Chapter 46—Renting a House

    In the morning, ringing, getting up, dressing, washing…

    On Sunday morning, when most people were still immersed in their dreams, Lu Chen woke up as usual and started a busy day in the morning mist.

    In the artificial riverside park, sweating for two hours, eating a hearty breakfast to supplement the water and nutrition, just in time to catch up with the nearby banks to open the door.

    Lu Chen transferred 300,000 in one's own account to an account that he could not be familiar with.

    He just stepped out of the bank's door and the phone in his pocket was ringing.

    Lu Chen immediately picked it up: "Mom, I just want to call you!"

    The familiar voice came from the phone: "Xiao Chen, is the money you played?" Where did you come from so much money?"

    There is anxiety and anxiety in the voice, as well as concerns and concerns from the heart.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Of course I earned it!"

    The call to Lu Chen is his mother Fang.

    Fang Wei is an ordinary accountant of the Binhai City Local Taxation Bureau of Zhedong Province. After Lu Chen’s death, she was able to provoke the burden of this lost pillar.

    Lu Chen ran to Beijing to work, and every month he went to Fang Fang’s account to make money, so that Fang Hao would arrange to repay the creditors. Although not many, at least it would not cause people to lose hope.

    These creditors are Lu Qingsheng's relatives and friends and classmates. Many people borrowed one's own life savings out of family, trust and friendship. If there is no hope of returning, then Lujia will always carry heavy burdens. The blame.

    Lu Qingsheng passed away. What he left to his family was a huge debt that could not be repaid.

    Lu Chen was so angry, painful, desperate, and lost, but he finally came over and saw the dawn.

    For example, the warm sunshine now shines on his body and face through the leaves of the phoenix tree.

    Fang Hao said eagerly: "You child, tell the truth!"

    The child is worried about Qianli mother. Lu Chen left the university to go to Beijing to work for a year. When he was in the New Year, he didn’t go home to save money, and he didn’t want to worry about it.

    Now Lu Chen suddenly hit a huge sum of 300,000. She saw that the first reaction of the cell phone text message was not joy, but panic and fear. What was scared was what Lu Chen did badly.

    Otherwise, where did he earn 300,000?

    Lu Chen said: "Mom, you can see it when you open your Feixin."

    He expected the situation at the moment yesterday, so he signed the photo with the cell phone with the contract signed by Light Rain Media and Chen Jianhao, and sent it to Fang Wei just after the transfer.

    After spending 5 minutes of time, Fang Wei finally confirmed that one's own son did not commit crimes in Beijing.

    Lu Chen earned so much money by writing Singing songs, and a 5% stake in a bar!

    She is pleasantly surprised and proud, and her emotions are finally transformed into one sentence: "When are you going home?"

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "I came back in early June and went to the school to attend the graduation ceremony. It was right…"

    "You told my sister, let her not go to work, let her be at home.

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