Chapter 63—Popularity Breaks Million!

    "Beauty is beautiful, people love,

I don't know where you are from,

You exist for us,

I ask you not to leave!

    Beauty is beautiful, people love,

It’s a dream that sent you,

You exist for us,

Don't hurt my heart!


    A cheerful and warm prelude, an exotic style, mixed with the Latin, West Asian nomads and Bohemian atmosphere, so that all the people who heard the song for the first time felt that one's own ears were erected. It is like a cup of sweet wine, the wonderful taste of the tongue buds!

    It is unique melody, with simple straight white lyrics, there is a charming Charm.

    Lu Chen holds the guitar and sings this "beauty" with a very relaxed look and action. He seems to be a bard in Azeroth, sending it to Kelene in the bar of the Tianya Hotel in Shattrath. Previous Love Song.

    This new song also fully revealed his profound accomplishments in guitar playing. The combination of various complex fingerings, the style of the rhythm of the rhythm is exactly the same.


Beauty, the world has become too fast,

Your beauty is still not there,

We better not to worry about it,

It is best not to wait silly.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||The beauty of the world has become too fast,

Your beauty is still not here,

It is best to grasp the present,

Ask you to understand!


In the video of live broadcast, Qinger baby holds the toon with her hand, and her beautiful big eyes are not awkward. She listens very carefully to this song she has never heard before, and her face is full of joy and touch. The look, like the Kelly, who was sent to Kiss, was just a little embarrassed to be ashamed.|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

    Lu Chen sang very happily. This song was not in his song list. It was temporarily taken out by him like "Flying Higher". It is suitable for the beauty of the beauty.

    After a sing of "Beauty", a large number of barrage and fish balls were brushed again on the screen.

    "Good nice!"

    "Beauty is beautiful, people love, I ask you not to leave!"

    "Lyrics, how come there is no lyrics? I want to learn to sing to my girlfriend! ”

    "There is a bohemian style, the anchor is too talented!"

    "I feel that the way other people used to pick up girls is too Low. They should let them all come to Lufei University!"

    "Together! Together! Together! ”

    "I like this song, more than the love of the front and Cinderella."

    "Like +1…"

    Qinger baby patted the palm of his hand and smiled: "Really nice, thank you Lu Fei, I hope that I can hear such a good song again next time, Qinger will go back, goodbye!"

    Can become the first female anchor of [Whale TV], Qinger baby is not only beautiful and can sing as simple as she is, she is a very smart girl, she will seize the opportunity and measure.

    Although the interaction with Lu Chen is a temporary rise, the proper creation of hot topics has undoubtedly played an important role in maintaining and enhancing her popularity.

    However, she savvyly controlled the rhythm, and did not linger in Lu Chen's live broadcast, otherwise the fans of the Mermaid Knights would be dissatisfied, and now the timing of the return is just right.

    Let the money-protecting messengers occasionally eat some vinegar, but they can't feed too much vinegar. The measurement is not exactly what ordinary people can grasp. Qinger baby is undoubtedly doing very well.


    Lu Chen put down the guitar and waved at the other side.

    Perhaps everyone is the reason for the peers, Lu Chen will guess the heart of the baby, not far from the ten.

    But there is nothing wrong with it, because everyone gets what one's own wants.

    As for playing a "beauty", let this beauty greet each other – that is really too much!

    So when Qinger baby returned to one's own live broadcast, and several dozens of rewards for her rewarded System Notification on the screen, Lu Chen just smiled.

    Lu Chen’s attention is no longer on the other side, because his popularity has just ushered in a new explosion!

    9:16, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast, online popularity: 1036210.

    This is Lu Chen open live broadcast until now, the first popularity broke through the million mark!

    Although it is the east wind of the baby, it is undoubtedly a great event to celebrate the live broadcast of Lu Fei. It is necessary to know that the million popularity means that the level of the real A-list anchor is reached, and it is no longer far from the top level. .

