Chapter 62—Qinger Baby

    Many people have seen Lu Chen’s live broadcast on the Light Blue Music Carnival Night. After listening to “In the Spring” and “Blue Lotus”, they sang the new song of “Flying Higher” and so passionately. I don't feel how strange it is.

    Because Lu Chen has such strength and talent!

    But for the hundreds of thousands of viewers in Lufei's live broadcast, they seem to be witnessing a miracle.

    In the miracle, Lu Chen is gorgeous and transforming. He no longer plays softly and deeply, and no longer brings everyone into the campus Era, which is worth remembering. Instead, he indulges in screaming and unscrupulously expresses the desire of one's own to fly to the peak. And confidence.

    "I want to fly higher and fly higher! Dance like a wind, get rid of the arms! ”

    Such Lu Chen, such a song, makes everyone feel excited, excited and even shuddered!

    The sunspots who used to be filled in the live broadcast room are like the snow that shines through the blazing sun. They disappear silently. They are sadly and pitifully become the opposite background of the birth of a good song. It is bound to be very long. It was mentioned in a long time, and it was a mocking object!

    System System Notification: Whale Big Brother (Golden VI) gives an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: Huhai Gaofu Shuai (Silver III) presented an aircraft carrier for the anchor!

    System System Notification: I love baby girl (Golden I) to give an anchor to an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver VII) to give the anchor an aircraft carrier!

    System System Notification: Abyss Dragon Ride (Golden VII) gives an anchor to an aircraft carrier!


    The song has not been sung yet, and the live broadcast has been rewarded by the local tyrants, and one after another!

    "Flying higher~"

Lu Chen took a deep breath and the pleasure of his heart could not be described in words.

    He looked at the screen rewards repeatedly on the screen, and his face smiled again and smiled.

    After calming down the excitement, Lu Chen sat back to the position and retuned the microphone and camera.

    This "Flying Higher" was not in Lu Chen's graduation season. He was temporarily added because of the appearance of the sunspot, so there is no matching MV.

    But the effect is better than the previous folk songs!

    "Thank you big brother, thank you Li Bai, thank you Gao Fushuai…"

    In accordance with international practice, Lu Chen began to thank the local tyrants.

    More than half of the PKlive broadcast show time, the total number of fish balls in Lufei live broadcast has reached an astonishing 100T+. In addition to the loyal fans such as Li Bai and Big Brother, there are many new powders.

    These powders must of course be pulled together, and they should not be allowed to be ignored after being rewarded.

    As for the other fans, that can only be unified thanks.

    While thanking the powder, Lu Chen is also adjusting his mood and thinking about the next live broadcast arrangement.

    So he couldn't help but be distracted and read it according to the reward list displayed by System.

    "Thank you, I love baby girl, thank you for the abyss dragon ride, thank you Tangshan big chest, thank you Qinger baby…"

    Huh? This ID feels a bit familiar!

    Lu Chen has not responded yet, and his live broadcast room has exploded!

    "I am going to go, Qinger baby!"

    "Hahaha, the first beauty anchor of the whale came to the rounds!"

    "The trough, really fake?"

    "I am a big fan of Lu Fei, and it is also a beautiful woman, and it is great to see two in the same room!"

    "Wife, come see the goddess!"

    "The reputation of our Lu Shuai is getting bigger and bigger, and even the baby is coming."

    "What day is today…"

    Numerous bullets were brushed up in an instant, and it was difficult for Lu Chen to pay attention to it. He suddenly stopped.

    "Qinger Baby" is the first female anchor of [Whale TV]. She only joined the [Whale TV] time for only one year. It has become the highest anchor of the popularity in the life show, with more than 2 million fans!

    The people are beautiful, and Qinger Baby also has a "clear beauty" in [Whale TV]. The top group of the fans of the "Mermaid Knights" of the fans group has more than a dozen, and there is no problem with killing Lu Jiajun. .

    And this evening's PK theme show, she has always firmly occupied the top spot of the hot list!

