Chapter 80 Complete Album

    There are many music production companies in Beijing, and there are more small studios.

    In the Delong Building alone, there are well-known music production units in the industry, such as Tianzhu Workshop, Golden Disc Culture, and Sunshine Records. The competition between them is fierce.

    Lu Chen’s first choice for making a solo album is the Tianzhu Workshop, but the latter is not the only option.

    He did not expect that there would be a small studio pulling business in the hall of Delong Building.

    The current business is really bad!

    While lamenting, Lu Chen chatted with Wang Changsheng, the manager of Nirvana Studio, for a few minutes.

    Wang Changsheng dared to run here to pull the guests is a bit of emboldened, this Nirvana studio has an independent recording studio and band, its members include three graduates of Jingyin, able to complete all the work from composition to later.

    The most important thing is that they are cheap.

    Wang Changsheng said: "Our studio has the ability to guarantee the production quality of the Tianzhu Workshop D package, the price is only 100,000, and an album works as long as 100,000!"

    Wang Changsheng is certainly not a savvy businessman. When he opened the price, he was obviously nervous. His eyes stared at Lu Chen, and his hands involuntarily clenched his fists, as if he was worried that he would be ruthlessly rejected by the latter.

    But in the previous sentence, he said very confidently.

    And he knows quite well about the Tianzhu workshop.

    Lu Chen feels a little bit interesting. The price of the Tianzhu Workshop D package is 250,000, Wang Changsheng asks for 100,000, and obviously there is room for bargaining. There should be no problem after cutting the point.

    But what does the other party guarantee the same quality?

    The Tianzhu Workshop is said to have smashed millions of studios. The advanced facilities are the best in the industry. Lu Chen does not believe that Nirvana Studio will have such a large investment. Otherwise, a manager who uses one's own to run the business?

    And still wait for the rabbit!

    Lu Chen doesn't think that one's own is the rabbit that hit the tree. He thought about it: "Manager Wang, I am preparing a personal album, but the quality requirements are very high. I am currently finalizing the Tianzhu Workshop. So sorry."

    Tianzhu Workshop D package is not the choice of Lu Chen, if you want to be cheap, he can also choose E package.

    Is it better than a small studio that is not famous?

    "that…That's really bothering, sorry to delay your time. ”

    Wang Changsheng waved his hand and said: "It should be that I am sorry, right…Goodbye. ”

    Lu Chen couldn't help but smile.

    He is not ridiculing, but feels that this is really not a businessman, the basic negotiating skills do not understand.

    However, he has a lot of goodwill for Wang Changsheng.

    Lu Chen stood up and took the initiative to take action on the other side: "Manager Wang, I will contact you if necessary."

    "Okay, good!"

    Wang Changsheng hurriedly followed up and shook hands with Lu Chen: "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen nodded and left the teahouse.

    When I left, Lu Chen also bought a single order – a pot of tea here is not cheap.

    Wang Changsheng sat for a while. When he recruited the waiter to pay the bill, he found that Lu Chen had already posted the account. He rushed out and wanted to catch the morning, but he could find the latter!

    Lu Chen returned to one's own home, and the afternoon time was used to organize the album songs.

    Ten albums of an album, he originally decided to have "The Same Table", "Love in the Wind", "Brothers Sleeping in My Upper Shop", "Cinderella", "Youth Jinshi" and "Beauty" six songs.

    Now you can add "The Flowers" and "Era 谣", the style of the eight songs is unified, and it is also classic enough.

    The first album of my life, Lu Chen will never be vague!

    After careful consideration, "Once You" was added to the album's song list.

    "I used you" is not a folk song, but a light rock and roll style, but Lu Chen likes this song very much. He decided to use this song as the ending song of the album. It is a Xiaoxiao surprise egg.

    It's really extravagant to think about it. No matter "You at the same table", "Love in the Wind" or "The Flowers" or even "Beauty", any song is eligible to be publicized as the title song of an album.

    Lu Chen put them all on the same album, and they feel a bit violent.

    Have a treasure of the world, it is hot and willful!

