The sixth chapter is not easy to reject beauty

    After driving away Xiao Gao, Chen Jianhao’s attention returned to the fat man.

    His eyes were as sharp as an eagle, and the fat man shivered like a sly, and there was a little bit of cold sweat on his forehead.

    Although the fat man sound tube is said to be the oldest one in the electric room, but when BOSS screams with anger, his fat meat is trembled, and he fears that he can’t immediately find a place to hide. .

    Can't hide, he can only squeeze out a smile that is more ugly than crying: "Boss, I know it is wrong, it is Xiaogao…"

    "I know that this is a small sorghum you did…"

    Chen Jianhao interrupted his argument and said: "So this time I only deduct your bonus this month, if there is another time…"

    Can open a medium-sized bar in Houhai, Chen Jianhao is certainly not an ordinary person, savvy and sophisticated in the eyes of the sand, do not ask and guess the truth of the matter.

    As the initiator of the small high, Chen Jianhao certainly can not tolerate, but the sound tube can not be opened.

    Of course, the corresponding punishments and warnings are necessary.

    "no more chance!"

    When the fat man suddenly got a big bang, he quickly said: "I must behave in a proper manner. I will now give Xiaolu Shuyin!"

    He hurriedly went to the console.

    I did not expect Chen Jianhao to sink into it and said: "There is no need to repair Xiaolu, others are still the same."

    Originally in the Forgetting Grass Bar, there was only two Singer who didn't need to fix the sound. That was the signing of Singer Zhang Nana and the lead singer Qin Hanyang. Both of them were pillars.

    Now add Lu Chen!

    Chen Jianhao’s entanglement is that I am afraid that Lu Chen will fly at night, and the world here is really too small.

    Pointing at the fat man's head, he left the electric room.

    Lu Chen just sang the second time, "You at the same table", and got more warm applause from the audience.

    There is also a reward for a beer!

    "Small land, sing two more!"Someone shouted.

    In response to so many rewards, Lu Chen also wants to sing a few more songs, but if the bar is a small Jiang Hu, then Jiang Hu has the rules of Jiang Hu, his little shrimp is not qualified to ignore the rules.

    As Singer, singing two songs is a part of it. It is not too much to sing at the request of the guests, but if you want to continue to dominate the table, it will arouse the public anger – other Singers will watch you sing. what?

    So when I saw Host coming out, Lu Chen immediately got up and said: "Thank you, thank you!"

    At this time, he happened to see Chen Jianhao beckoning to one's own after the bar, so he gave way to the stage and gave the stage to the new sister.

    Putting the guitar in the back room, Lu Chen rushed to the front of the bar.


    "Sit down and talk…"

    Chen Jianhao nodded and motioned to sit down and said, "You sang well today. You have a taste at this table. I don't think you have such strength. I used to look away."

    Lu Chen was very embarrassed to scratch his head and didn't know how to explain it.

    To be honest, even his one's own has felt like a dream, and it's not really true.

    Fortunately, Chen Jianhao did not mean to ask questions. He pointed to the charming woman sitting next to one's own and said: "This is my cousin Su Liangmei. She has just started a media company with you. Interested, so I want to talk to you about the signing issue."


    Lu Chen couldn't believe the ear of one's own: "Signing a media company?"

    This is what he had never dreamt of even dreaming before. Everything happened too fast, and good things came one after another!

    Su light eyebrow smiled: "Yes, it is you!"

    “I introduce myself, I am Director of Light Rain Media’s Director Su Xiaomei, I like the song you sing.”

    She extended her hand to Lu Chen: "You call me my eyebrows."

    "Su Director Hello…"

    Lu Chen reached out and shook her hand, feeling soft and soft, and a heart could not help but jump.

    Su Xiaomei smiled. She did not correct Lu Chen’s name for one’s own. She said: “Our Light Rain Media Company mainly involves entertainer, film and television production, large-scale events, new media, etc., and is currently recruiting talented new artists. If you like, then we can sign a formal contract tomorrow."

    After the initial excitement, Lu Chen gradually calmed down. He asked: "Su Director, if it is convenient, can I first look at the contents of the contract?"

    If Lu Chen got the chance to sign the contract yesterday, he would not have any hesitation at all. However, Lu Chen now has a huge wealth of the world and has just been proved.

    Therefore, the temptation to sign a media company is great, but not enough to make him lose his mind.

    Su Xiaomei was a little surprised and smiled. "Of course, no problem. I have a new artist's contract template Save Data in my cell phone. I will open it for you to see, and send it to you with Fetion."

    Lu Chen said quickly: "That would be a hassle to borrow the cell phone of Su Director, so hurry up…"

    The broken cell phone in his pocket, don't take it out and offer ugly.