    Lu Chen started broadcasting in [Whale TV] until now, less than a month's time, so breaking through millions of popularity so soon is undoubtedly a miracle.

    His attention to the number of fishmeal has followed suit, and the increase is also astounding: 723625!

    1 minute ago, the homepage hot list was updated 5 times since the beginning of the PKlive broadcast show. Lu Chen climbed from the 11th position to the 5th place, and even jumped 6 places in one breath!

    Lu Jiajun’s fans certainly did not ignore such great progress, and they sent congratulatory messages.

    “Congratulations anchor popularity breaks millions!”

    "Haha, we are on the hot list for 5th, Lu Fei is long live, Lu Jiajun is long live!"

    "Take the top five and hit the top three, we are the champion!"

    "Everyone is paying attention to the time, there are fish balls to send fish balls, no fish balls to send the barrage, more good!"

    "The first five are definitely no problem, so happy!"

    “The people of Beijing sent a congratulatory message!”

    "The people of Chang'an sent a congratulatory message!"

    "Hucheng people sent a congratulatory message!"

    "The people of Xiangjiang sent a congratulatory message!"

    "Shonan people…"

The live broadcast is in full swing, and Lu Chen is of course very happy, even if his popularity is falling below the million with the baby, but there are countless viewers left to continue watching his live broadcast.

    This is already a huge victory!

    “Thank you for your support, then this song is dedicated to the same table of our student days.”

    "You are at the same table, I hope everyone likes it!"

    After the ups and downs of the storm, Lu Chen’s graduation season PK theme show returned to the right track.

    He sent the seventh song of one's own "You at the same table."

    This work is undoubtedly a model in the campus folk songs. Although Lu Chen has sung many times during the live broadcast, there are still many people who have not heard of it.

    Whether it has been heard or first heard, all are impressed by Lu Chen’s talent.

    "Love in the Wind", "Brothers Sleeping in My Upper Shop", "Cinderella", "Young Boys", "Flying Higher", "Beauty" and now "You at the Same Table", all are land Morning original works.

    If you add a few more songs, he can make a complete album, and the most admirable thing is that in addition to "Flying higher", the style melody lyrics are quite unified and perfectly matched. The theme of the graduation season shows a profound creative heritage!

    In [Whale TV], there are a lot of anchors that can sing and sing, there are very professional bombs, there are excellent singing, there are originals, and there are more handsome than Lu Chen…

    But I can create so many excellent works, and I play very well, and people are handsome. I really can't find a second place. Even if it is in the current Entertainment Circle, Lu Chen is a top-notch and even top talent. !

    He is just not famous.

    Nearly a million viewers in the live broadcast, there are many people who know how to understand Music. They met Lu Chen here, heard his songs, and liked his songs, and naturally became loyal fans.

    Just like the big waves, it’s the golden light that shines!

    When Lu Chen sang "You at the Same Table" and offered the last "Blue Lotus" tonight, the "Whale TV" high-level people who have been paying attention to the PKlive broadcast show can't sit still.

    Deep Sea City, 15th Floor, B3 Building, High-tech Park, Whale Technology Corporation Headquarters Grand Conference Room.

    The south facing wall is full of HD screens, and all the screens are displayed in different live broadcasts, no more than just 24 blocks.

    A huge projection screen hangs from the east wall, showing the video of Lu Fei's live broadcast!

    "There is nothing to stop, your yearning for freedom, your unrelenting career, your heart is careless!"

    "Through the dark years, I felt embarrassed…"

    Lu Chen’s singing voice was passed to the high-fidelity sounds on the scene, and it was clearly introduced to the ears of the company’s senior executives, deputy general manager, live broadcast director, and department manager in front of the conference table. in!

    They either look at each other or sneak a private conversation.


Note: "beauty" word / song: Gao Feng.

    PS: Continue to vigorously ask for a referral!

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