Chapter 418 New Height

    Ending the publicity activity of Hangzhou Station, Lu Chen’s team rushed to the second station of Shenzhen City.

    Lu Chen, one's own, returned to the coastal home with Chen Feier.

    His current career is booming and his work is getting busy. Mother is not willing to retire to Beijing to live in advance, so it is very difficult to get aside from the New Year.

    Lu Chen is a filial child, so when I came out to Hangzhou publicity, I planned to go home to see Mother. Now I am just with my girlfriend, and let Mother and my sister happy, and enjoy the warmth of the family.

    However, because the itinerary was arranged well, Lu Chen and Chen Feier only lived for one day in the coastal area, then Chen Feier returned to Beijing directly from the seafront, and Lu Chen went south to the deep sea to meet with the team.

    As a Celebrity couple, it is normal for Laoyan to fly.

    Without any surprises, the news of the Lu Chen Hangcheng fans meeting was on the entertainment section of the major media. Although it was not able to grab the headlines, there was no small space to introduce.

    Of course, the appearance of Chen Feier as a surprise guest, as well as the number of live broadcasts of the fans meeting, broke the record, inevitably poured a spoonful of hot oil on the already popular online live broadcast industry.

    So even though it is Lu Chen’s new album publicity, in fact, the two sponsors of China Motors and [Whale TV] are the real winners, especially [Whale TV], which is brushed by this record-breaking live broadcast. A wave of popularity, a big return to the peak.

    If you ask Lu Chen to make a difference to the Pan Entertainment Circle, then first of all, he will bring a new wave of popular Music with unrivalled creative talent, which greatly boosts the morale of Domestic original Strength and also promotes originality. Music The treatment of songwriters.

    In fact, Lu Chen’s creation and starring of the two drama series, the popular style, created a new model of domestic drama, which allowed the industry to seriously reflect on the unhealthy trend of imitating plagiarism. It is bound to have a movie and entertainment company in the blue "With the successful influence of "Full House", to make serious and sincere works.

    There is also a network live broadcast platform.

    Everyone outside the circle knows that Lu Chen officially debuted through "Singing China", but his popularity and expansion have largely relied on the platform of [Whale TV], and there is no such thing after he became famous. Putting [Whale TV] away, the popularity is getting more and more popular.

    According to the information disclosed inside [Whale TV], [Whale TV] intends to re-sign an endorsement contract with Lu Chen, the endorsement fee will reach eight digits, and Lu Chen’s rewards earned from the platform every month have reached Hundreds of thousands.

    To know the current Lu Chen, there is not much time in the [Whale TV] live broadcast time, the income of the endorsement fee + rewards is enough to make those two C-list Celebrity artists very eye-catching.

    It is with his success precedent that there are more and more Celebrity artists on the major online platforms. The big coffee superstar, which is not bad money and popularity, certainly dismisses this, but can’t stand those in the Entertainment Circle. Artists struggling to find a breakthrough, especially the young Singer.

    Conversely, as many Celebrity artists frequently broadcast live broadcasts on the Internet, they attracted a large number of fans and viewers to join in, which led to the development of the entire industry.

    People with online live broadcast industry once joked that everyone has to collect money to send Lu Chen a big medal. Without his success, the value and heat of this industry cannot be raised so fast.

    But aside from these surface layers or deep influences and changes, others are more concerned about Lu Chen's talents in the creation of Music.

    On the evening of Lu Chen’s journey to the deep sea, the well-known blogger and sound critics of the Inspur blog “Donghu Sanren” made a profound comment on the “Jiangnan” that he sang at the Hangzhou fans’ meeting.

    “…《Jiangnan's song is very different from Lu Chen's previous works. The author believes that this is his breakthrough attempt to seek new changes in the popular Music original as an outstanding singer. ”

    “For the author, this work is a great surprise. It is one of the best works of Lu Chen this year. He has unearthed many of our local traditions into the one's own Music, which has formed A distinct and unique style!"

    "Although the author is only hearing a short version without arranger and accompaniment, Imagine that if the traditional folk music is used to support the theme of the work, the Charm of this song will be multiplied and it is worth looking forward to! ”

    “The author dares to assert that Lu Chen’s status in the popular Musical World will reach a new height when the finished version of “Jiangnan” comes out, and if his future works can continue this style, it will be enough to lead the new trend again!”

    This praise of Lu Chen’s blog post of “Donghu Sanren” did not cause much repercussions on the blog, because there are many articles in the blog reviewing Lu Chen’s works, and “Donghu Sanren” is not the first time to comment on Lu Chen’s original song.

    However, among the popular Musical World, some people are still keenly sniffing a certain taste.

    The future is always unpredictable. If a butterfly flaps its wings and can set off a storm, it has to wait and see, use time to prove it!

    The second stop of Lu Chen's new album publicity was placed in the deep sea, the third station was transferred to Tianfu, and the fourth station was in Shacheng…

    He led one's own team around the Domestic circle in a big circle, thousands of kilometers away, running through the seven major cities, and finally returned to Beijing on the eve of the official release of the album!

    At this time, Lu Chen's new album "The Ordinary Road" was fully realized in crowdfunding network crowdfunding goals, several of which are over 1000%, plus the number of records scheduled by Xinhua Bookstore, the new album has locked in millions of levels. Sales.

    Because the sales were too hot, the officially released time was delayed for a few days.

    On September 1st, Lu Chen's new album "The Ordinary Road" was launched on the market.

    The sales of digital albums at Fetion Music broke through 200,000 on the same day!

    The success of this new record is undoubted, and what kind of height can be reached in the end is very exciting.

    It is worth mentioning that the Chen Feier album "Flower Woman" by Lu Chen has now accumulated sales of 4 million, and easily won the "four diamonds" achievement, which is not far from the 5 million crown.

    If Lu Chen’s album can also achieve the “Crown” achievement, it will undoubtedly create a story in the popular Musical World, which will be relished by countless people.

    On September 22nd, Chen Feier [Filipino Fanfan] personal concert was held at the Beijing Olympic Fifth Ring Gymnasium!


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