The 417th chapter Jiangnan

    If you change to another Singer artist, unless you are prepared in advance, Chen Feier’s request is definitely a difficult person, and even people can’t step down.

    Writing songs is actually very easy. As long as you learn the basic skills, you can also make a comeback.

    But writing songs is very difficult. The birth of a good song requires not only the inspiration, but also the usual accumulation and learning. In addition, there is a little Luck.

    Where can I get it out at any time?

    However, Lu Chen is different. His talents and abilities in his creation are well known in the circle. A first or wonderful or classic work is born in his hands, making people really convinced.

    Even so, tonight, I can hear his new work here and become a new song "The Hatsune Listener". For the fans on the scene, it is also a matter of happiness and joy.

    In the face of Chen Feier’s wishes and the expectations of the fans, Lu Chen smiled and asked: “Can I say no?”

    Chen Feier shook her head, very determined: "No!"

    Lu Chen surrendered: "That's alright."

    Chen Feier smiled and smiled: "Great!"

    The two sang one on the stage, and the audience under the audience saw it happily.

    Lu Chen took a deep breath and said: "Before singing this new song, I want to say a few words."

    The scene quickly and quietly, and even Chen Feier retreated to the side and gave the stage to Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen continued: "Hangzhou is a very special place for me. I have finished college here, and I have lived a beautiful Era. The people here, the scenery here are worthy of nostalgia. ."

    There are a lot of fans in the scene who are locals in Hangzhou, or study or work and live in Hangzhou. Lu Chen’s feelings and affection for Hangzhou are very proud.

    "Actually, I am also a half-Hangzhou people, so I will put the first album of the new album's tour publicity fans meeting here, although my current work and new home are in Beijing, but when I am old, I can't sing songs, then I will choose to retire here!"

    The applause sounded unexpectedly, which was an approval of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen finally said: "The name of this song is "Jiangnan", for you, and also for the beautiful Hangzhou!"


    Speaking of Jiangnan, who does not know Hangzhou, who does not know Xizi Lake?

    This allowed the audience to look forward to the new work of Lu Chen.

    Lu Chen still uses the guitar to accompany the new song.


The wind is sticky here,

Sticking to the thoughts of passing passengers.

    The rain is here, wrapped in a line,

Wrap us in the world of lovers.

    You are around you,

The fate is written on the top of the Sansheng Stone.

    Love is one ten thousandth sweet,

I would rather have been buried on this day!

    Circle circle circle,

Everyday, every day, every day

Look at your face deeply,

Pissed off gentle,

The gentle face of blaming!


    The most beautiful but the south of the Yangtze River, the lakes and mountains are rainy and foggy, the blue bricks and white tiles, the willows and the willows. At that time, the young spring shirts were thin, the horses leaned on the diagonal bridge, and the cardamom girls smiled back and said the endless romantic story.

    The song "Jiangnan" sings is the mysterious dream of countless talents and beautiful ladies. Its melodic melody is beautiful and moving, and it has a shocking heart like a strange peak. It is easy to evoke people's hearts for this beautiful land. Yearning for and nostalgia, as well as the love story that has been passed down through the ages.

    Lu Chen's interpretation of "Jiangnan" reflects his powerful singing skills and brilliant skills, but the feelings incorporated in the singing voice are so real and infectious.

    Although this is a brand new work, it still brings the audience into that special atmosphere.


Do not understand the love and hate of us,

I think that love is like the change of the wind.

    Believe that love is forever,

At this moment, the time is frozen.

    I don't know how to perform gentle,

I also thought that lyricism was only an ancient rumor.

    How strong is it from the sputum?

When the dream is buried in the rain in the south of the Yangtze River,

I know when my heart is broken!


    In essence, "Jiangnan" is a Love Song, Singing is the love that has never changed.

    However, its melody and style are doomed to be not a normal Love Song. Perhaps the people who are listening to this work for the first time are still unclear, but in the future they will definitely know a word about Music.

    The word is called: China Wind!

    Hundreds of spectators at the scene did not speak or distract themselves. They were already immersed in the songs of Lu Chen, as if they were in the drizzle that was unique to Jiangnan, and they were dyed with an ink painting.

    At this moment, you can enjoy Music.

    Until Lu Chen finished singing.

    "Thank you!"

    He was grateful for the guitar, and the fans of the audience couldn’t stand the applause.

    They and they are equally grateful, thanking Lu Chen for contributing a good song to everyone, a real good song!

    The applause lasted for a few minutes.

    Lu Chen asked Chen Feier: "Do you like it?"

    Chen Feier’s eyes were bright and she nodded hard – she really liked the song.

    There are also people who sing this song.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "If you like it, then can you do another thing for me?"

    Chen Feier curious: "What is it?"

    Lu Chen said: "It's very simple, help me draw the grand prize this evening!"

    Fans think of this, this evening's meeting will have the Lottery link, and the content of the award has been announced, it is a Chinese new wagon worth hundreds of thousands!

    Everyone was excited to think of the fascinating grand prize.


    The voices of the masses were so enthusiastic that Chen Feier could not find a reason for refusal.

The staff sent the prepared Lottery box to the go on stage.

    All the fans who participated in the meeting tonight had an invitation letter. The corner of the invitation was lost when entering the venue. The corresponding number was printed on it and then placed in this box to extract the reward.

    In addition to the grand prizes, there are also first, second and third prizes, including prizes for computers, cell phones, limited edition albums, etc., mainly provided by China Automotive.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier together, first drawn 20 third prize winners, followed by 10 second prizes…

    The fans who were drawn out to call one's own number were happy and disappointed, because it was Luck, but it also meant no chance of winning the grand prize.

    The car award was finally drawn, and the winner was a teenage girl.

    Putting her on the spot gave the music a break, but also laughed and cried, not excited to know what to do.

    The atmosphere at the scene also reached a new climax at this time.

    Lu Chen's new album publicity fans meet in the first stop of Hangzhou, no doubt won the perfect success!


Note "Jiangnan" lyrics: Li Ruiqi, Chen Shaoqi / Composer: Lin Junjie (unfinished ~^~)

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