Chapter 47—New Home and New Life

    At noon is Zhang Ying’s guest.

    The location is in the restaurant of Jingtai Commercial City near Jinchengyuan. Zhang Ying is from the land of Sichuan and Chongqing. She has the straightforward and pungent style of Sichuan and Chongqing people, and she is also savvy in Beijing.

    When I was 19 years old, I came to Beijing and spent five years in Beijing. Although I didn’t make a name for myself, I was able to open up a business that belongs to one's own, at least compared to Li Feiyu and Chen Xiaomei, both of whom are Beijing drifters, and Lu Chen, half a month ago. She is already very well mixed.

    But Beijing is good, not home.

    So this meal is also a farewell meal, after dealing with the house, Zhang Ying is going home.

    Li Feiyu and Chen Xiaomei are a bit stunned. The latter is even red-faced and very reluctant.

    Zhang Ying, a little sister of one's own, said: "Xiaomei, I will come to Rongcheng after I miss my sister, and Li Ge is really good. If he is willing to work hard, you will give him a chance."

    The voice she spoke was not light, so Lu Chen and Li Feiyu standing next to each other could hear clearly, and the latter's face suddenly became red, and couldn't help but look at Chen Xiaomei with a hot look.

    His thoughts on Xiaomei can be seen by individuals!

    Chen Xiaomei said with a shyness: "Don't mention him, if you want to chase me, you have to come up with something real!"

    Zhang Ying smiled and hugged her, said to Lu Chen: "Handsome guy, I and Xiaomei go first. If there is anything, you can call me, nothing to talk to your sister!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "I wish you a good trip!"

    The landlord of the new house lives far away from abroad. Basically, it is not coming back. Zhang Ying was originally a lease with the landlord’s agent at Domestic. As long as the rent and property fees are paid on time, there will be nothing at all.

    Of course, the contact information of the two people is still exchanged.

    Zhang Ying and Chen Xiaomei are gone. Li Feiyu looks at their backs and is crazy.

    Lu Chen patted his shoulder and said, "Don't look at it, there is still a chance, let me move it first!"

    In fact, Lu Chen would like to tell Xiao Fei Fei that his hope of chasing Xiaomei is really small, but people must always pursue their lives. Whether it is pursuing a career or a girlfriend, it is better to have a goal.

    Moving is actually very simple.

    The single apartment is complete and the room door lock can be replaced.

    Originally, Lu Chen wanted to call a locksmith to come to the house. I didn’t expect Li Feiyu to volunteer. I actually bought one of the locks and got a service fee of at least 100 for Lu Chen.

    The side of the Jingming community is a little troublesome. Lu Chen first asked the landlord to cancel the rent and get back the deposit of one's own.

    Such a basement renting house with good location and low price is very popular in Beijing. There is no need to worry about renting out. Lu Chen is retiring in advance, so the landlord has not left it.

    As for the luggage, in addition to a few clothes and a few books, Lu Chen has the same broken computer.

    The new home already has a new computer. This old machine should be retired and raised for a long time. However, Li Feiyu was well informed and helped Lu Chen find a tenant in the same community. The 450 yuan was connected to the other party with a mouse and keyboard.

    Let this old machine continue to play the heat!

    The money did not receive Lu Chen, and added 150 to make up 600 pieces. He asked Li Feiyu to go to Master Chen’s private kitchen to order a table and a set meal, and invited neighbors to eat at night.

    During this time, the live broadcast of the morning and the morning will inevitably affect the neighbors living in the basement. Although no one said anything to him, he still feels a little embarrassed and takes a chance to make up for it.

    As long as you are at home today, you are willing to come, please come all!

    Li Feiyu invited people to order food. Lu Chen ran to the nearby Merchant Shop supermarket and bought a lot of new daily necessities for one's own. Things such as bed sheets, towels, toothpaste and toothbrush were put in the new home.

    In the morning, he first hit 300,000 homes, and then paid 30,000 yuan for renting. Now, the cost of spending is zero, and the total amount of money in the bank account, Yi Fubao and pockets is not enough.

    Back to the night before liberation!

    But Lu Chen didn't care too much because he was full of confidence in the future of one's own.

    Dinner is also a farewell meal, but the objects are different.

    The 12-person wine table was full of seats, and all that came was coming. Except for Li Feiyu, they were Lu Chen’s neighbors, eleven men and women, and they all sat down after adding the position.