    Lu Chen did not think that the first beauty anchor would actually run over to check one's own room.

    The so-called "sharing house" is an interactive broadcast in the live broadcast room of another anchor, which is basically support or friendship, and belongs to the normal communication between the anchors.

    Lu Chen during the [Whale TV] live broadcast, there have been a lot of anchors running over to ask for powder, but those are basically little pop anchors with little popularity.

    A big-name anchor like Qinger Baby, running over PKlive broadcast, really made him speechless.

    And she also rewarded an aircraft carrier!

    Fortunately, Lu Chen’s psychological quality is excellent, and the gods reacted in an instant, and the list of thanks will continue to be finished.

    System System Notification: The anchor Qinger baby sent you a friendship request. Do you agree?

    Lu Chen thought about it and clicked on it.

    The other party apparently came with goodwill, and he noticed that one's own online popularity is insanely increasing.

    The anchor rounds, especially the popular anchor rounds, often bring a lot of popularity, so many anchors are happy to go round the room, in order to exchange for the return visit of the other party to enhance the popularity of one's own.

    The popularity of the baby's popularity is undoubted. In just half a minute of time, the online popularity of Lu Fei's live broadcast climbed from 650,000+ to 900,000+. It is not a dream to break through a million!

    The next moment, the screen between live broadcasts is automatically divided into left and right sides, the left picture is still one's own, and the right picture shows a 20-year-old skirt beauty – Qing Erbao!

    "Lu Fei is big, hello!"

    Qinger baby waved his hand at the camera and politely said hello to Lu Chen.

    In the evening of the 24 live broadcast of the PKlive broadcast show, the baby is the most calm, she does not care very much about the final result, winning the PK champion is nothing more than a icing on the cake for her.

    When Qinger baby sang in live broadcast, there were a lot of sunspots running into her live broadcast room, saying that she would only sell her face and sell it, and the level of talent and singing is not worthy of Lu Fei.

    For this kind of sunspot, Hiroshi has seen too many children, it is impossible to be taken away from the rhythm, nor will they put their words in their hearts, and their own house will kill innocent people.

    However, she also had a little interest in Lu Fei. I just saw a reward when the red strip drifted over and clicked in.

    Well, the goddess is so capricious, leaving millions of online fans to run other people's live broadcast room!

    Then she listened to Lu Chen’s half-time “Flying Higher” and reluctantly rewarded an aircraft carrier.

    So the whole [Whale TV] was sensational, and countless fans followed and rushed to see the fun.

    It’s so rare that the beautiful woman ward rounds the room!

    Those sunspots know that one's own provocation does not affect Lu Chen, but instead brings him a support from a popular anchor. It is estimated that there will be three bloody shots on the spot.

    "Your song is very nice!"

    Since the two live broadcasts have been successfully connected, both the screen and the voice will appear simultaneously.

    Equivalent to two people in live broadcast!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you, you are very beautiful!"

    The conversation between the two people immediately set off a huge wave in the live broadcast, and countless fans started.

    "Lang is a girl, a natural pair!"

    "Together! Together! Together! Together! Together! ”

    "Lu Fei is big, you can sing a song for the beautiful girl!"

    "Right right, sing a song, love Song!"

    "Sing Love Song +1!"

    "Sing Love Song +2!"

    "Sing Love Song +3!"


    A large number of bullets were brushed out, and they all asked Lu Chen to sing for Qinger Baby. The crowd was very loud!

    Qinger baby smiled and said: "Thank you for your support, I am looking forward to it!"

    When she spoke, she intentionally blinked her eyes, and the show was full of brilliance, with implied charm.

    [Whale TV] The first female anchor is really worthy of the name.

    Lu Chen secretly admired and said: "Since everyone is so enthusiastic, then I am not embarrassed to sing…"

    After a pause, he continued: "The following song is given to everyone who likes the Harmony Baby Anchor. It is also the first folk song of one's own original. Its name is…"



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