Chapter 42—Invitation of Chang Wei

    "You are going to be red!"

    Sister Na is very sure to say: "100%!"

    Qin Hanyang, who was next to her, nodded hard and agreed with Na’s assertion.

    "You at the same table", "Cinderella", "In the Spring" and "Blue Lotus", four original four boutiques, Lu Chen has fully demonstrated the amazing talent and talent, plus his singing and outside Type, no red, no reason!

    By the way, I have to add the song he wrote to Ms. Na, which is five original works that are qualified to achieve classics!

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Thank you, Najie!"

    He is not so optimistic.

    Since this time, Lu Chen has searched the Internet for a lot of information about the Entertainment Circle in addition to the songs in his memory. Whether it is public information or insider information, or the things that catch the wind, he has never let go. Try to understand the mainstream circle that this one's own will be set foot on.

    Today's times are not in the 1980s and 1990s, and even in the past ten years, there have been tremendous changes.

    The former Singer Music people can rely on a good work to go to the north and south, and then use a song to eat for a few years or even a dozen years, earning a lot of enthusiasm.

    In the new century, with the great development of the entertainment industry and the all-round rise of the online world, such good things have been rare, because people's eyes have broadened, the level of appreciation has greatly increased, and the demand for audio-visual enjoyment has also risen.

    The traditional Singer wants to make a name for it, so it takes a lot of effort to promote it. At the same time, New Generation's network Singer is rapidly emerging with the advantages of new media.

    A good song, through the network of viral communication can quickly become popular, even if not selling albums, relying on multi-channel methods such as ring tones download, etc., also make a big profit.

    And now, fame is already a mission-level difficulty in hell. It's not that you are handsome, Singing, or able to stand out from the crowd, and you still need a lot of huge publicity and hype.

    In order to be famous, some people have exhausted all kinds of inferior speculations. This has made the Entertainment Circle cast a layer of eccentric color. I don't know how many talented and talented people are stuck in, and then they are silent.

    Lu Chen wants to become one of the most eye-catching Celebrity by one's own original works. The best way is to sign an entertainment or media company, and the professionals will pack the publicity and take the fastest shortcut.

    But this is exactly what Lu Chen does not want – nothing can stop, your yearning for freedom!

    For the future, Lu Chen has already had a preliminary idea.


    Of course, at this time, Lu Chen would not say what he was thinking about to disappoint everyone. He looked at the backstage and asked in confusion: "Where did Gan Langgan go?"

    It’s not Lu Chen’s intentionally face-smacking. He ended the performance and stepped down. It’s time for Gan Lang and the North Arrows band to play.

    However, Gan Lang has given up and left, his little friends want to cry and cry, where can still stay!

    Qin Hanyang coughed twice and said: "Gan brother, he has something to do, Na, let's play!"

    If you don't play again, the show will be interrupted.

    Lu Chen understood that he would not continue this topic and smiled and said: "Then I am here to give Na sisters keep it up!"

    Sister Na said: "I don't sing new song at night."

    She did not sing new song and Gan Lang's reason is completely different, the latter was the courage to be beaten by Lu Chen, but Na is not wanting to divide the glory belonging to Lu Chen.

    From the outside scene, there is still a “rushing” voice.

    This light blue Music carnival night tonight, should only be one of the brightest Celebrity!

    Qin Hanyang understood her and said: "Let's come and cooperate with two old songs!"

    The two played with the band.

    Lu Chen, like the original Qin Hanyang and Na, stood in the background and was ready to appreciate their performance.

    Although Lu Chen spent more than half a year working in the grass, I have never seen the cooperation between the two.

    Because when he was performing in the band, he got off work and went home.

    "Is it Lu Chen Teacher?"

    At this time, a waiter rushed over and politely asked Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen groaned and said: "I am, is there anything?"

    The waiter showed a relieved smile and said respectfully: "We often want the boss to ask you to go. There are important things that need to be discussed with you. I don't know if you are convenient now?"

