65th Chapter Victory Day

    9:45, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast, online popularity: 936224.

    Lu Chen's live broadcast is still going on, but the time of the PK theme show has ended. What he has to do now is to wait for nearly a million online viewers with live broadcast to wait for the final ranking.

    People feel suffocated waiting.

    “Suddenly nervous, it’s like waiting for one’s own final transcript.”

    "Resignation +1!"

    "Let's all talk about it, what is our Lu Fei Big Expert?"

    "Lu Fei is of course No.1, still ask! ”

    "The first is of course impossible. Just rush to the top five is victory."

    "I guess it should be fifth or fourth."

    "Not on the top five, I live broadcast to eat the keyboard!"

    "I guess the third…"

The content of the barrage in the live broadcast has become a speculation on the rankings, and various predictions bet ridicule.

    Lu Chen completely relaxed.

    In the 90-minute live broadcast show, he sang a total of eight original works, and he did his best in one's own.

    Although there have been twists and turns in the middle, the theme of the "Graduation Season" should be interpreted very well.

    I believe this should be able to win the praise of the media judges.

    As for other indexes, Lu Chen also broke through the peaks of the past, especially the friendship with Qinger Baby, which brought him a lot of popularity. If this does not get the top five, it is [Whale TV] There is a shady!

    He did not hesitate to thank the local tyrants and fans who had been rewarded, so that the bitter scorpion was relieved.

    In fact, even if you did not get the top five rankings, Lu Chen night's harvest is also great, in addition to the surge of the popularity value and the number of attention, the new fish ball rewards reached 170T +, can withdraw 110,000.

    One and a half hours of live broadcast earned 110,000!

    What is unsatisfactory in Lu Chen? It’s not enough to have two years of work for two years before he saved it!

    He knows the truth of the foot, and his mind is naturally peaceful.

    At this time, a very eye-catching System System Notification appeared on the screen.

    System System Notification: The PK theme show anchor ranking is determined, the top five winners will be announced soon!

    The live broadcast was filled with joy and thunder.

    "Come out, the top five rankings are finally coming out!"

    "Stay for one night, just wait for this moment, Lu Fei will win!"

    "So nervous! So nervous! So nervous! So nervous! ”

    "The egg is set, the top five must have our anchor."

    "Not on the top five, I live broadcast to eat the keyboard!"

    "Let me wait for the keyboard."

    "I eat the mouse…"

    Although Lu Chen's mentality is very relaxed, it is at this time that it is also affected by the atmosphere of live broadcast.

    He couldn't help but straighten his waist.

    In the next moment, a big "5" is printed on the screen, and the golden glitter is radiant, and the dog eyes are bright!

    System System Notification :Congratulations anchor rain grid, the theme "rainy days" is listed as NO.5, PK index 5575!

    The fifth place is Yu Gege, the popular female anchor of the [Whale TV] life show.

    Everyone's heart is raised, because the appearance of an anchor means that a ranking disappears.

    No one knows if Lu Chen can appear in System System Notification.

    The higher the ranking, the smaller the hope.

    NO.4, anchor SUN, the theme "afternoon sunshine", PK index 6210!

    SUN is also the live show A-list anchor. His live broadcast style is very similar to that of Lu Chen. People are very handsome, can play guitar, piano, violin, and dance very well, often running to the square. dance.

    This PK theme show, SUN is undoubtedly the most powerful opponent of Lu Chen.

    Although the two are not single-on-one confrontation, but SUN is ranked fourth, the pressure brought to Lu Chen is great.

    Because there are only three left in the final place!

    In the live broadcast of Lu Fei, there are no sounds, and even the barrage is very few.

    NO.3, the anchor Xiaogu, the theme "Thunder of the Thunder", PK index 9750!

    Xiaogu is the game anchor. In the popular online game [Star Hegemony], he is also ranked in the top ten strategic Expert. His competitive live broadcast can attract the support of millions of fans, and the popularity is always very strong.

    Xiaogu took the third place, and that only the champion and runner-up!

    What is certain is that the champion is basically the first female anchor of the Qinger Baby-[Whale TV]!

