Chapter 67—Children

    Habit is a terrible thing.

    Lu Chen slept very late last night, so today he wants to sleep comfortably, it is a one's own.

    However, the long-term accumulation of habits made him wake up on time, and then no more sleep after opening his eyes.

    Although Lu Chen one's own said to one's own, it took so long to make a lot of money, and rest for a long time is not a sin.

    However, the heavy debts of the family, the ambitions hidden in the heart for the future expectations…It was like a powerful whip continually slamming the landing morning.

    Tell him that he is not qualified to be lazy!

    Lu Chen turned up and got up, brushed his teeth and cleaned his face. When he changed into sportswear, he ran out of the house.

    He ran to the small park on the riverside and he saw the old man who practiced TAI ji Fist.

    "Uncle, you are coming very early today!"

    Lu Chen greeted him politely, and he felt embarrassed.

    The white-haired old man can insist on the morning exercise, he actually wants to be lazy, the willpower is not strong enough!

    The old man snorted and stunned Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen touched his nose very silently. There should be a lot of gray on it. The Uncle still remembers things!

    He is no longer self-deprecating, ran to the old place to start practicing the fist.

    The Jingsanhuan area is densely populated and there are many Districts around. There are many people who exercise in small parks every day.

    Because of the boxing, Lu Chen was watched several times before, feeling that one's own is like playing a monkey, so now I am used to drilling to the corner of the hidden corner.

    He has already liked this type of exercise, and the improvement in physical fitness is also obvious.

    Strong body is really important. The memory from Mo Ran tells Lu Chen that a real actor must have a healthy body. When it comes to acting, even if it is a few cold days, it is necessary to jump!

    Although Lu Chen will not develop in the performing arts in the short term, the healthy physique can not be exercised in a day or two. The efforts he has made now lay the foundation for future success.

    After a fist-cutting road was over, Lu Chen was sweating all over the body, but it was very incomparable.

    "Little guy, are you practicing Wing Chun?"

    At this time, the voice of the old man was just next to him.

    Lu Chen turned around in surprise and said: "Uncle, you are really eye-catching, and I am just practicing."

    The sudden-out father said with disdain: "It's quite awkward. I took a cell phone and took a shot for the real expert. I said that you are not authentic, and the routines are not mastered…Keke! ”

    Lu Luchen also said that he was eye-catching, and as a result he was one's own to expose the bottom of one's own.

    In order to understand Lu Chen's Fist Technique, actually sneak shot!

    Lu Chen smiled and nodded and said: "The expert is right."

    It’s like a child.

    Lu Chen’s practice is that Wing Chun is right, but the boxing is improved and more suitable for men to practice.

    In his dream world, there are many martial artists in the film and television circle and even Celebrity superstar are good at this set of Fist Technique, and in order to meet the needs of film and television dramas, and to capture the essence of many other fighting skills, it is quite different from traditional routines. .

    But he can't explain to each other, especially the old man.

    The old man screamed twice and said, "You know, I am leaving."

    He is a little shy and hard to get into the sheath, but Lu Chen’s attitude is impeccable, but he can only run quietly.

    Lu Chen smiled and did not pay attention to it.

    Go home and continue working.


    Just after 2 pm, Lu Chen arrived at the Furi Hotel on the Second Ring Road on time.

    This five-star hotel is well-known in Beijing. In the cafe on the second floor of the hotel, he met two guests who came from Shenzhen City. The other was a middle-aged man and a young man with glasses. people.

    "I am really embarrassed, let the two wait."

    Lu Chen quickly apologized and took the initiative to extend his hand to the middle-aged man who just got up: "I am Lu Fei."

    The middle-aged man held his hand and smiled: "It doesn't matter, we just arrived here. Introducing myself, I am Zhao Deping, manager of the Starlight Show Management Department. This is my assistant Xiao Zhao. ”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Hello manager Zhao."