    As for the tenth song, Lu Chen has already thought about it.

    This song is also a folk song, the same nostalgic style, and very nostalgic and nostalgic.

    Just listen and you will know.


The open space downstairs of my house is a cinema.

It no longer appears on summer nights.

    Today’s children don’t know how they used to be.

The world that people intoxicated at that time.

    I watched them perform love when I grew up.

I feel sad when they kiss.

Under the screen, the children are doing the game,

Someone cryed for her in the movie.


    There are no more open-air cinemas in the city.

I can no longer see the opposite side of the screen.

    Are you still doing the game at that time?

I can't see the stars when I watch the movie.


    When Lu Chen sang this soothing, delicate and even a touch of new song, Lu Fei live broadcast between the bombs.

    "Good nice, Lu Fei is very talented!"

    “Very nostalgic, I like it!”

    "Let me remember when I was young, the lyrics were written very well, and the melody is even better!"

    "What is the name of this song?"

    "Strongly ask to sing again, no, no, sing again ten times!"

    "Sing again ten times +1!"


Lu Chen put down the guitar and smiled and said: "The name of this song is called the open-air cinema. The first time I sang in the live broadcast room, it is to make up for the owe of this time to everyone, and I hope everyone can like it."

    He went home and attended the graduation ceremony, and the live broadcast of the network was temporarily interrupted for a few days.

    Re-opening tonight, the online popularity of live broadcast is much less, starting with only 300,000+.

    Therefore, in addition to the new singer, Lu Chen also announced a good news.

    After a pause, he continued: "I will tell you one more thing, that is, I am going to re-arrange all the songs I have created before, make them into real albums, and then publish them on the Internet!"

    "Welcome everyone to buy and download!"

    His voice just fell, and the live broadcast room suddenly exploded!

    "what? Out of the album? I have not heard it wrong! ”

    "Lu Fei greatly forformable might!"

    "Great, I am looking forward to this day!"

    "The anchor is big, which website is your album on?"

    "Don't say anything, I will inform you when I am ready to buy all the friends and classmates to buy genuine!"

    "Yes, we support genuine!"

    "A net album for 10 yuan, the student party said no pressure, eat less breakfast!"

    "The real local tyrant, I have to eat breakfast for 10 pieces."

    "But I want CDs more!"





Accompanied by the barrage, there are countless fish balls to reward, and the aircraft carriers sent by the local tyrants!

    This is the most direct way for fishmeal to express joy.

    The atmosphere in the live broadcast room has become extremely hot, and the popularity value has risen steadily due to the appearance of heavy rewards.

    Although Lu Chen's live broadcast has recorded records, all the songs he sang can find the video in the forum fish nest, but the specially made Music album is completely different.

    Up to now, aside from the water in hundreds of thousands of fishmeal, Lu Chen already has a group of real fans. They like the style of Lu Chen live broadcast, like his original works, like a nostalgic or sad folk song. .

    In the days when they can't see Lu Chen live broadcast, they will repeatedly look at the past videos, listen to his songs over and over again, and spare no effort to recommend to others.

    These fans are no longer simply fans, but "rice", Celebrity celebrity rice!

    And they are the most responsive to Lu Chen's upcoming album, and I hope he can release the CD at the same time.

    What is the album of the network album, the CD is the real album!

    Many "Lu Feifan" said through the barrage that they will buy CDs to support Lu Chen.

    Their strong appeal was of course seen by Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen is somewhat dumbfounded.

    It's not easy to make a CD album than a web album, and it's easier to lose money. There are too few people who buy CDs and listen to songs.

    However, the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the fishmeal, Lu Lu suddenly flashed an inspiration in his mind.

    In fact, at the same time, the online album and CD album, there is no way to operate.

    His thoughts come from the dream world, and it seems to have not appeared in this position!


    When Lu Chen communicated with fans in the live broadcast room, the first single piece of the band of Light Rain Media also started the first wave of publicity promotion on the network that night!


Note: "Open-air cinema" word / song: Yu Dong.

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