Chapter 61 is flying higher!

    There is naturally black in the powder.

    Since Lu Chen opened the live broadcast in [Whale TV], the popularity of the popularity has increased, the fishmeal has been increasing, and the rising momentum is extremely strong, inevitably attracting some sunspots.

    There are all kinds of sunspots, whether in the game, forum, Fetion group or live broadcast, you can always see a few active figures, they spare no effort to spur the venom, do not distinguish between the local and the sinister, provoke a In the fierce battle, whoever fires will destroy!

    The composition of sunspots is complex, boring, boring, and competitive.

    Lu Chen’s live broadcast had several encounters with sunspots, but because the three houses including Li Bai were well controlled, they did not raise much wind and waves.

    However, this time the situation is completely different. He just played the "Youth Jinshi", and in the warm and beautiful atmosphere of everyone's past nostalgia, suddenly there are countless black bullets, which is very abnormal.

    "Garbage anchor, get out of the whale!"

    "This song is too ugly, it is an insult to my ears!"

    "Oh, compared to our Qinger baby, it is a slag!"

    "Innocent brother-in-law anchors three streets, everyone is going to support!"

    "To say that the guitar is playing, you have to look at the boss of SUN. This is not worthy of the boss of SUN."

    "Going away, this live broadcast is so boring!"

    "I went to see the rain grid…"

    When the black bullet curtain appeared, Lu Jiajun's fishmeal had not yet reacted immediately. After all, hundreds of thousands of viewers on the Internet were a bit murmurous and the arguments were normal, but no one was serious.

    And there is a room tube between the live broadcast, the mouse can be cleared out at a click.

    However, when ten, one hundred, and thousands of black bullets were screened, anyone saw the problem.

    Lu Fei has been greatly hacked?

    Many fans are out of the way, feeling like it is like when they are enjoying a cup of warm milk tea, they suddenly find a few green head flies floating inside the cup, and they are suddenly disgusted!

    Under the anger, they immediately launched a counterattack.

    "Where are the sunspots, get out of Laozi!"

    "The sunspots die for the whole family!"

    "What is the baby, will it only be a showcase?" Also dare to compare with us Lu Fei? ”

    "roll! roll! roll! The sunspot is getting out! ”

    "What is the house management doing? Why don't you kick these blacks out, seal the IP! ”

    "There is a lot of people, and some people look at Lu Fei's big eyes!"

    "These people are too disgusting…"

    In fact, all the three houses have already started their operations. The number is clear and the people are kicking out of the room. However, the number of sunspots is too large. They have no time to cope, and the role is not great.

    Li Bai was busy with Mi Luchen: "Be careful, someone is intentionally targeting us, don't count!"

    The blacks in the live broadcast platform, the best way to use it is to provoke distraction, intentionally pretend to be an anchor of the fans to go to other live broadcasts to go to the blacks, picking up the battle between the two fans.

    Although this method is very low-level, because most of the fans are young and not rational, the words and words are provoked, and no matter what the three or seventy-one battles are, the result is both bad.

    Li Bai played live broadcast for a long time, very familiar with the tricks, and this time he also gambled with others, although there is already a limited offer, but did not say can not play other means.

    He even guessed that there were several vicious presences behind the scenes.

    But at this time, Li Bai could not explain too much with Lu Chen, because it is easy to interfere with the emotions of the other party, affecting the effect of live broadcast, and if the anger of the morning anger is irrational, then it is really trap!

    Li Bai’s scruples are justified, but he also underestimated Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen did not eat pork, but also saw the pig running, no need to remind Li Bai, he was also alert.

    He immediately said to the microphone: "Please calm down, don't be brought to the rhythm by the sunspots, please don't go to other anchor rooms to quarrel, because that is what the sunspots hope!"

    Lu Chen put down the guitar, his face showed a relaxed and confident smile: "Don't argue about swearing, because this is what the sunspots are best at. They are used to using the shamelessness of one's own, pulling others to the same level as them, and then Then use the rich shameless experience to defeat the opponent."

