Chapter 414, joking

    With a "The Ordinary Road" as the opening, Lu Chen picked up a wave of new climax at the meeting.

    When Lu Chen sang the song and put down the guitar in his arms, the two girls in short skirts ran to the go on stage with a cheerful footstep, and sent him two hands in the warm applause and cheers. Delicate flowers.

    "Thank you!"

    Lu Chen smiled and took the flowers from the fans.

    When he didn't think of it, one of the taller girls suddenly hugged him and picked up his toes to take a sigh of relief on his face.

    After the sneak attack succeeded, the beautiful female fan turned and made a victory gesture.


The cheers of the audience turned into a boos of goodwill and laughter.

    Lu Chen dumbfounded.

    Although it was an accident, it was not harmful, but it made the atmosphere more relaxed and pleasant.

    Then Lu Chen sang another song "Freedom like the wind."

    This song is not only a work in his new album "The Ordinary Road", but also selected by the Chinese car as the publicity song of the new station wagon. It is natural to shoot in front.

    Of course, the most important thing for fans to meet is not to sing a lot of songs, but to interact with fans.

    "This stage is mine today, it belongs to you, so below…"

    Lu Chen said: "I want to invite a fan friend to go on stage. I will accompany the guitar and let her sing a song for everyone. Are you saying good?"

    "it is good!"

    Of course, the fans all said aloud, and the cheering bar knocked on the earthquake.

    "So which friend who can sing, are willing to come to the stage?"

    Lu Chen’s gaze was searched in the audience. He smiled and said: “Friends who are willing to bravely sing, I will meet her a Xiaoxiao wish here.”


    The arms were lifted up and the fans were very excited and could not wait to rush directly to the stage.

    Hundreds of fans, whether they can sing or not, basically raise their hands.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "So many people? That's really hard to do, just let the computer choose, the fairest! ”

    His voice just fell, and the picture on the big screen behind him immediately changed with an amazing Speed, and the images of the live fans were constantly switched, making people dazzled.

    This is a random program for computer-controlled live video, ideal for use on-site Lottery or selection.

    "Who is that?"

    Lu Chen Xiaoxiao hanged everyone's appetite, and then categorically said: "Stop!"

    The screen is fixed instantly.

    A green skirt girl with an apple face and round eyes was picked up by a computer program, and the scene camera scene was locked.


    The audience sounded a voice that was either amazed or a pity.

    The woman in the green dress that was selected was very surprised first, then shyly grabbed the face of one's own, probably feeling very embarrassed.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Please ask this friend to go on stage to show your voice?" Everyone applauded! ”

    In the applause of the la la la, the green skirt girl walked onto the stage and stood very close to Lu Chen.

    The staff sent her a microphone.

    Lu Chen asked: "Can you tell your name?"

    The green skirt girl nodded and raised the microphone and said, "Hello everyone, my name is Yu Xiaorui."

    It is applause.

    Lu Chen asked again: "So Miss Yu Xiaorui, which song do you want to sing?"

    Yu Xiaorui hesitated and asked: "I want to sing the first "Meet", can I?"


    Lu Chen was a little surprised, and immediately smiled: "No problem, then this "Meet"!"

    The song "Meet" is Lu Chen's work, but it was written for Chen Feier. It has been officially released in the latter's album "Flower Woman", which is among the best in the original sound list.

    This song is best suited to piano accompaniment, but the piano is not prepared on site, and Lu Chen simply replaces it with a guitar.

    The effect of the performance is second, mainly the interaction with the fans.

    When he didn't think of it, Yu Xiaoli sang quite well.

    "I heard the departure of winter, I woke up in a certain month. I think I wait for what I expect, but the future…"

    Her voice is not as beautiful as Chen Feier, but the tone of the song is very accurate, the breath and feelings are in place, with a slight sadness and melancholy style, and actually sang a few degrees with the guitar. The taste of folk songs is an alternative interpretation.

    After Yu Xiaoli sang, Lu Chen held the guitar first applause: "Good!"

    The applause of the fans is even more heated.

    Yu Xiaorui is happy and shy, and said: "Thank you."

    Lu Chen nodded and said very seriously: "I think you sing better than the original singer, but this thing you know one's own, remember not to tell others!"

    Yu Xiaorui grinned.

    Lu Chen's Voice was clearly introduced into the ears of everyone on the scene through a wireless microphone.

    The fans listened, all laughing and laughing – the original singer of "Meet" is Chen Feier!

    Lu Chen added another sentence: "You can't say it!"

    Everyone is happy, and there is a laugh in the hall of the flagship store.

    This joyful atmosphere also infects millions of fans in the live broadcast room, and a time is like a rain.

    "Oh, actually said that it is better than Chen Feier!"

    "Hahaha, I don't know what I think after I hear it."

    "I guess I will see the board after I go back."

    "cut! Now who is still seeing the board, you can only lick the motherboard! ”

    "The front is too embarrassing."

    "Too +1."

    After everyone laughed, Lu Chen waved his hand and said: "No kidding, then Miss Yu Xiaorui, do you have any desire to achieve it? Of course the premise is reasonable, I can do it. ”

    Yu Xiaorui licked his lips and said: "My sister is also your fan, but unfortunately she did not draw an invitation, she wants a signature album, can I?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Of course there is no problem, I will send you two limited edition album sets!"

    He signaled to the staff on the sidelines that the latter quickly sent two limited edition albums.

    Come to Hangzhou publicity, Lu Chen of course gave the fans a gift, this limited edition album is one of them, which contains the signature CD, as well as the commemorative U disk, exquisite hand, key chain, etc. The crowdfunding network has been booked.

    Yu Xiaorui was overjoyed.

    This allowed her to harvest two sets of limited edition albums, which undoubtedly became the envy of everyone!

    This also makes the fans more expecting, and there will be interactive links.

    They also want it!


The second is sent, continue to seek subscription support! (To be continued~^~)

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