Chapter 419

    Beijing's Olympic Fifth Ring Gymnasium was founded in 1994 and was completed in 1999. In 2000, it was the main venue for the Beijing Olympic game. At that time, it was ranked first in the world.

    Over the past decade, this magnificent stadium has remained among the best in the world. During the renovation and repair in 2013, a lot of equipment was replaced, and the internal facilities are not outdated.

    Generally speaking, it is not a world-class Celebrity that can be used for the concert at the Olympic Stadium. It is a big coffee of the Domestic. It is very popular in the popular Musical World – there is a skill to sing to the Olympic rings!

    On September 22nd, Chen Feier [Filipino Fanfan] personal concert was held at the Olympic Wuhuan Gymnasium.

    This is not the first time she has sang in the Olympic rings, but after the transition from Sweet Singer King to Love Song, the concert that is nearly a year late will be very important to her.

    The preparatory work started as early as a few months ago. The most advanced performance company in Beijing was hired. The fast-track was taken to get the approval permit for the performance at the Olympic Wuhuan Gymnasium.

    As a place that has attracted the attention of the world, the Olympic Five-ring Gymnasium usually receives a lot of performances. There are strict requirements in all aspects. Celebrity is the one who is qualified to stand on the stage. First, there is no obvious misdeed. For example, derailment, drunk driving, smoking/drug, and 嫖/娼, how far is it?

    So don't look at the Entertainment Circle. It's very confusing. The real top Celebrity is always very personal, and most of them can keep themselves clean, otherwise there will be many places to close your door.

    The Olympic Fifth Ring Gymnasium can accommodate a total of 120,000 spectators, but if you sing, it will not sell more than 100,000 tickets because of the overall layout.

    But this is already very amazing data. According to the lowest price of 128 yuan, the 100,000 is 12.8 million. Of course, 100,000 tickets are difficult to sell all. The attendance rate is over 70%. .

    Only a handful of the top Celebrity will be filled with a full audience.

    Imagine that when you stand on the brightly lit stage, there are 100,000 spectators around you cheering, and a waving screen like a star, how dazzling it is.

    For a Singer, I am afraid it is also the highest goal of life!

    Chen Feier [Filipino Fanfan] tickets for personal concerts, pre-sales started more than a month ago, plus a certain number of free tickets, probably can reach 80% attendance, which means that 80,000 spectators are present. .

    Despite the gap between the Domestic record of hundreds of thousands of viewers/single concerts, it is enough to make 99.99% of Singer far behind, envy and hate!

    The time for the official start of the concert was 7 o'clock. Multi-channel security check-in was opened at 4 pm, and at 6 o'clock in the evening, most of the seats were occupied.

    It is not easy to hold a sing at the Olympic Fifth Ring Gymnasium. The issue of security alone involves all aspects. It is not that money can be fixed, and personal connections and resources are indispensable.

    It is impolite to say that Chen Feier has the ability to sing in the Olympic Fifth Ring Gymnasium and replace it with Lu Chen. He is equally capable, but his qualifications are still a little worse.

    Of course, Lu Chen will appear on this stage of great attention this evening.

    As a special guest.

    Celebrity's concert, it is normal to invite friends in the circle to help out. The identity of the guests is often very mysterious. Before the appearance, it is strictly confidential as the highlight of publicity, and then the audience will be a surprise.

    However, Chen Feier’s first concert of Beijing’s personal concert, the guests confirmed that Lu Chen was only secret to the later Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shancheng concerts.

    So the fans know it in advance, and this is one of the reasons why the concert tickets are selling well.

    Lu Chen's fans are not much smaller than Chen Feier's. Although there is a big overlap, they can also attract some morning powder.

    At this moment, the stadium is already full of people, and the numerous illuminated light sticks in the audience seem to be like the stars in the sky. The screens with the name of Chen Feier are lifted up by people, as if they can advance in advance. Call Chen Feier out.

    In the backstage of the dressing room, Chen Feier, who has been finished, is sitting on the sofa with Lu Chen.

    The first set of clothing on the go to stage is a gorgeous long dress. She has a lot of makeup, and there is a kind of sexy beauty, but the little hand is a bit cold.

    "what's wrong?"

    Lu Chen held her hand and asked with concern: "Is it nervous?"

    Chen Feier shook her head and nodded. She said, "There is a little bit, I am afraid that something will go wrong."

    For a singer who has played a lot of concerts for more than a decade, there should have been no such emotions, but today’s meaning is particularly different for Chen Feier.

    The former Chenfiele is the famous sweet singer King, now transformed Love Song diva, despite the "Flower Woman," The sales have broken 4 million of the sale of the record bedding, the concert is still one of the most important milestones in her singing career.

    If you sing, then for Chen Feier, it is really a mistake that cannot be forgiven.

    She prepared a full time for this concert!

    So Chen Feier is nervous.

    Lu Chen understands.

    He thought about it, got up and took the guitar back.

    "Time is still early, I will sing a song for you."

    Chen Feier laughed: "Actually…No need to do this, I can control one's own, okay, you sing. ”

    She felt the sweetness from the heart.

    Because Lu Chen's gentle and considerate.

    Lu Chen took the guitar and sat down next to Chen Feier. After trying the audition, he plucked the strings.

    He sang the song "When You Are Old."

    “When You Are Old, his hair is white and his sleep is dim.”

    “When You Are Old, I can't walk, I fight next to the fire and remember the youth.”

    "How many people have loved your youth and joy, love your beautiful or true heart, only one person still loves your devout soul…"

    Chen Feier listened quietly and felt the emotions contained in the lyrics. Unconsciously, the inner anxiety and anxiety disappeared without a trace, and a kind of warmth filled the heart.

    She couldn't help but gently lean her head on Lu Chen's shoulder, smelling the familiar taste, and wanted Era to stay at this moment forever, never to go any further.

    Until the door of the room was slammed.

    The assistant pushed the door to the probe: "Feier sister, almost go on stage."

    Chen Feier stood up, her whole person seems to be reborn, and her bright eyes are no longer seeing a little bit of confusion, full of confidence.

    This is the real Chen Feier!


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