Chapter 41—Nobody wants to take it away!

    Faced with countless pairs of surprises, or doubts, or shocked eyes from the audience.

    Lu Chen smiled very calmly.

    He said: "Before you start singing, please allow me to replace this guitar first."

    Lu Chen held the piano pillow and lifted the guitar. He turned and pointed to Qin Hanyang, who was standing at the background of the performance. "Da Qinge, can you lend me an electric guitar?"


    Qin Hanyang loudly promised, and turned back without thinking, and brought one's own that electric guitar.

    Then three steps and two steps to the stage.

    His electric guitar is Fender from United States. Fanta has the best quality among all similar brands. Of course, the price is amazing. Qin Hanyang has always been regarded as a treasure after he bought it, and never used it for others.

    But now he did not hesitate to lend the Fanta electric guitar to Lu Chen.

    Not only that, Qin Hanyang personally connected the electric guitar to the cable and sent it to Lu Chen’s hand.

    Lu Chen did not think that Qin Hanyang actually sent one's own electric guitar.

    He took the electric guitar from Qin Hanyang and exchanged the acoustic guitar for the other party. Then he said, "I will tell you about this. This is the lead singer of the band, Qin Hanyang, Qin Brother!"

    Qin Hanyang was caught off guard and quickly waved to the audience: "Hello everyone!"

    The audience returned with warm applause and a whistle.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you, Daqin, Daqin, and so on will also go to stage performances, everyone will see you again."


    “I would also like to thank the Blue Lotus Bar. It is a blue lotus that gives us a lot of opportunities for Singers who are wandering in Beijing like me, so that we can meet each other on such a wonderful night!”

    "The name of the song below is called Blue Lotus. I will give it to the Blue Lotus Bar and give it to all those who yearn for freedom and pursue their dreams. You are!"

    As soon as the voice fell, Lu Chen raised his head and looked straight ahead, his eyes were extremely firm!

    "Nothing can stop…"

    At the same time as the first sentence sang, Lu Chen slammed the strings.

    The prelude sounded, not intense but with the Voice of Strength, which instantly rushed into everyone's ears.

    "Your yearning for freedom,

a life of emptiness,

Your heart is careless!

    Through the dark years,

I was also embarrassed,

When you look down,

Only then found the way under the feet.

    The free world in the heart,

So clear and high,

In full bloom, never dying,

Blue Lotus! ”

    This song is completely different from "In the Spring". It has no sad feelings, no love for the past, no passion for burning with passion, it brings people into the innocent plateau.

    It is the place closest to the sky, pure, clear, high, and able to wash the mind freely.

    With ideals, I love the beauty of everything, firm, calm, quiet, and sing loudly.

    "Nothing can stop,

Your yearning for freedom,

a life of emptiness,

Your heart is careless!

    Through the dark years,

I was also embarrassed,

When you look down,

Only then found the way under the feet.

    |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||The free world in the heart,

So clear and high,

Full bloom,

Blue Lotus~”

All people, all The audience listened quietly, as if bathed in the warm sunshine, they could clearly feel the strength from the song, and could not help but be evoked countless good memories.|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

    There is not a lot of rhetoric in the lyrics of "Blue Lotus". The tunes are not ups and downs. However, the touch and shock that it brings to people is not inferior to "In the Spring".

    A song, a baptism of the soul!

    The entire performance site was quiet again. More than 2,000 spectators solidified into a living sculpture. No one spoke or no applause, they were listening and moving.

    Until the end disappears.

    Chang Wei suddenly woke up like a dream. He grabbed Chen Jianhao's arm and said in an unquestionable tone: "Old Chen, this song I want, no one wants to steal it!"

    Chen Jianhao was caught by his arm and hurt, and smiled bitterly: "Chang the boss, you have to discuss with Xiaolu."

    Chen Jianhao understands the excitement of Chang Wei.

    A really good song can be met and not demanded, especially the classic that can be sung for a long time. Chang Wei’s song is certainly not a one's own name, but for his bar, this song is simply It is an invaluable treasure!

