Chapter 471, Chen Shimei

    In the evening, I was invited by Mr. Li, in the Regent Hotel in Beijing.

    She ordered a small box, and the invited people were Lu Chen and Lu Xi, and one's own took her son Zhang Junzhi.

    Compared with the last time, Zhang Junzhi is obviously mature and sensible. The Entertainment Circle is a very realistic place. It is also very capable of honing people. Although the debut time is short, the young man has already shown the Celebrity temperament.

    As the captain of Xiaohu Group, today's Zhang Junzhi is one of the highest new artists in the circle. He and two other small partners, "Singing China", have won countless attentions since the debut. As the number climbed, it became the idol of many boys and girls.

    The most important thing is that Zhang Junzhi did not become famous overnight. In the original "Blue Life and Death Love" starred in the young Yin Junxi, he accumulated a lot of popularity for him, and completed a gorgeous turn with the success of Xiaohu Group.

    A "Butterfly Flying" made by Lu Chen for the Little Tigers has now achieved a very high degree of singing, especially in the national primary and secondary schools across the country.

    The band, MSN and today's Xiaohu group, Lu Chen really seems to have a magical power that is easy to succeed, so the nickname "Golden Hand" circulated in the circle will be transmitted to Xiangjiang.

    Seeing Lu Chen, Zhang Junzhi was very happy. It was called Teacher and it was a tea delivery, respectful and polite.

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "You don't have to be so polite, it must be very hard to participate in the draft competition?"

    Beijing Satellite TV In 2016, "Singing China" was just finished, Xiaohu Group stood out in this highly anticipated live-action singing contest and won the third place.

    Although in the final finals lost to two powerful opponents, but the performance of the three teenagers is remarkable, it is said that although defeated, Lu Chen also watched this live broadcast.

    Zhang Junzhi sat down and said: "Fortunately, it is not particularly hard. My mother has been with me all the time. She is the hardest."

    Lu Xi said: "Then you must be filial to your mother in the future."

    Zhang Junzhi nodded: "I will definitely, Lu Xijie."

    Li Jie looked at one's own handsome and well-behaved son, full of pride and pets.

    What she is most proud of is not the business that created one's own for so many years in the circle, nor the wealth and status that she has today, but the son of Zhang Junzhi.

    For the son, Li Jie is undoubtedly willing to give everything.

    This time, Li Jie invited Lu Chen and Lu Xi to come over. The first thing to talk about is the affairs of Chenfei Charity Foundation.

    The Chenfei Charity Foundation is a charity project registered by Lu Chen and Chen Feier this year. The purpose of the Foundation is to protect leukemia patients in poor families so that they can receive rescue treatment.

    The Foundation has started to help hundreds of leukemia patients for more than half a year, and has won extensive social reputation for both Lu Chen and Chen Feier.

    Up to the present position, the foundation has been operating well, and all the funds have been effectively supervised. As the chairman of the foundation, Li Jie is absolutely indispensable.

    “I have decided to sell most of the shares of Manager Corporation…”

    Li Jie said: "In the future, I will concentrate on taking care of the Foundation and Junzhi. Nothing else will be taken care of."

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi were shocked.

    The Rainbow manager founded by Li Jie, who is a veteran Manager Corporation in Beijing, has a number of popular Celebrity. Although it is not as good as the top predators in the circle, it can rank among the best.

    This Manager Corporation also embodies her lifelong efforts, has been working hard for 20 years, has a good relationship and credibility, even if the competition is also very admirable.

    Now, Li Jie actually said that she would sell the rainbow manager. How can Lu Chen be surprised?

    Lu Chen said quickly: "Li Jie, actually…"

    Li sister interrupted his words with a smile: "You don't have to persuade me. In fact, I have been very tired these years. I have long wanted to let go of my life. Now I am responsible for taking care of the charity foundation. It is most suitable for me. So hard and so tired, I won’t be idle and boring, and Jade’s good deeds will be more fulfilling.”

    "As for money, I have earned enough, and more is just a number, not to mention I have a good sense."

    Lu Chen and Lu Xi look at each other in dismay.

    Both of them can see that Li Jie is really determined this time and is a well-thought-out result.

    Lu Chen said sincerely: "I can meet Li Jie, my Luck!"

    Li Jie smiled embarrassedly: "What to say…Meet you and Mayfair, that is my Luck! ”

    Lu Xi grinned: "We are all Luck, so let's have a drink together!"


    Everyone raised the glass together, and Xiaoxiao's box was filled with a warm and beautiful atmosphere.

    despair! despair!

    At this time, the door of the box was squeaky.

    The next moment, the hotel customer service personnel pushed the door open and a middle-aged man walked in.

    His gaze quickly swept in the box, first condensed in Lu Chen, nodded and then settled on Li's body, his face showed a sly smile: "just listen to friends and say that you are here at night." Eat, so come over and see, don't bother?"

    The middle-aged man is slender and graceful. When he was young, he was undoubtedly a handsome man. Now the years have left traces on his face, but he does not see the old temperament, and he is very confident.

    Such a man must be very popular with women, and there is no disadvantage in the field.

    But when I saw this, Zhang Junzhi immediately sank his face and turned his head, using chopsticks to pinch the vegetables into his mouth and chewing.

    Miss Li was very surprised. She immediately got up and smiled. "I don't bother, I haven't seen it for a long time."

    She pulled one's own son: "Junzhi, can't be so rude."

    Zhang Junzhi was unwilling to put down his chopsticks and stood up and reluctantly greeted him: "Dad."

    Said in the mouth, but the eyes are floating towards the corner.

    This middle-aged man is the ex-husband of Li Jie and Zhang Shaoqi’s biological father Zhang Shaoqiu!

    Zhang Shaoqiu went up two steps and smiled: "Junzhi grew up, and I watched the game "Singing China". Your performance is very good. I think the champion should belong to you…"

    He worked hard to praise one's own son, but got just indifference and disregard.

    This made Zhang Shaoqiu a little embarrassed and had to shift the topic: "Is this Lu Chen Lu Teacher?"

    Lu Chen smiled and said: "Mister Zhang, hello."

    Lu Chen did not think that today he will see the famous Chen Shimei in this circle.


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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