    "We are not at the same level as them…"

    "We should look down on them from the top, and just smile at this time."

    "Like me, a scornful smile!"

    His smile is contemptuous, but people don't have a bit of resentment, but it feels very interesting.

    “Hahaha, Lu Fei is quite right!”

    "Despise the sunspot!"

    "Look at the smile I despise!"

    "High-level Skill: Lu Fei's contempt, damage +1000, mind shock +9, sunspot +500% damage!"

    "They are used to taking advantage of one's own shameless…Haha, Lu Fei said so much! ”

    "The famous saying, these words I took away, no one should grab me!"

    "Want to bring rhythm? This is insulting our IQ! ”

    "Support for anchors…"

    The wind direction of the barrage was instantly reversed by Lu Chen. A large number of taunted barrage directly crushed the speeches of the sunspots into slag. Several local fans even frequently rewarded the aircraft carrier and expanded their momentum!

    Compared with the voices of 600,000 online viewers and thousands of Lujiajun members, hundreds of thousands of sunspots can only be smashed for a few seconds. Whether you want to bring rhythm or want to pick right and wrong, it is bound to be failure.

    Lu Chen’s counter-attacks are not just that!

    What is he best at?

    It is Singing!

    Then use the song to fight back the guys who are speculative!

    "I am very happy and happy tonight, because with your support, I have realized the miracle that I can't even think about, and it appears on the homepage hot list, ranking 11th!"

    "But I want to say that this is not enough…"

    "Because we have great courage, because we have great enthusiasm, because we unite and have love!"

    "So, let us come together and fly higher!"

    As soon as the voice fell, Lu Chen quickly reached out and re-adjusted the camera and microphone, then stood up holding the guitar.

    Because of this song, be sure to stand and sing!


Life is like,

A big river.

    Sometimes quiet,

Sometimes crazy.

    Reality is like,

a shackle,

Tied me,

Can't break free.


    The beginning of the song was low and depressed because of the setbacks and pressure.

    But the suppression is short-lived. The greater the pressure, the stronger the rebound. The melody quickly becomes high and fierce!


This Like a mystery is as sharp as a knife.

Seriously hurt me again and again,

I know the kind of happiness I want,

Just in the higher sky!

    I want to fly higher,

Fly higher!

    Dance like a wind,

Get rid of the arms!

    I want to fly higher,

Fly higher,

The wings rolled up the storm,

Heart whistling,

Fly higher!


    8:57, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast, online popularity: 647310.

    Countless spectators, especially those who are familiar with Lu Chen and accompanying him along the way, are all stunned!

    Because what they are seeing now, it is not the original Lu Chen.

    The deep affectionate song "Love in the Wind", "You at the same table", "Cinderella" Lu Chen.

    Now Lu Chen is young, bloody, passionate…Have a strong fighting power!

    His singing is no longer clean and clear, but the sturdy and full of strength, with the strength of Strength!

    This new song, which they have never heard of, has a completely different style from the previous folk songs.

    That is the style of rock and roll!

    Surprisingly surprised, shocked and shocked, everyone likes it!

    In particular, many people have been provoked by the sunsicks. Now, when I hear this bloody rock and roll, they feel so happy and incomparably happy!

    No need to argue, disdain to distinguish, proud of cynicism, insist on true self!

    As the song sings…

    "I want to fly higher and fly higher! Dance like a wind, get rid of the arms! ”

    "I want to fly higher and fly higher! The wings rolled up the storm, the heart whistling, flying higher! ”

    "Flying higher, flying higher…"

    In front of countless screens, countless viewers were moved by Lu Chen’s songs. The blood in their bodies was boiling. Their enthusiasm was completely ignited. They used countless barrage and countless fish balls to accompany Lu Chen…

    Fly higher!


Note: "Flying higher" word / song: Wang Feng.

    PS: Ask for a ticket, and fly with me higher!

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