Chapter 66—After the Autumn Account

    Deep Sea City, CBD Central Business District, Fortune Building, 68th Floor.

    [Starlight show] headquarters.

    At 10 o'clock in the evening, it is still brightly lit, and the special nature of the live broadcast platform requires employees to work night shifts.

    Zhang Guang Jie leaned on the executive chair and stared at the 32-inch screen in front of him. His eyes seemed to have a huge storm, and a horrible Strong would break out at any time.

    The 40-year-old middle-aged man is tall and handsome, and looks ordinary. He is a passer-by who can't find it in the crowd, but more than 200 employees of Starlight Media have a deep memory of his image. .

    Because Zhang Guangjie is the CEO of Starlight Media, he has a strong iron fist and is very popular. If an employee is accidentally caught by him, the end is often very miserable.

    Since he entered the Starlight Media Company, the number of employees who have been dismissed by hand has reached double digits!

    At this moment, the CEO's face is filled with clouds, indicating that his anger has accumulated to a high degree.

    Just waiting for the victim to appear!

    叮 铃铃~

The phone that was on the side of the computer suddenly sounded, and the red light flashed to show that the call request came from the inside line.

    Zhang Guang Jie reached out and pressed the button.

    Inside the phone, the gentle and sweet voice of the secretary sounded: "Zhang Zong, Manager Zhao has come."

    Zhang Guang Jie said: "Let him come in."

    After that, he cut off the call.

    After a moment, a thin-faced little-eyed eagle hooked the man's door and walked in. I saw Zhang Guangjie immediately and respectfully asked: "Zhang Zong, are you looking for me?"

    Zhang Guang Jie nodded in no expression: "Sit down."

    The face-lifting man swallowed his throat subconsciously and sat down carefully across from Zhang Guangjie.

    Zhao Deping is the manager of the operation and management department of Starlight Media. He is the only one in the Transportation Management Department. However, in the face of Zhang Guangjie, he is not much different from ordinary employees.

    He is a mouse, Zhang Guang is a cat, and one thing falls!

    Zhao Deping knows very well that as long as Zhang Guangjie says, one's own can be rolled down from the throne of the management department manager.

    After sitting down, Zhang Guangjie did not speak and stared at Zhao Deping until the latter had sweat on his forehead.

    Zhang Guang suddenly asked: "Manager Zhao, how long have you been to Starlight Media?"

    Zhao Deping quickly replied: "Two years, it will take two years."

    The establishment time of [Starlight Show] is not long, so Zhao Deping is also an old employee.

    "It’s almost two years…"

    Zhang Guang Jie said with a sigh: "I remember you were wandering over the whale TV? In the past two years, I have tapped a lot of talents for the company. The star show can be developed to today's scale. You have made a contribution. ”

    Zhao Deping listened to the urge to burst into tears. He thought that one's own had made a big mistake. Now, listening to Zhang Guangjie's tone, it seems to be promoting one's own!

    He couldn't help but relax, secretly laughing at one's own suspicious ghost.

    However, the next moment, Zhao Deping's mood was instantly thrown into jail.

    "But there are quite a few employees who responded that you are acting arbitrarily in your work and can't tolerate the opinions of others. Recently, the company has received several complaints from the anchors, alleging that the traffic management party has been treated unfairly."

    Zhang Guang Jie looked at Zhao Deping with a mocking look and asked: "What is the explanation for Manager Zhao?"

    The sweat on Zhao Deping’s forehead once again came out and argued: “Zhang Zong, those are…”

    "Don't say those…"

    When he just wanted to explain a few words, he was interrupted by Zhang Guangjie: "You explain first, what is going on?"

    The CEO of Starlight Media reached out and twisted the display in front of one's own by 180 degrees to show Zhao Deping.

    Zhao Deping’s face instantly rose red!

    The screen display is exactly the forum picture of [Whale TV]. Zhao Deping is very familiar with this because he was an executive of [Whale TV] two years ago.

    But this is not the reason for his massive congestion, but the content of the post opened in the forum.

