Chapter 411 Grand Prize

    Numerous examples prove that it is the easiest problem for a friend to do business in partnership. Two or more good brothers work together to start a business. Perhaps can work together in the beginning, but when the business is struggling or grows, the interest will be Create cracks and eclipse the once indestructible friendship.

    Often the last business failed, and the brothers became enemies.

    Lu Chen, who has a memory of 3rd Rank, deeply understands the truth. Therefore, he did not have a big bag at the beginning. He did not sell too much interest in the most critical and sensitive equity distribution, and he took care of the dignity of Gaohe. It also fulfilled the friendship between the two sides.

    Only such cooperation can last for a long time, and it is in line with Lu Chen’s original intention.

    After negotiating the basis of cooperation, Lu Chen will send a financial officer to supervise the funds, and the work of recruiting and opening the branch will be handed over to Gao He and Wang Xiao/Ling.

    In this new company, Lu Chen will be the behind-the-scenes BOSS. The daily business affairs will be handled by Gaohe. However, after the track is over, professional managers will be introduced to better and better the company. Professional management.

    After talking about business, it is natural to talk about life.

    Gao He asked the customer service personnel to bring a box of beer, and Lu Chen bottled a bottle of fun, recalling the wonderful university Era, recalling the past.

    Gao He regrets: "It is a pity that the fourth child is on a business trip, otherwise he is better."

    "The four of us have not reunited for a long time!"

    The last time Gaohe and Wang Xiao/Ling married, the old K did not come, just flew a big red envelope to give a congratulatory gift to Gao He.

    Nowadays, everyone has a different career in Tiannanhaibei, and it is not easy to reunite.

    Wang Xiao/Ling is obviously more interested in the private affairs of superstar: "Lu Chen, when are you going to get married?"

    For this problem, Lu Chen couldn't help but touch his nose and smiled: "When did you have a baby with your boss?"

    Wang Xiao / Ling Jiao said: "I will ask you first!"

    Lu Chen Hahaha: "When you have children, then I can consider getting married!"

    For Lu Chen's rascal, Wang Xiao/Ling could only helplessly turn a blind eye.

    Gao He smirked.

    Wang Xiao/Ling couldn't help but twist him: "You still laugh, don't think so beautiful, I don't want to have children now, at least we have to wait for us to buy a house, and the cause is settled and considered."

    "I think it should be very fast that day…"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Come, let's have a drink together!"


    Even Wang Xiao/Ling was very proud to pour a full beer, and after drinking the cup with Lu Chen, he finished drinking all at once.

    "The scorpion is really a true color!"

    Lu Chen put down the wine glass, rushed her a vertical thumb, and then opened the carry-on bag to take out a stack of invitations.

    "I will open a fan meeting at the China Motors 4S flagship store tomorrow night…"

    He handed the invitation letter to Wang Xiao/Ling: "There are 7 invitations, 2 of which are yours, and 5 of them can be given to relatives and friends, and there are gifts and Lottery."

    The national tour publicity event of Lu Chen's new album was held in the form of fans' meeting in the 4S flagship store of the seven major cities. The Chinese car gave strong support.

    "Oh, is Lottery?"

    When Wang Xiao/Ling suddenly got a bright eye, he smiled and picked it up: "What is the grand prize?"

    Lu Chen said: "A new Chinese R-class wagon."

    Wang Xiao/Ling: "Ah!?"

    She was really shocked. I didn't expect a Xiaoxiao fan to meet, but I could open a prize of more than 100,000.

    Lu Chen's "The Ordinary Road" national tour publicity event was co-organized by China Motors. It not only provided venues, personnel, prizes, but even paid a seven-figure marketing fee to Lu Chen studio.

    It sounds like China Auto is alive Lei Feng, but they certainly won't make a loss.

    After the introduction of this R-class station wagon, which was endorsed by Lu Chen, with its reasonable price, novel style and excellent quality, it quickly opened up the market in the young middle-class group, and the sales volume climbed.

    Among them, Lu Chen contributed to the advertisement of Zhonghua Automobile, which made the brand image of this Chinese R-class station wagon deeply popular, and the market evaluation and reputation were quite good.

    Other automakers have seen the potential of this market, and they are all ready to enter the market. The competition will inevitably be fierce. Therefore, under such a situation, Zhonghua Motors attaches great importance to the new model publicity.

    If a new car sells well, it is hundreds of millions of billions of sales, and the marketing cost of hundreds of millions of publicity is just a slap in the face.

    Therefore, when Lu Chen Studio approached China Motors, the two sides hit it off, and China Motors not only agreed to all the cooperation terms proposed by the studio, but also added a lot of content.

    For example, the car award – this is also an excellent publicity.

    Now Lu Chen's popularity and influence are much stronger than when I was making an advertisement!

    Seven fans in the seven major cities will not only be held in the local China Motors 4S flagship store, but also have car awards in the field, there are also three for Lu Chen, Lu Chen support group blog and [Whale TV] live broadcast Lottery The value of 10 cars alone has reached 1.5 million!

    In addition to the car awards, there are computers, cell phones, shopping vouchers and more.

    Wang Xiao/Ling laughed and said nothing: "My sister must be very happy. She and many of her classmates are now your loyal fans!"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Then you remember to come on time tomorrow night."

    The meal was eaten by the guests.

    Lu Chen one's own came with a car. He first sent the Gaohe couple home, and then told the driver: "Brother Zhang, send me to West Lake, I want to go to the bridge."

    When I was in college in Hangzhou, Lu Chen often went to the West Lake for a walk. The scenery was already very familiar, but today I still missed it a bit. I drank a lot of wine at night, so I wanted to focus on the feeling of the original.

    The driver nodded: "Okay."

    The driver, Brother Zhang, is Lu Chen's new assistant, and Lin Zhijie of Fei Shi Records introduced him.

    Li Feiyu is no longer in this position, and is in charge of the network publicity in studio, managing live broadcast, official blogs and official post bars.

    Brother Zhang's real name is Zhang Xiaofang. He is in his thirties. He has been in this business for more than ten years. He has been with many artists, so his experience is very rich and his professional quality is much stronger than Li Feiyu.

    With him around to take care of the chores, Lu Chen will definitely be a lot easier.

    Zhang Xiaofang drove all the way to Beishan Road, and put Lu Chen in front of the broken bridge.


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