Chapter 421

    Lu Chen likes Hangzhou very much.

    The reason for the love is not only because Hangzhou is the provincial capital of his hometown, but more importantly, he has had many wonderful memories in this city, and those memories can never be erased in the soul.

    He studied and lived in this city, fell in love here, fell in love, laughed here, sad here…

    The city is so fascinating.

    It has both the rich heritage of history and the graceful style of Jiangnan. It makes people forget to return, and it is unforgettable. People are willing to pay their life for a long time.

    The West Lake is also the essence of Hangzhou.

    After the night, the broken bridge has a different beauty from the daytime. The long levees are like a weaving, and a street lamp that emits soft light extends along the embankment into the distance, as if it is a string of pearls embedded in the West Lake.

    Lu Chen has walked many times with the broken bridge of Baidi, and each time it seems to have different feelings.

    The evening wind Xu Lai weeping willows, the moist water vapor eliminates the heat of the sun, the boat on the sparkling lake with lanterns passing by, the couples in pairs are on the shore, perfectly interpreting what is called Self-conduct wins.

    Halfway through, Lu Chen sat down on the bench by the road.

    He stared at the dim light of the distant city, and there was something in his heart called nostalgia.

    He remembered a song.

    The name of this song is called "Jiangnan".

    Sitting quietly for a moment, Lu Chen got up and returned from the original road.

    Those who walk on the embankment, no one knows that he has been here tonight.


    Hangzhou Binjiang New Area, China Automotive 4S flagship store.

    This flagship store was completed last year. As part of the ambitious market expansion plan of China Auto in Zhejiang Province, its new 4S store is no less than the size and facilities of the Mercedes-Benz BMW in the same area. shop.

    Today's day is a bit special. The main hall of the Chinatown Hangcheng flagship store has changed dramatically. The new cars that were originally listed as items have been moved back to the warehouse.

    It was relocated to a party scene, and a stage was set up on a temporary basis. The background curtain, lighting, and audience seats were all available.

    Lu Chen's new album "The Ordinary Road" is the first stop of the national tour publicity. The Hangzhou fans meeting will be held here. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, some fans have already arrived in advance.

    At the fan meeting, Lu Chen studio sent out nearly 500 invitations, and the invited fans from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces were of course drawn through the blog Lottery.

    The meeting will start at 7 pm, but by 5 pm, the flagship store is full of people, and the atmosphere is already very lively.

    Most of these fans are young people, and there are even a lot of teenage boys and girls. Many of them bring cheering, fluorescent cards and other fans to support equipment, although the number is not too many because of the restrictions of the venue. However, it can fully reflect the exuberant popularity that Lu Chen now has.

    The temporary backstage is located in the office of the flagship store. This time, Lu Chen brought a small team to come, including a total of five people, including the assistants. As for the layout of the site, all of them were hired by local professional companies.

    "Are you very busy on your side?"

    Chen Feier’s soft laughter came from the cell phone, and it seemed as if it had a tone blowing in Lu Chen’s ear.

    Lu Chen sighed and said: "If you are there, you will know."

    This time I came to the new album of Hangzhou publicity, Chen Feier did not follow, because she has other brand endorsement activities.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Don't talk to you, I want to play, and I will say hello to my aunt tomorrow."

    Today, I will finish the fans meeting in Hangzhou. Tomorrow, Lu Chen will go home to visit one's own Mother.

    It is said that he has not been back home for a long time. The last time Gao He got married because the schedule was too close.

    So this time I can't miss it anyway.

    Lu Chen laughed and shook his head and put down the cell phone.

    "Lu Chen!"

    "What do you do, you can't go inside!"

    At this time, there was a fierce quarrel from the outside corridor through the door, like a conflict, a woman’s scream and the assistant security guard’s scream.

    what happened?

    Lu Chen frowned, got up and opened the door to see what happened.

    I saw it in the hallway. Two security guards blocked a girl holding a gift box in her hand. The latter struggled to try to break away from each other and her face turned red.

    Zhang Xiaofang, an assistant who was outside the door, saw Lu Chen coming out and immediately explained: "She suddenly came in…"

    Lu Chen suddenly understood.

    His current popularity is increasing day by day, the number of fans is also rising, and the fans are also diverse, with passers-by powder, iron powder, and crazy powder.

    Some fans are really supernatural, and even can touch the District where Lu Chen lives in Beijing, and then stay outside and wait for him to sign or take a photo.

    This fan is undoubtedly one of them. I don't know what method I used to mix the security guard's cordon and find his location accurately.

    The girl saw Lu Chen and immediately screamed: "Lu Chen Lu Chen, I love you!"

    Probably too excited, she shouted and cried out.

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to impress the security staff.

    Lu Chen said quickly: "Let her go, let her come, it doesn't matter."

    Lu Chen has always been generous in his attitude towards fans. Even if some fans may be too angry, he tries to be tolerant and advises at most, rather than severe reprimand.

    And this girl is also sixteen or seven years old.

    Lu Chen spoke, the security staff could only let the girl away, and the latter immediately flew over and hugged him!

    The action is still very skillful.

    Lu Chen was slammed back by her and took a small step. She said with a smile: "Hello, what is your name?"

    The girl looked up and replied happily with a smile: "I…My name is Hao Hao, I am your fan! ”

    "Hello, Hao Hao sister…"

    Lu Chen said: "The meeting will begin soon, is it better to go out with me?"

    In fact, there is still half an hour from the opening, but it doesn't matter in advance.

    Hao Hao nodded like a garlic, and presented a gift of love: "This is the gift I gave you…"

    Lu Chen took it over: "Thank you."

    Now Lu Chen studio, every day can receive a lot of fans sent to Lu Chen's gift, things are all kinds of things, of course, inevitably sent in person.

    With this little sister of Hao Hao, Lu Chen came to the stage of the main hall.

    The next moment, the audience burst into a warm cheer!


The second is sent! (To be continued~^~)

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