    Sure enough!

    Lu Chen knows very well that Chang Wei asks one's own. In the past, he was discussing something. He thought about it: "It is a bit inconvenient now. When the performance of Da Qin Ge and Na Jie is over, I will pass immediately. Let me go to Chang Bo. Apologize."

    It’s not Lu Chen’s intentionally playing big cards, but just Qin Hanyang and Na’s deliberately coming forward to support one’s own, now it’s their turn to go on stage performance, no matter how useful or useful, Lu Chen has to stand here to express one’s own attitude.

    In addition, first look at each other, it will undoubtedly take some initiative in the subsequent negotiations.

    Compared with Chang Wei Changda boss, Lu Chen is undoubtedly a weak party.

    When I heard Lu Chen’s answer, the waiter’s life really felt like a dog. I couldn’t think of Lu Chen’s delay.

    In the Houhai circle, who does not know the blue lotus boss's famous name, Changda boss personally greeted, such a small Singer like Lu Chen should not immediately run away?

    This kid is too crazy!

    The waiter was secretly ridicule in his heart, but he did not forget Chang Wei's embarrassment, so it was superficial, hesitate said: "Well, I will go back and report to the boss."

    Lu Chen nodded and turned his attention back to the stage.

    The first song of the collaboration between Na and the band is the famous work "Never Desire" from Jennifer, a small country in the United States. This song is also the theme song of a Hollywood blockbuster of the same name. The latter has created more than 10 in Domestic. Billion box office record.

    Therefore, this "Never Look Down" is familiar to everyone, and although Na's cover can't be said to be perfect, she uses one's own wide range and skillful conversion skills to navigate the game.

    There are a lot of people in the audience who know the goods and know how to do it. At the climax of the sister Na, they applauded!

    The atmosphere that has just become cold due to Lu Chen’s departure has once again become hot.

    The second song is "Little Lovers" sung by Na Jie and Qin Hanyang. This song has been very popular recently. The two of them sing and match seamlessly, and the humorous and humorous performance of the lyrics and tune is vividly displayed. Small movements, from time to time, attracted bursts of applause.

    In the last "City Sky", Qin Hanyang is the protagonist of the invincible. He shocked the audience with one's own unique voice and Xiaoxiao's singing Xiaoxiao, and still won the full house!

    Although Lu Chen’s Zhu Yu was in front, the two old Jiang Hu still won the love and recognition of more than 2,000 spectators on the spot with the outstanding performance of one's own.

    When the audience was on the scene, the warm applause lasted for half a minute.

    Lu Chen also applauded hard and cheered them loudly. When the two returned to the background, they sent congratulations and raised thumbs, and gave them a warm embrace.

    Sister Na smiled: "It’s so happy today!"

    Although her appearance is very ordinary, and even a little ugly, but at this moment, the smile on the face is also very moving.

    Qin Hanyang also felt: "I haven’t appeared in the game for a long time, I feel so good!"

    In the bar, singing to hundreds of customers, and performing for more than 2,000 people on the scene, it is definitely a completely different experience. Standing on the big stage will make the adrenaline secretion speed up, and the tension is too strong to control.

    Fortunately, both of them are considered to be in battle and can live in the scene.

    "Qin Ge, Na Jie, Lu Chen Teacher!"

    The waiter just took it out again and said with a low eyebrow: "We often ask the boss to ask three people."

    His attitude is more respectful than before.

    Qin Hanyang and Na Sister are all unknown, so they are surprised at look at each other in dismay.

    They don't understand why Chang Wei asked one's own and Lu Chen to go together.

    Lu Chen’s heart is bright, and now he said: “Da Qinge, Najie, since the boss always has a request, then let’s go together, our boss is estimated to be above.”

    Qin Hanyang and Na sister relieved, thinking that it was Chen Jianhao's sake.

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