Chapter 416, Wishing

    Hangzhou China 4S flagship store is boiling.

    [Whale TV] Lu Chen live broadcast room is also boiling!

    Chen Feier’s debut has undoubtedly become the biggest highlight of the morning meeting of Lu Chen’s new album publicity fans. The surprise is so fast that it’s just too late.

    "Chen Feier, it really is Chen Feier!"

    "Strange, I don't even feel an accident at all."

    "Not unexpectedly +1!"

    "I remember the last time my Philippine birthday, I seem to be playing fans in the audience!"

    "Well, that's it. I will play with my Philippine in the morning."

    "Haha, I definitely want to sing a Love Song."

    For a fan, the happiest thing is to see one's own idol, and even more happier than that, is to see two idols!

    The fans sitting in the flagship store in China tonight are undoubtedly happy. They not only feel the strength of Lu Chen and Charm at the scene, but also add a song queen.

    "Chen Feier, Chen Feier!"

    In the shouts of the audience, Chen Feier took the stage and took the microphone from the staff.

    She first hugged with Lu Chen, causing the scene to cheer and scream.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You lied to me to lie badly!"

    This line of eight-point dog blood emotional drama is common, so many fans are happy.

    Chen Feier grinned and said: "This is called the way of treating others with his own way, but I always remember it!"

    The two eyes are opposite, as if there is no other person in the whole world.

    The dog food sprinkled, whether on the spot or in the live broadcast room, the single dogs felt deeply malicious, simply could not bear to see it!

    Fortunately, Chen Feier still fully considered their feelings. He turned and said to the audience: "I am also a fan of Lu Chen tonight. You said, I sing his song well?"

    "your eyes!""the most romantic thing! "…

    In response to the tide in the audience, the fans shouted their favorite song names.

    Chen Feier quietly listened for a moment and smiled: "So, I sang a song with Lu Chen, how?"

    "it is good!"

    Of course, the fans are all applauding.

    Chen Feier turned back and said to Lu Chen: "Then we will sing that "Because of Love"."

    Lu Chen nodded.

    This "Because of Love" he once sang once while doing a program on the radio station, but this song is a love song for male and female singers, and the two have never sung in public.

    Today is the first time.

    The accompaniment instrument is the guitar in Lu Chen’s hand.

    Gently plucking the strings to play the prelude, facing the most beloved, the song seems to flow from the bottom of my heart: "Give you a past cd, listen to our love at that time, sometimes suddenly forget me Still loving you."

    Chen Feier is very beautiful tonight. She has no heavy makeup as usual. The faint makeup is more and more beautiful in the light. A white dress has perfected her figure.

    She and Lu Chen look at each other, and the heart of the star-like eyes is full of emotions: "You can't sing a song like that, you will blush and avoid it, although you will often forget that I still love you."

    Although the song has not been officially recorded as a single, Chen Feier sang several times with Lu Chen after receiving the score, but stood on this stage and sang for hundreds of scenes and millions of fans on the Internet. The interpretation of the works by the two seems to have gone through thousands of exercises, and there is a kind of tacit understanding and fit.

    The kind of tacit understanding of a true couple.

    The guitar accompaniment retreated to a near-unprecedented level. The deep warmth of Lu Chen and the ethereal grace of Chen Feier, two different types of Voice water / blending, echoing each other, let the audience hear the purest, Close to the essence of the Voice of Music.

    There was no sound in the hall, and many fans even held their breath. For fear that a little noise would affect the atmosphere of the scene. Their eyes stared at Lu Chen and Chen Feier on the stage.

    Like a pilgrimage!

    Words are heartfelt, songs are ambiguous, real classic works do not need too much gorgeous decoration, what really touches people's hearts is emotions, those sincere, warm, deep, introverted emotions.

    “…I am still loving you. ”

    The final chorus was finished and the audience was silent.

    Lu Chen and Chen Feier smiled at each other and everything was in the air!

    After just a moment, the applause exploded and the audience stood up. They applauded and shouted loudly, shouting the names of Lu Chen and Chen Feier, and the sound of the waves shattered the glass around the hall.

    The atmosphere of the scene reached its apex at this moment!

    At this moment, the number of online viewers in the Luwan live broadcast of [Whale TV] has exceeded 3 million, reaching a new record for [Whale TV].

    I believe that the official of [Whale TV] has already smiled at this time. The publicity effect that Lu Chen and Chen Feier brought to live broadcast this time is enough to meet the marketing expenses of millions.

    The reward of a carrier-class level covered the entire screen. The number of people who sent the barrage and the rewards was too large, causing the server of [Whale TV] to be overwhelmed and a short-lived phenomenon!

    This also faithfully reflects the current popularity of Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    After a long time, the hall was finally quiet.

    I don't know who is shouting in the crowd: "The wish!"

    Everyone laughed at once.

    After the first two selected fans to go on stage, they all made a wish to Xiao Chen.

    The wishes of both of them have also been realized.

    It’s Chen Feier now, that’s very interesting.

    " Wishing!"Wishing! ""Wishing! ”

    Many fans who feared that the world would not be chaotic immediately shouted and quickly formed a huge sound.

    Chen Feier smiled and said: "Since everyone is so enthusiastic, then I will ask Lu Chen for a Xiaoxiao wish. What do you say I should let him do?"

    The fans immediately made a big idea, some shouted "Pet a bite!", and some shouted "Proposal!".

    There are not a few reliable ones.

    Chen Feier certainly can’t really listen to them. She thought about it and said, “I want to…I hope…"

    At this time, the song singer Xiaoxiao sold a pass, which is very urgent.

    Seems to be thinking very seriously for a moment, she said to Lu Chen: "Let you sing a song!"


    The audience sighed with disappointment – no meaning.

    Chen Feier added with a smile: "But it must be a new song that everyone has never heard of!"

    New song ? This is almost the same!


The first one is sent, and there is still at night! ! (To be continued~^~)

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