    This post was placed high in the "Lu Jiajun" fish nest section, its content includes a map and hundreds of words of complaints, said that the anchor Lu Fei encountered a super-tube pressure in the [Starlight show], was forced to sign The overlord contract, and finally led to the account has been blocked without complaints!

    The super tube 002 in the screenshot is not his Zhao Deping or who?

    Super tube 001 is Zhang Guang Jie.

    Zhao Deping almost did not spurt a blood on the spot.

    He has long forgotten this matter, because this kind of little anchor who doesn't know how to lift, he has not met one or two before, and he has never seen anyone who can pick up any storms.

    Speaking of pressure, I will suppress it, saying that the title will be the title, and the person who is obeying me will die!

    [Starlight Show] its anchor, in addition to a few top gods, other than letting him knead?

    But Zhao Deping now knows that even if it is a newcomer in the small anchor, there are also the generations of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!

    This top post is a heavy slap in the face, squatting on his face.

    I didn't know it did not matter before, but now it was slipped out by Zhang Guangjie, where did his face go?

    Zhang Guang said faintly: "I don't interfere in the affairs of the Transportation Management Department because I trust the manager Zhao…"

    "This is the anchor of Lu Fei. After being blocked in our star show, he signed a whale TV."

    "In less than a month's time, Lu Fei's highest popularity in whale TV has exceeded one million, and he won the runner-up in the just-concluded PK theme show. The current attention is more than 750,000."

    “Manager people have seen his live broadcast show, and the evaluation is a talented genius to sing a newcomer.”

    "What do you think of Manager Zhao?"

    Zhao Deping finally understood why Zhang Guangjie had to call one's own alone in the office. What employees accused the anchor of the complaint was a trivial matter. What was really terrible was that he missed a promising newcomer.

    In the current [Starlight Show] spending money to explore the talents everywhere, his mistakes can not be forgiven!

    And there is no way to argue – the post is plainly clear, there is a picture of the truth!

    Zhao Deping's mouthful bitterness, can not find a suitable reason to defend, and Zhang Guang Jie is the embarrassing role of the sand in the eyes, and then deny it will only make the CEO more resentful.

    He bowed his head and said with deep sorrow: "General Zhang, this is my fault, I will find a way to make up for it!"

    Zhang Guang Jie sighed, his right index finger gently tapping the table, it seems to be thinking.

    Zhao Deping is like a prisoner waiting for a verdict.

    After a long time, Zhang Guangjie asked: "How are you going to make up?"

    Zhao Deping suddenly revived his spirits. It was like a drowning man who got a life-saving straw. He quickly said: "There should be information about the anchor in the server. I will contact him immediately and give him a high-paying contract!"

    "Is there a manager who is not optimistic about him? Then give him another artist contract, don't believe it can't be dug! ”

    When it comes to dig people, Zhao Deping is simply a possession of the gods, and all the self-confidence moments are all back to the body.

    Zhao Deping was born in [Whale TV], and after digging [Starlight Show], he dug up [Whale TV] more than a dozen anchors. On the ability to dig corners, he is really not afraid of anyone!

    Zhang Guang nodded and said: "I have already found someone to understand. Lu Fei is currently signing an ordinary contract. His signing fee is 50,000 yuan, but Whale TV will definitely sign a new contract with him. Your time. not much."

    Zhao Deping knows that Zhang Guang Jie said that he does not interfere in the affairs of the Transportation Management Department. In fact, the CEO is very strong in controlling the company, and he still holds a lot of insiders, so the news is very well-informed.

    "That's great!"

    He immediately stood up and said: "I will contact Lu Fei immediately and talk to him tomorrow to discuss the contract!"

    Zhang Guang Jie said: "He should be in Beijing, you are going to go back soon, and the company has to hold similar events recently."

    Zhao Deping knows that this one's own has finally passed, and quickly said: "I immediately book a ticket!"

    Zhang Guang Jie nodded again and said: "Old Zhao, I am giving you the opportunity. If this matter is still going on, then I have no reason to help you suppress the internal opposition of the company. Do you understand?"

    Zhao Deping listened to his heart.

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