    The three sat down and the customer service personnel came over and asked, Lu Chen ordered a cup of coffee.

    Zhao Deping said at the beginning: "Mr. Lu Fei, you are a young man with a very high creative talent, and we, Star Media, need talents like you. Do you know if you are willing to join us?"

    "As for the conditions of treatment…"

    He said with confidence and no lack of restraint: "Beyond the whale TV, you will definitely be satisfied!"

    Last night, Zhao Deping asked the assistant to contact Lu Chen. He drove the flight to Beijing this morning and flew to Futian Hotel in order to win the contract with Lu Chen.

    This contract is related to whether he can continue to mix in the company, so he applied for a high degree of authority.

    Zhao Deping does not believe that one's own contract will not touch Lu Chen.

    Perhaps because of this self-confidence, his words naturally brought a hint of arrogance.

    got used to.

    Zhao Deping one's own has no feeling, but Lu Chen is clearly heard!

    He put down the coffee cup and revealed a very interested look. He asked: "Can you please introduce manager Zhao?"

    Sure enough, it is a newcomer!

    When Zhao Deping saw Lu Chen’s demeanor, he suddenly made a big decision.

    According to past experience, as long as he is the anchor that he said, no one can escape his palm!

    The manager of the transportation management department took the briefcase at the assistant and took out a contract and handed it to Lu Chen.

    "Mr. Lu Fei, this contract is tailor-made for you!"

    Lu Chen took the contract and looked at it very seriously.

    The contract that Starlight Media gave him should seem to be very good. The first is the 500,000 signing bonus + 300,000 default payment, the latter is based on the contract terms signed by Lu Chen and [Shark TV].

    If Lu Chen wants to change from [Shark TV] to [Starlight Show], then the penalty will not be less.

    Starlight Media has already prepared for him.

    The basic annual salary is 300,000+10% of the benefit bonus, and Starlight Media also provides him with a million-fold package promotion, spanning the live broadcast platform and the Entertainment Circle!

    If you change to someone else, if you see such a clause, I am afraid that I will be excited and excited. Starlight and fame and fortune of the Entertainment Circle Who do not want to run into the scenery?

    However, Lu Chen did not ignore the trap hidden under the contraction of the contract.

    That is copyright!

    As long as Lu Chen signs the contract, all his works will be copyrighted by Starlight Media. In essence, the contract with the new artist who was originally given by Light Rain Media is exactly the same!

    The term of the contract is also 10 years, and Starlight Media has the right to cancel the contract at any time.

    Under Zhao Deping's expectation of his eyes, Lu Chen put down the contract and asked: "Manager Zhao, I heard that you are used to preparing two contracts when you dig people and talk about conditions. Can you let me see another one?"


    Zhao Deping was shocked and asked: "How do you know?"

    This is the trick that Zhao Deping often uses when digging a corner. When negotiating, he will give a handicap contract. If you can sign it, it is best. If you really can't talk about it, then take a new contract and make a final decision!

    Zhao Deping did not expect that Lu Chen actually knew his habits.

    In fact, Lu Chen knows more than Zhao Deping thinks.

    He grinned and said: "Manager Zhao, if I didn't guess wrong, you are Super 002?"

    A bloody moment rushed to Zhao Deping's head, and his face suddenly rose red.

    The biggest hidden danger of his digging in Lu Chen was that he had blocked Lu Chen’s account as a super-manager.

    Lu Chen has placed the controversy on the forum, and his heart is bound to be worried.

    Zhao Deyuan believes that a good contract can make Lu Chen forget this embarrassment.

    Who will keep up with the money?

    But now he suddenly found that one ' s own all the thoughts were Lu Chen to see clearly!

    Zhao Deping had a bad feeling of something big, and asked subconsciously: "Who told you?"

    Lu Chen’s face still had a smile, and he reached out to the door of the coffee shop and said, “Are you looking for him?”

    Zhao Deping couldn't help but look back and was dumbfounded!


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