    In the past, everyone was nodding. When they met, there was nothing to say. Today, Lu Chen moved to treat the guests. Instead, they opened their voices and talked happily.

    I learned that Lu Chen was moving to the Jinchengyuan District. They were very envious and congratulated.

    I can move out of the basement and live in a rented single apartment. It seems to be a success in many Beijing drifts!

    The meal was very lively, and it ended at 8 o'clock in the evening. The beer had dried up three boxes.

    Li Feiyu drank a bit too big, his eyes straightened and he was stunned. After Lu Chen bought the order, he sent him back to the dwelling. As a result, the guy lay down on the bed and slumbered.

    When Lu Chen returned to one's own new home, it was already 9 o'clock in the evening.

    The new house is very clean, and there is still the atmosphere left by the former owner. It is a female popularity with a perfume.

    Put the newly bought toothbrush and toothbrush in the bathroom and hang a new towel and bath towel. Lu Chen took a hot bath and then laid comfortably on the Simmons bed with the new sheets.

    Staring at the beautiful pattern on the metal ceiling surface of the ceiling, he has a little real feeling.

    It seems that I returned to a few years ago. At that time, Lu Chen’s father had not passed away. His family was still very good. The room he lived in was bigger than this, and the decoration was more refined and luxurious…

    He closed his eyes and after a while he reopened, and the scene remained.

    Really not a dream!

    The cell phone resting on the bedside table suddenly rang.

    Lu Chen suddenly woke up, quickly rolled over and explored the cell phone, and slammed the call button.

    "Hello there!"

    The voice from the phone is very strange: "Hello, is Mr. Lu Chen?"

    Lu Chen did not look at the cell phone call, and could not hear who the other party was. He could not help but ask: "Yes, may you ask me?"

    "Hello, Mr. Lu Chen…"

    The other party said: "I am Wu Shanshan of the whale TV, which is a coral fish."

    Lu Chen said: "Hello, hello, it turned out to be Miss Wu. Is there anything?"

    When Lu Chen was swept out by the [Starlight Show], this "Coral Fish" invited him to join [Whale TV] and gave him a formal contract with a signing fee of 50,000 yuan.

    For Lu Chen at that time, it can really be said that it was a charcoal in the snow. Lu Chen has always been grateful.

    Now he is in the thriving business of [Whale TV], and there are also factors that support the support.

    Lu Chen and Wu Shanshan have always had contact, but basically they are talking on Fetion.

    Wu Shanshan said: "It is not convenient on the phone. Can you talk on the flight?"

    Lu Chen quickly replied: "No problem, please wait!"

    He got up and left the bedroom and ran to the living room.

    The living room area of ​​this single apartment is not much larger than the bedroom, so only a simple three-seat sofa and a computer desk are placed. The large-screen LCD TV is hung on the wall, and the space is full.

    The set of desktop computers was also left by Zhang Ying. The discount was sold to Lu Chen. Lu Chen did not open it at that time. He only saw the screen chassis and the keyboard and mouse are very new, and they are still famous brands, so they agreed to use 3000 pieces. The money is bought, plus the rent is 30,000.

    Zhang Ying did not want Lu Chen to pay the deposit, so he was too embarrassed to continue to bargain.

    Turning on the power of the computer, the Speed ​​of the System startup is very fast, and it takes less than 10 seconds to enter the desktop.

    Lu Chen immediately knew that 3000 pieces were absolutely no loss, but out of habit, he checked the configuration.

    What the hell!

    Lu Chen looked dumbfounded.

    This set of computer is very high, belonging to the mainstream flagship level, six-core super high frequency CPU, memory is 32G, 1T capacity SSD solid state drive, graphics card is also the latest generation, can play all the games on the market.

    Lu Chen University is a computer application. The front section time has also thought about replacing the classic machine, so he knows very well about the computer hardware. Knowing that such a configuration is all the online shopping accessories one's own, no 15000+ is not taken at all. Down.

    27-inch monitors are high-end goods with 2K resolution!

    He suddenly remembered that Zhang Ying mentioned that this computer was given to her by someone else. She has never used one's own.

    Lu Chen is speechless – dare to ask which local tyrant?

    Finally, he did not forget the business, open the Feixin landing, so as not to let Wu Shanshan wait for a long time.


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