, otherwise he really didn't know Jin Hongwei's black material and thought that the other party was very good.

    Such people should be respected as the best choice.

    Chen Jianhao seems to be completely awake and asks: "Are you planning to participate in the strongest singer?"

    Lu Chenqi said: "Boss, how do you know?"

    "Don't call the boss boss, listen to bother…"

    Chen Jianhao said dissatisfiedly: "You are not forgetting the little waiters in the grass now, so you can do it."

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Jian Hao Ge…"

    Chen Jianhao was satisfied, then explained: "You are very suitable for the most singer draft, but you should know, not that you have the talent and ability to stand out in this hot program."

    "The last champion Fan Meilin, signed the Orange Field Entertainment before the competition, people will be strong, understand?"

    Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "I understand."

    His biggest problem is that he is alone, not as hard as other people's backgrounds. There are rules in the Entertainment Circle. Whether it is a hidden rule or a clear rule, how much you have to pay first, or even more!

    Orange Field Entertainment is a partner of Shonan Satellite TV and participates in the production process of "The Strongest Singer".

    Therefore, this entertainment company has a great voice in "The Strongest Singer".

    "Jin Hongwei has a wide network of people in Shonan Satellite TV. Juxing Company and Orange Field Entertainment have long-term business contacts. It is said that the two sides hold each other's shares. You refused Jin Hongwei and wanted to participate in the strongest singer?"

    Lu Chen really understood: "Then I will not go."

    The society is terrible. For the time being, he still honestly engages in live broadcast to make money, and earns enough to release the album!

    "No, no!"

    What Lu Chen didn't think was that Chen Jianhao said: "I support you to sign up for the election and bring your best works to the past. It doesn't matter if you pass it. On the 25th, Beijing Satellite TV sings the Chinese sea election registration. ”

    "I will help you with a recommendation letter, let you participate in the live broadcast sea election!"

    Whether it is "the strongest singer" or other draft program, the sea selection process is divided into two parts, the first is the public primary election, which is the first screening of the registered players, eliminating those completely unreasonable.

    Basically, the first level will filter out more than 90% of the players, and then the live broadcast.

    However, in order to achieve the effect of the Program, the organizer will intentionally miss the extraordinary players into the live broadcast, and entertain hundreds of millions of TV viewers at the same time.

    If you want to attract attention, don't care too much about your exercise.

    “Beijing Satellite TV is not as good as Shonan Satellite TV, but it is not so complicated and it is suitable for you to participate.”

    Chen Jianhao finally said: "I would very much like to see you being eliminated by the strongest singer, it must be very interesting."

    He laughed "Hahaha".

    Lu Chen asked: "Jian Hao Ge, are you having a hatred with Jin Hongwei?"

    Chen Jianhao’s laughter stopped short.

    After a long time, he said: "The young man I just told you, he used to call my boss. I have always regretted that I was not able to stop him from signing for the company. Fortunately, now I can persuade you. ."

    Lu Chen silently.

    After ending the call with Chen Jianhao, Lu Chen thought for a moment. He opened the registration address of the "strongest singer" found on the Internet, and filled out the registration form according to System Notification on the website.

    "The strongest singer" supports online registration, after completion, you can directly participate in the sea election preliminary test.

    Just on June 20th!


    When Lu Chen completed the registration form and confirmed the delivery, time passed two minutes.

    In the luxurious box on the upper floor of the Sanlitun Golden Retreat Bar in Beijing, Jin Hongwei, who is lying on the sofa and tasting the red wine, suddenly looks like he is awakened in deep thought.

    He dropped the glass and pulled out one's own cell phone from his pocket.

    Open the text message I just received and read it again. The big coffee in the industry showed a smug smile.

    It's like a hunter who sees the prey fall into the trap.


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