    Su Xiaomei took the take action machine from her bag with the “CHANEL” logo on her surface, unlocked it with her fingerprints, and handed it to Lu Chen.

    The 5.5-inch Ultra HD screen clearly shows the enlarged text terms.

    The content of the new artist contract is very long. If you want to read it all carefully, it will not be done in a moment. However, Lu Chen has looked at a few things, and it is already more and more shocked.

    This contract is far more demanding than his imagination!

    In the past, Lu Chen watched the news on the Internet and brushed the blog. He often saw that there was a dispute between a certain actor, a certain Singer and the Entertainment Manager Corporation. It was aroused that the lawsuit was raging. The reasons why Celebrity used to accuse the owner were always inevitable. The contract signed by both parties.

    Too harsh, uninhabited, free, exploited…In short, all kinds of misery.

    At that time, Lu Chen was only watching the lively, and he didn't believe it. Celebrity would all play, and the enthusiasm of sympathy would change from the tens of thousands of people. Everyone is accustomed to it.

    But now that he has just touched this circle, he knows that many things are not all fake.

    This new artist contract must first be signed for 10 years, and within 10 years, Lu Chen can not leave Light Rain Media.

    And the default money Gundam 10 million!

    If he signed, it means that the most beautiful youth Era in life will be sold to the other party!

    Just this clause made Lu Chen feel resentful in his heart.

    Secondly, the contract stipulates that during the training and internships, new artists can only get the statutory minimum salary, no welfare, no bonus, and no private work to earn extra money.

    Lu Chen thinks, it is better to find a piece of tofu and kill it.

    In addition, after signing the contract, his right to portrait, creation of copyright and so on will be owned by the company, according to qualifications and benefits to get dividends, starting only 10%!

    Lu Chen can't stand it anymore, although there are many complicated terms behind it.

    He handed the cell phone back to Su Liangmei and said: "Su Director, I am sorry, I don't want to sign this contract."


    Su Xiaomei frowned and asked: "You made a decision without reading it. Is it too anxious?"

    Lu Chen replied replied: "The first few terms are not suitable for my situation, so I am really sorry."

    His family owes a huge debt, one's own hard work in Beijing, although tired but at least a good income, while maintaining life, can send a lot of money to the home every month.

    If you sign this contract and don't say anything behind it, the previous days will not go on.

    The most important thing is the right clause. According to the requirements of the contract, the copyright of the songs he created, all the company must take away, and at most he will be thrown at him with a little leftovers!

    If it was the previous Lu Chen, perhaps didn't care about this at all, but now that he has a huge treasure house, how can he give it to others?

    Not to mention the terms that restrict freedom…

    However, Su Xiaomei didn't understand Lu Chen's mind, thinking that he was bargaining, it was very unpleasant.

    She thought about it and said: "If it is a clause, all the entertainment, media and Manager Corporation, the new artist's contract is almost the same, you only need to sign this contract, our light rain media will use a lot of resources You cultivate, pack, and promote, you don't just look at the Xiaoxiao benefits in front of you!"

    "Let's think about it again, don't be impulsive, miss the opportunity!"

    Su Xiaomei wants to tell this kid, how many people want this contract and not get it!

    However, Lu Chen did not like her aggressive tone. Nowadays, she is not sorrowful. "I am sorry, Su Director. It may be that I am now blind and I will have the opportunity to cooperate again in the future."

    You are very beautiful, you are very rich, you are the director of the media company, but what about?

    I have nothing to ask you, why should you listen to you?

    Lu Chen straightened his waist and used his gaze to tell the other party, one's own rejection and persistence!

    Although it is not easy to reject this beauty director.


    Su Xiaomei was almost angry and laughed – really boast shamelessly!

    How handsome is it, what can you play, and when you write an original, you think that one's own is amazing?

    too naive!

    If there is a glass of water in front of him, Su Xiaomei will definitely pour it on Lu Chen’s head, so that he can be sober and awake.


    Seeing that the two sides had a dispute, the atmosphere became arrogant. Chen Jianhao, sitting next to him, coughed two times and said: "Small land, not as good as this, you can think about it after you go back in the evening, tomorrow…"

    "No need tomorrow!"

    Su light eyebrows stood up and froze, and cleanly pushed the cell phone back into the kun bag. The glamorous and pretty face showed a proud color: "Light rain media, this small temple, can't afford this god, this Miss is leaving first!"

    As soon as the voice fell, she turned away and disappeared into the door of the bar.

    It’s just that her figure is reflected in the back.

    Chen Jianhao and Lu Chen are speechless. The former sighed and said: "The money is not given…"

    Lu Chen couldn't help but smile. He had never seen one's own boss have such a witty side before.


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