    Imagine a band in the Blue Lotus Bar singing "Blue Lotus", the picture and scene…

    Chen Jianhao suddenly felt a trace of embarrassment.

    Lu Chen actually wrote "Blue Lotus" for Blue Lotus. Why don't you write "Forgetting Grass" for you?

    Chang Wei smiled, and he let go of his hand, his eyes showing a sly look.

    "You are his boss, he always has to listen to you, and he said it again, this song is for the blue lotus."

    Where did Chen Jianhao go, he shook his head and said: "He also said to everyone! In fact, Xiao Lu, he…"

    "It's quite a shortage of money, as long as you are willing to pay the money…Well, don't tell others, his temper is a little embarrassing! ”

    Chang Wei glared at Chen Jianhao.

    They are all foxes of the millennium.

    The meaning revealed in Chen Jianhao’s words is very clear. As long as he is willing to spend his money, he can naturally win this song. If you don’t want to spend more, then don’t say anything more.

    Lu Chen’s temper is a bit awkward!

    Chang Wei thought about it and reached out and asked a waiter to tell him: "You have to go to the backstage and give me the Lu Chen Teacher. I said that I have something to discuss with him."

    The waiter replied: "Good boss, I will go over!"

    Chang Wei did not feel relieved and told him: "Remember the polite!"

    "Chong!"Rush! ""Rush! ”

    At this time, the scene was once again ringing the familiar shouts. The audience impressed by Lu Chen’s second original new song not only did not have enough addiction, but more and more eager to hear the wonderful Music again!

    Only their enthusiasm can not continue to retain Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen held the electric guitar and bowed to the audience: "Thank you, thank you!"

    Then he walked down the stage in a "rushing" sound.

    The audience regretted, helpless, and lamented.

    The warm applause sounded, and it was more appreciated!

    Lu Chen’s evening singing is perfect. A piece of “In the Spring”, “Blue Lotus”, has captured all the scenery tonight. All the bands in front and Singer are incomparable. I believe there is no comparable latecomer. .

    Therefore, he can no longer continue to show the limelight, after all, this is not the home of the grass.

    To know that behind him is the pillar of the Blue Lotus, the new signing of the Light Rain Media's North Arrows band!

    What Lu Chen didn't know was that while he was off the stage, the lead singer and Captain Gan Lang in the backstage of the show was suffering from an indescribable suffering.

    Originally, he had a full confidence in one's own and the North Arrows band. I believe that this evening, with two original works, I will become an absolute protagonist on the stage and make a good start for signing a new company.

    The result was first to play Lu Chen, using a "In the Spring" to crush his confidence into a broken bone, and then use the second "Blue Lotus" to let him lose all courage.

    Can't compare, don't want to compare or dare than!

    It is ridiculous that before this, Gan Lang still pointed to Lu Chen, who did not want to lose the ugly.

    Now think about it, he feels that the old face of one's own is panicked.

    Gan Lang squatted and stood up, said to Qin Hanyang and Na Jie: "Da Qin, Na sister, then you will be played, I…I have something to go! ”

    Not waiting for the two to answer, Gan Lang turned away from the employee channel, even the one's own band's companions did not say hello!

    His little friends are shocked!

    Qin Hanyang and Na sister look at each other in dismay.

    The two knew that Gan Lang was obviously hit by Lu Chen's new song, so that his mentality was unbalanced. It is wise to give up to go on stage in such a situation. Otherwise, there is no state to sing a good song.

    In this regard, neither Qin Hanyang nor Na Jie, do not know what to say.

    Gan Lang’s luck is too bad, or the choice of opponent is too strong!

    Who can know beforehand?

    "Qin Ge, Na Jie!"

    Lu Chen, who knew nothing, returned to the background and smiled and asked: "What are you talking about?"

    Na sister laughed and hugged Lu Chen with her arms wide open.

    "Small land, Congratulations you!"


Note: "Blue Lotus" word / song: Xu Wei.

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