Chapter 413 Small Secrets

    For any Celebrity artist, the most important thing is not the value, talent, ability or anything else, but fans.

    Fans determine the level and value of an artist to a great extent, so how to increase the popularity and keep the fans' loyalty is crucial to an artist.

    The time of Lu Chen’s debut is not long, but relying on the extraordinary achievements of Music and performing arts, the amount of popularity and fans he accumulated in just over a year is beyond the reach of most artists.

    It’s just that Lu Chen’s usual work is very busy. He almost does not accept ordinary notices. Naturally, he has less opportunities to communicate with fans. Usually he uses blogs and fans to interact.

    This is obviously not enough.

    A real big coffee, the operating time of the fans group is often as long as ten or even decades. In contrast, Lu Chen’s foundation is still very shallow. His current popularity and reputation are more like building on the beach. On the gorgeous big house, it is possible to completely collapse when a storm surges.

    In the highly competitive Entertainment Circle, similar situations are not uncommon, and some are artists who become famous overnight, and only a few superstars can always stand at the top.

    Lu Chen is very aware of the weakness of one's own, so the publicity of this new album is also an important step in his management of the fans.

    Lu Chen's fans group is mainly young people. Even if some fans are not sensible and arrogant, he will give enough tolerance and goodwill.

    "Everyone good evening, I am Lu Chen."

    Holding Hao Hao’s hand, Lu Chen stood in the middle of the stage and stood in the spotlight.

    He smiled and said: "Thank you for coming to this meeting!"


    The screams cheered in the audience. Many fans slammed the cheering sticks. Others held up the fluorescent cards with Lu Chen’s name and set off a wave of climax.

    When the sound calmed down a little, Lu Chen continued: "Everyone must be very strange. Are you guessing who is this little sister next to me?"

    Of course, he said Hao Hao.

    Hao Hao is flushed, excited and excited. He can't speak, feeling one's own is like a dream.

    In fact, when Lu Chen took her on stage, many fans were very surprised and curious.

    Because they don't know Hao Hao, I don't know why Lu Chen is holding her.

    After selling a Xiaoxiao's Guanzi, Lu Chen took the initiative to uncover the mystery: "This little sister is called Hao Hao. She just lost her way in it. The result was picked up by me. Who knows her?"

    Someone really knows: "Hao Hao!"

    Lu Chen said, "That's great, ask the parents to take her back."

    The fans suddenly laughed.

    Everyone has already understood that Hao Hao is definitely the fan of Lu Chen, and he is very courageous.

    Hao Hao was sent off the stage to meet her friends, Lu Chen is a perfect solution to a Xiaoxiao trouble.

    He sat down on the prepared high stool, re-adjusted the wireless microphone worn on his head, and picked up the guitar resting on the stool.

    Holding the guitar in his arms, Lu Chen first bowed his head and tried the audition.

    He stared at the fans at the stage and smiled and said: "Before starting today's concert, I will tell you a little secret about the guitar in my hand."

    The snoring of the fans quickly disappeared, and everyone raised their ears to listen to Lu Chen’s words.

    "This guitar was my 18th birthday, my sister gave me a gift, in order to buy it, my sister spent all of one's own savings."

    "Although I am now able to afford a new guitar ten or even hundreds of times more expensive, there is no more precious and worthy partner in my heart."

    "And it has always been with me, through the toughest Era."

    "Now I deliberately brought it over today…"

    "I want to use this guitar to tell you that you, and friends like you, are also the most precious in my heart, and they are most worth cherishing. Thank you for your support to me!"

    Lu Chen stood up again and shouted loudly: "A "The Ordinary Road", for you!"


The audience immediately gave a warm applause, and the accompanying Music came at the same time. The picture of "The Ordinary Road" advertisement MV appeared on the giant Mu.

    "Those who wander around ,on the road ,Are you leaving now?
Viavia. Fragile, proud…"

    "I've crossed untold mountains and oceans , As well as through huge crowds , "Once …"

    The "The Ordinary Road" kicked off the opening of the fans' meeting tonight. Although it was the opening publicity song, but once again sang this song, Lu Chen still poured the emotion of one's own.

    Along the way, yesterday's all kinds of things seem to be still in front of us. Sometimes Lu Chen can't tell whether one's own is in reality or in a dream, because everything is coming so fast.

    He used to be confused. He once had fears. He was afraid to wake up one day and found that everything was a dream. One's own is still the little person who struggles to live and pay debts and struggles at the bottom of Beijing.

    But now Lu Chen has already found a true path to one's own. He is no longer confused and no longer embarrassed. He has one's own dreams and ambitions, and there are loved ones and lovers who need to guard.

    Even if the road ahead is bumpy, he has no fear!

    "This is me, the only way to go!"

    In addition to the hundreds of fans on the scene, the scene of a camera mounted behind the auditorium is only locked in Lu Chen, and his image is recorded and then transmitted to the live broadcast room of [Whale TV] via the network. , presented on the computer and cell phone screens of millions of fans.

    It was only a handful of Luck fans who got the invitation to see the scene. Most of the fans can only participate in this Music event in this way and listen to Lu Chen’s song.

    [Whale TV] is also the partner of Lu Chen's new album publicity plan. For this and the following six cities, the fans will meet live broadcast, and the [Whale TV] officially made a big advertisement on the front page in advance.

    So live live broadcast has just begun, and the number of online viewers has easily broken through the million mark and quickly moved toward higher peaks.

    Li Feiyu is responsible for the anchor in the studio of Beijing, so that the atmosphere in the live broadcast room is always boiling.

    So don't look at the size of the fans meeting, it's not even as good as the audience of a notice or endorsement, but the number of fans who actually support Lu Chen is very large!


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