Chapter 415 Accidents and Surprise

    The second audience selected to go on stage is a male fan.

    The fan named Li Le is more than 20 years old. She is very ordinary and looks very ordinary. It belongs to the kind that can't be found in the crowd.

    But he actually sang "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" and sang very well!

    “……I'm free running, facing cold eyes and ridicule! How can you feel the vastness of life without suffering? ”

    "Destiny, it can't make us beg for mercy, even if the blood is full of arms!"

    Singing to the climax of the chorus, this unseen man sings is a heartbreaking singer, the song is high and full of passion, people can't help but burn with passion!

    In all of Lu Chen's works, "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" is undoubtedly a unique one.

    This song is not too red in the mass society. It has been popular for a while since it first came out. Because its chorus is too high, it is very difficult to cover it. If it is downgraded, it will sing completely. Without the sense of connotation, nature will not become a work that is often used in KTV.

    However, on the Internet, "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" has always been the favorite of the bloody youth. Many professional or unprofessional people have equipped it with animation or video, which is extremely popular.

    Those who can sing "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" and sing "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" are all powerful.

    Li Le's interpretation of this song is not professional enough, but the attitude and feelings are completely free of problems, and deeply infected everyone present.

    So when he sang the song, the audience applauded, and many fans even stood up and cheered for him!

    "Sing well!"

    Lu Chen put down the guitar and gave the fan a strong hug to express one's own feelings.

    After taking a photo of Li Le’s shoulder, Lu Chen turned to face the fans at the scene and explained sincerely: “I solemnly declare here that the former Yu Xiaorui and the Li Le friend are all computers. Randomly selected, really is not my support, really not!"

    Yu Xiaorui's "Meeting" sang very well. Li Le's "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" was as good as the two fans who were selected to go on stage. They all had wonderful performance, which made Lu Chen one's own feel very surprised.

    But this is not pre-arranged, whether it is Yu Xiaorui or Li Le, it is his real powder!

    He asked Li Le again: "You said, are you asking me to come?" If not, why did you sing this "Chasing Dream with Childlike Heart" so well? ”


    Li Le stupidly stopped, and did not know how to answer.

    When I saw him, everyone suddenly laughed and someone shouted: "We believe in you!"

    Lu Chen quickly clenched his fist: "Thank you, thank you for believing me."

    The laughter is even louder.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "No jokes, then Li Le friends, what are your wishes to achieve?"

    He asked Li Le.

    Li Le hesitated, and some embarrassedly replied: "Lu Chen, I have seen your video online, I feel that your skills are very powerful, so can you show your Kungfu here?"

    This request is a bit special.

    However, boys like to fight and fight is normal, Li Le thin and thin Xiaoxiao, it is easier to have Hero dream.

    The fans at the scene also feared that the world would not be chaotic, and immediately applauded.

    When Lu Chen filmed "Full House" on Jeju Island, the video of the drama crew was turned over to the six Japanese bodyguards. It was widely spread on the Internet, and even the traffic on the United States video site exceeded the number of clicks. million.

    This is the video that Li Le said.

    As an otaku who likes Music and Game, he has watched this video over and over again dozens of times.

    So this time Luck participated in Lu Chen's fans meeting, and Luck took it to go on stage. Li Le wanted to see Lu Chen show his face in person to meet Xiao Xiao's wish.

    Lu Chen thought about it and said: "It is ok to show it, but it needs your cooperation, and it is a little dangerous. Are you afraid of it?"

    When I heard Lu Chen’s answer, Li Leton’s eyes were beaming, and immediately shook his head and said, “I am not afraid!”

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "That's good."

    He recruited the staff at the scene: "Trouble you to give me a drink, Coke will do."

    There is an automatic vending machine in the flagship store, only 3 yuan for Coke.

    Everyone didn't know what medicine was sold in Lu Chen's gourd, and everyone's curiosity was raised.

    Cola quickly sent it over.

    Lu Chen stunned and said to Li Le: "You regret it now."

    The audience was silent.

    Li Le clearly felt the change of the atmosphere, he looked a little nervous, but shook his head and said that one's own did not give up.


    Lu Chen put Coke in his hand and said, "You just stand here and don't move. Put this cola on your head, understand?"

    Li Le swallowed his throat and carefully placed the cola on one's own head.

    Lu Chen stepped back two steps and looked at each other with a sharp gaze. He asked another question: "Do you really regret it?"

    Lu Chen did not ask for it, Li Le was even more nervous!

