Chapter 49 I want to have a home

    At 12 o'clock in the evening, many people have already been immersed in their dreams.

    But for other people, the nightlife that belongs to them is just beginning.

    The front of the magic show ended, Na sister boarded the stage.

    The performance stage of the Forgetting Grass Bar is not big. She can't count how many songs she has sung on one's own, even if she is closed her eyes, she can stand in a familiar position.

    However, tonight's sister Na is particularly excited and excited, as if she was the first time to date with boys, even if the results may not be wonderful, but the process is undoubtedly worthy of recollection.

    Faced with more than two hundred people in the bar who knew or didn't know, she held the microphone in her hand.

    For this first singer, Ms. Na did a lot of preparations and took the 彷徨 band to rehearse again and again.

    Although Daqin is very supportive and doesn't mind, she really can't feel the friend of one's own.

    Therefore, she will never allow one's own to sing!

    Behind Na's sister, Qin Hanyang is playing with the band.

    They will also accompany the performance of Na.

    Finally, Lu Chen.

    Before coming to forget the grass, Lu Chen didn't even think of it. Qin Hanyang actually left a position for one's own when he arranged the arrangement. The guitar accompaniment in the two sections was very simple and very light, but the meaning was completely different. .

    Be a surprise egg!

    Snapped! Snapped! 啪~

Na sister has not sang yet, and the warm applause first rang in the bar.

    Among the people who came to the Forgetting Grass Bar tonight, many of them are old customers who know and are familiar with Na, and many of them are friends in the circle. Everyone knows that she is going to sing new song.

    "Na sister keep it up!"

    Enthusiastic shouts and loud whistles followed, and the atmosphere was easily pushed to the climax.

    Also let Na's eyes have a little bit of crystal tears.

    She is the old Jiang Hu who has experienced great winds and waves. Her life is ups and downs, and she would not be moved easily!

    "Thank you, thank you very much!"

    Ms. Na took a deep breath and then raised her microphone and said, "I am very happy to have so many friends coming to cheer this evening. I am really happy and very happy. Thank you for bringing it to everyone!"

    "Thank you" is a light rock and roll work in the romantic smash hit in the early 1990s. The melody is full of blood and vitality. The lyrics are positive and sunny, and there is a striking effort.

    The classic Charm won't fade easily because of time. Instead, it will become more mellow and touching. This song has been sung many times so far, and can often be heard in Houhai Bar, with a variety of versions.

    Lu Chen also used to play "Thank You" here.

    And Na's singing style is completely different from him. Under the accompaniment of the band, she excavated the inner spirit of the song and sang the taste of real rock and roll with a unique voice.

    "Thank you for spending every minute of my life, let me have sunshine, let me have Strength!"

    "Thank you for your support without regrets, let me get rid of the darkness, and let me not be weak!"

    "thank you!"

    A song ended, and the audience applauded!

    Although it is a warm-up song, Na's performance is very good, skills and feelings are in place, showing a deep foundation and experience, worthy of the big sister's status in the Singer.

    Many of the customers present know how to understand Music, and listening to nature will not applaud.

    "Thank you!"

    After singing "Thank you," Ms. Na thanked everyone for her salute.

    When the applause subsided, she continued: "The second song I will sing below, I believe many people already know, it will be a new song, a new song I have been preparing for a long time!"

    "And this song is also written by my morning talent, Lu Chen, for me!"

    Ms. Na turned and looked at Lu Chen, who was sitting in the band with her peers, and there was a hint of gratitude in her eyes.

    Music Xiaocaizi has just been circulated in Houhai Circle and belongs to Lu Chen’s new nickname.

    The Houhai circle is not big, so there is news that is often spread fast. The two original works he sang on the Music Carnival Night were sold at an amazingly high price, and they have been spread all over the circle.

    Plus Lu Chen has been singing "You at the same table" and "Cinderella" in the grass, this nickname is worthy of the name.

    Ms. Na added another sentence: "Accurately, it should be our handsome little talent!"

    "Xiao Lu handsome guy!"

    Applause and laughter sounded at the same time. Lu Chen was very embarrassed to stand up with the guitar and waved to everyone.

    You don't want to play the handsome guy again, the protagonist at night is not me!

    The next moment, the prelude quietly sounded.

    The beam of the stage spotlight hit the body of Na, making her the focus of the whole audience.

    "The name of this song is called, I want to have a home."

    She smiled at the audience and smiled at the beginning of the prelude with her eyes closed.

    Then very natural, she sang a song that she had practiced and did not know how many times.

    "I want to have a home,

A place that doesn't need to be gorgeous.

    When I am tired,

I will think of it.

    I want to have a home,

a place that doesn't need much,

When I was scared,

I am not afraid.


    Beautiful and melodic melody, straightforward and realistic lyrics with just the right arranger accompaniment, under the perfect interpretation of Na's unique voice, it seems to flow like water in the hearts of everyone, touch the soul!


Who would not want home,

But some people don't have it.

    There are tears on his face.

Only one's own can be gently rubbed.

    I envy him,

Can go home after the injury,

And I can only be alone,

Looking for my home alone.


    Tears, once again in the eyes of Na sister, she closed her eyes, afraid to shed tears.

    Happy families are always similar, unfortunate families have their own misfortunes, and the family born by Najie is undoubtedly one of the most unfortunate. She has been drifting away from home and has never returned home for more than 20 years. .

    Because that family has long ceased to exist, it is a distant memory that you want to forget.

    However, in her heart, I don't want to have a real home that belongs to one's own!

    Tears, still unable to stop flowing down, but the accompaniment and singing became very high and fierce!


Although I have never had a warm home,

But I grew up like that,

As long as the heart is full of love,

Will be cared for,

Can't blame anyone,

Everything can only rely on one's own.

    Although you have a home, there is nothing missing.

Why can't you see your smile?

Always say no love,

Don't go home all day,

The same age,

Different minds,

Let me have a home!


    While singing Singing and venting her emotions, Na sister resisted not looking at someone who was sitting down at the moment because she was afraid that one's own eyes would reveal her heart and fear the pain of being rejected. .

    She has been rejected too many times.

    Under her strong and optimistic appearance, what is hidden is a fragile and sensitive heart.

    After the first sing, the applause sounded again, neat and warm.

    Many people stood up and applauded, applauded hard, and even tears appeared in the eyes of some people.

    They are like Mr. Na, who have been wandering in Beijing for many years. Although some people have already achieved their careers, some people earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. They can afford to live in an apartment hotel and can afford a car loan.

    But they used to live in the basement. They used to be crowded in the subway. They used to rely on instant noodles for a day and a day. They faced countless difficulties and frustrations, and they were numb in the increasingly heavy work and entertainment.

    At that time, even now, they are eager to have a warm home, eager to have a kind-hearted husband or a gentle and beautiful wife, and an obedient child who can happily go out on weekends. play.

    No matter what you have experienced outside, your home will always be a quiet harbor, a sanctuary for healing!

    This "I want to have a home" sings the voices of all people, causing resonance from the heart, they feel the same, they can't help themselves!

    "I want to have a home, a place that doesn't need to be gorgeous!"

    Lu Chen sat on the bench and looked at the sister on the stage with his guitar. The mind flew thousands of miles away.

    At this moment, he misses the home of one's own!


Note: "I want to have a home" word / song: Pan Meichen.

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