    Seeing the third place is still not Lu Chen, there is finally a pessimistic Voice in the live broadcast room.

    "It’s finished, Xiao Gu is the third, we are afraid of the anchor…"

    "That's really hanging."

    "Nothing, even if we can't get the top five, we all worked together!"

    "You don't want to be so pessimistic, maybe it's the second?"

    "keep it up keep it up, Lu Fei greatly keep it up!"

    "No matter what, I support the anchor!"

    "Support +1…"

    Lu Chen thought about it and said to the microphone: "No matter what the outcome, I have to thank everyone for your support!"

    His voice just fell, and a large golden "2" was flashed out on the screen.

    The runner-up appeared!

    System System Notification: Congratulations anchor Lu Fei, the theme "Graduation Season" is NO.2, PK index 9790!

    Second place? runner up? Lu Fei?

    Many people can't believe the eyes of one's own!


    Lu Chen reacted the fastest, immediately swung his fist and shouted loudly.

    A huge joy drowned him in an instant.

    Lu Chen thought that one's own could calmly face victory or failure, but when the PK theme runner-up position fell on one's own head, he still felt extremely excited and excited.

    A week of hard work and preparation, not in vain!

    And very rare is that he defeated Xiaogu with a slight advantage of 40 points.

    The winner of the PK theme show is 300,000, the first page of the popular home anchor is pushed 3 times, the PK runner-up rewards 200,000 + 2 times, and the third is 100,000 +1 times, the fourth and fifth place. They are all 50,000 bonuses.

    The 40-point win means that Lu Chen has won double the reward!

    The live broadcast room suddenly blasted the pot!

    "Long live!"

    "Hahaha, I am so happy!"

    "Victory belongs to us, Lu Fei, and congratulations Lu Fei has won the PK runner-up!"

    "The second place, I said it was top three, and sure enough!"

    "I guess the second!"

    "I really didn't think of it. It really wasn't easy to get the top three."

    "Actually, this is normal. Our anchor has such strength."

    "Strength +1!"

    “It’s so cool, cool and cool!”

    "Lu Jiajun has a red envelope in the group, everyone is going to grab it!"

    "How much is the group number?"

    "10,000 tons of copper balls…"

    Although it is not the highest champion, but for Lu Chen's hundreds of thousands of fans, this runner-up is not much different from the champion, it is worth celebrating.

    Be aware that before the start of the PK theme show, Lu Chen's data is the lowest in the 24-bit anchor.

    In the live broadcast, he rose up and chased the festival, and he also encountered a black tide attack, still laughing at the end.

    Lu Chen’s hard work and talents are seen in the eyes and in the ears.

    He won the runner-up and his name is true!

    As for the champion's laurels, there is no suspense to be taken away by the Qinger baby, PK index: 15200!

    However, the audience in Lu Fei's live broadcast room did not care about the ownership of the champion.

    They are all using the barrage and fish balls to celebrate the morning and celebrate the victory of one's own.

    Today is the Victory Day!

    Also unexploded is the super group of Lu Jiajun, because the local tyrant Li Baizheng sent a red envelope.

    Lu Chen’s number one powder is even more refreshing than Lu Chen. Lu Chen won the PK runner-up. He also won the gamble with Arthas. The face and the lining are all there, and life is perfect.

    Thousands and thousands of red envelopes can be made, and local tyrants are so capricious!

    And taking advantage of this opportunity, Li Bai purchased 10 super groups in a live broadcast, and attracted countless fans to win the red envelope.

    Although these audiences still can't talk about any loyalty, but the big waves are in the sand, after all, a group of fans will be willing to stay and continue to support Lu Chen's anchor business.

    Lu Chen picked up the guitar again and thanked all the fans with a thank you.

    This is his victory day, I believe that tomorrow will be even more beautiful.


    At 10 o'clock in the evening, Lu Chen ended the live broadcast.

    At this time, he received a call and the number display was from Deep Sea.

    When Lu Chen saw the area code displayed on the cell phone screen, the first thought that came to mind in his mind was…

    The money is coming!


Where are you sending money, where are you sending the referral ticket? Ask for Ahhhhhh!

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