    He should have understood it a bit, his body was shaking slightly, but at this moment he was already riding a tiger, and he replied with a hard scalp: "No regrets!"

    "That's good!"

    Lu Chen’s voice did not fall, and the left ankle I’m free took a step, and the right leg was lifted up, twisting and kicking to the head of Li Le with lightning speed.

    Li Le was shocked, he couldn't have time to dodge, and his mind was full of blanks!


    Only heard a muffled sound, the cola that was originally placed on the top of Lele's head was kicked by Lu Chen's volley. Countless drops of water accompanied by the splash of foam, reflecting the tens of thousands of crystals in the light!

    Lu Chen’s Speed ​​is too fast, and the side kick is very beautiful, and it’s very precise. It doesn’t hurt Li Le’s points – it’s done in the blink of an eye.


    There was a scream in the audience. In fact, most people didn't fully understand the whole process of the action, but Lu Chen's strong hand was already displayed in this kick, especially the scene of kicking the Coke can. It’s amazing.

    Some of the fans at the scene not only chased a Celebrity in the morning, but also participated in the fan meeting of other artists, but never seen such a wonderful performance.

    Many people are shocked.

    In the [Whale TV] live broadcast room, the number of barrage brushes instantly reached a horrible level.

    "Who can tell me what happened just now?"

    "I didn't see it clearly!"

    "Replay, hurry up!"

    "Lu Chen is so powerful, flying kicks are so handsome!"

    "Really Kungfu, kill Taekwondo!"

    "I want to worship Lu Chen as a teacher. It is enough to learn this foot."

    "Poor Coke Can…"

    With a barrage, there is also a rain-like reward, and various items including the aircraft carrier are being screened!

    If the video of the former Japanese bodyguards in the past is more or less, it will give people some unreal feelings. Now, he is showing the best in the hundreds of scenes and millions of fans on the Internet. Proof of the.

    And very cool and super handsome!

    In the exclamation and scream of the audience, Li Le, as the party, was finally awake.

    He couldn't help but touch the head of one's own. He didn't find the missing parts or the blood flow, and he was relieved. This is too exciting!

    It is no wonder that Lu Chen has repeatedly asked him if he wants to regret it. If he is to come again, he may not dare to agree without hesitation.

    Lu Chen asked the staff to bring a limited edition album set and a few facial tissues to Li Le.

    Just now there were cola droplets and foam splashing on the latter.

    "Thank you for your cooperation…"

    Lu Chen smiled and smashed Li Le with a vertical thumb: "Good!"

    Li Le was embarrassed to scratch his head and held Lu Chen’s gift to one's own.

    Although he didn't fully understand it just now, I can watch live video playback after I go back.

    As one of the protagonists, Li Le and Rong Rong!

    On the stage, Lu Chen took a deep breath and said: "It is not easy to meet everyone's wishes, then let us pick the last friend to go on stage!"

    According to the program arrangement, the interactive session needs to select three fans to go on stage, then Lu Chen sings two more songs, and finally the final prize is over.

    So who is the last Luck?

    Everyone's eyes are all focused on the big screen on the background, and the picture there is changing rapidly.


    After waiting for almost 10 seconds, Lu Chen shouted.

    The picture solidifies instantly.

    The scene camera's scene is locked in the corner of the auditorium. In the very unobtrusive position, a woman in a long skirt is sitting. Her muscles are white and snowy, and her face is greatly The stylish glasses have covered most of them.

    And when the image of one's own appeared on the big screen, the woman in the long skirt took off her glasses and showed a charming smile at the camera scene.

    The next moment, the audience was sensational, the fans were going crazy!

    "Chen Feier!"

    Countless people shouted her name at the same time.

    Actually Chen Feier, she actually secretly hid in the corner to watch Lu Chen’s performance!

    This is definitely the biggest surprise and surprise tonight!

    Lu Chen was also surprised and surprised, but soon dumbfounded.


    This is definitely a red/naked revenge, because when Chen Feier was in the public album new album of Huhai Meikadi Culture and Art Center last time, Lu Chen also sat in the audience and played a low-profile fan, giving her a big surprise. .

    Now Chen Feier is doing the same, and when the fans meet before talking to him, he also said that he is doing endorsement activities in Beijing. In fact, he has already sneaked into Hangzhou, and colluded with the staff to engage in a sneak attack.

    Not retaliation?

    It’s just such revenge, but it’s so warm and sweet!


I am attending a meeting outside today. It is very late after the visit and study. Please forgive me. (To be continued~^~)

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