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The 477th chapter is a squid

    “Before inviting you to participate in this Program, I noticed a lot of rumors on the web…”

    Shen Shuling's pair of Danfeng eyes stared at Lu Chen without hesitation. Her Voice was so pleasant from beginning to end, but the taste contained in the words was not necessarily soft and harmless.

    “Someone said in the blog that the new film support policy issued by the Hong Kong Island government can reproduce the glory of Xiangjiang movies and it needs to be verified by time. But the first thing is to introduce the 'wolf', which will undoubtedly affect the film industry of Xiangjiang. The impact is further exacerbated by the already fierce competition."

    "He proposed that the Hong Kong Island government should re-adjust its policies and impose restrictions on foreign traders."

    "So Lu Chen, do you think that one's own is also a member of the wolves, or do you have any opinion on this?"

    In the "Entertainment Three Talks" program, Shen Shuling is Host, she is also the leader of the topic, perhaps she does not hold any position, and completely interacts with the guests in an objective and neutral position.

    However, this does not mean that she will not touch sensitive topics. Instead, she is clearly consciously driving the atmosphere of conversation, creating conflicts and arguments.

    This topic was first mentioned by Zhuang Dong. He is undoubtedly a supporter of this sensitive speech. When she saw Shen Shuling burning Flames of War to Lu Chen, her face suddenly appeared a faint smile, as if sitting and watching a good show.

    Lu Chen in the eyes of Zhuang Dong is very young. Young means lack of sufficient experience, no deep-rooted city and resilience, and Lu Chen has just come from the mainland and is certainly strange to Xiangjiang.

    Shen Shuling’s question is very savvy, and it touches the sensitive side of Xiangjiang people. Lu Chen’s answer is a little appropriate, and his evening program interview is a failure.

    In other words, Zhuang Dong will win without fighting and win easily.

    In fact, winning too easily is not good…

    Zhuang Dong even has a bit of Xiaoxiao's regret that the real victory should be the intense opulent in the battle.

    Lu Chen has been indulging for a moment, as if thinking.

    It seems that this question really asked him to live, which made Zhuang Dong more proud of it.

    The audience sitting in front of the TV watching this program feels different.

    A Kang’s sister complained: “Really, how can I ask such an excessive question and let people answer?”

    She is really fascinated by Lu Chen's handsome, instinctively speaking for Lu Chen.

    A Kang is very sympathetic to Lu Chen. If he is replaced by such a question, I am afraid that performance will be even worse.

    In the heart, A Kang also agrees with the "wolf group". Usually, when he goes to work in the company, he often listens to his colleagues saying that the market is so bad, the price is so high, and the house price is so expensive. A large part of the reason is the mainland. Relationship.

    Mainland companies have robbed the business of Xiangjiang Company, and mainlanders came to Hong Kong to shop and buy real estate…

    Now it is the turn of the film industry. I don’t know what the Hong Kong Island government thinks. Why not think about the locals. As the saying goes, the water is not flowing outside the fields…

    There was a lot of messy thoughts in his head, and he thought of Xiao Wei.

    I don't know if Xiao Wei will be very pissed off?

    At this time, Lu Chen in the TV screen spoke up.

    His look is serious and serious: "I think of me, and the same industry from the mainland is not a wolf…"

    "If you want to compare, I think I am willing to be a squid."


    Shen Shuling was amazed: "Why do you want to be a squid?"

    I feel this metaphor is strange.

    Lu Chen smiled slightly, smiled brightly and splendidly, and let Shen Shuling look at her feelings of ecstasy.

    Just listen to him and say: "I will tell a little story first."

    “A long time ago, Norwegians liked to eat sardines, especially fresh sardines, but at that time there was no aerator. The return of fishermen to the sea to catch sardines was far away. The sardines kept in the cabin did not like activities, often On the way back to Hong Kong, all of them died, and they could not sell for a good price."

    "But people find that many sardines caught by a fisherman are alive and can always sell high prices. This secret is not revealed until the fisherman dies."

    Lu Chen told the story, and suspense, not only let Shen Shuling listen to God, even Zhuang Dong also became curious – he wants to see what medicine is sold in Lu Chen's gourd!

    Lu Chen continued: "It turned out that the fisherman had raised a squid in the cabin. The sardines had this ferocious alien in the middle. They would instinctively swim and dodge, keeping their vitality. Finally, many lived. port."

    After the story is over, Shen Shuling, Zhuang Dong and many viewers in front of the TV are faintly aware.

    This also included the audience at the Recording Site, and the atmosphere in the studio became subtle.

    Lu Chen is still going on: "I can say that I grew up watching Xiangjiang movies and drama series, mainly the Xiangjiang films of the 1990s. There are many real classics like "Barristers" and "True Love". "Hong Kong Island Hero", "Life and Death Rescue" and so on."

    Shen Shuling smiled and said: "Then you must be Liu Gangsheng's fans!"

    Lu Chen also laughed and nodded calmly and said: "Yes, I want to fulfill the wish that Xiangjiang wants to achieve, including the idol with my heart, and can say a few words to him."

    Shen Shuling laughed: "Then your wish will be realized!"

    Lu Chen’s respect and respect for Liu Gangsheng allowed the Xiangjiang audience in front of the TV to have a bit of a good impression on him.

    Liu Gangsheng can be described as a symbol and representative of Xiangjiang people's inspirational efforts. His Legendary life experience does not know how many young people in Xiangjiang are trying to struggle. His songs and film and television works have far-reaching influence in Xiangjiang.

    Lu Chen said: "At that time, Xiangjiang's classic movies and the drama series were broadcasted in the Mainland, and they all won high box office and Viewership Ratings, especially the drama series. It is not an exaggeration to describe it with thousands of people."

    "However, now, how many markets does Xiangjiang's film and television drama have in the Mainland?"

    His lips have a faint smile, and the fierce counterattack is hidden in the implicit words: "As far as I know, I am afraid that even one percent is gone."

    Shen Shuling is silent.

    The muscles on Zhuang Dong’s face were pumped, and they wanted to refute but found that they were poor.

    Because Lu Chen said that it is completely correct, Xiangjiang Film and Television, once brilliant, has long lost the ability to call for rain in the mainland, and can only fight in the traditional market of its own territory and Southeast Asia.

    Lu Chen’s words unrelentingly unveiled the current situation of Xiangjiang’s film and television industry, combined with the stories he had previously told, but anyone who is somewhat intelligent can understand what he wants to express.

    Xiangjiang’s film and television practitioners are like sardines huddled in a narrow boat cabin, and will die sooner or later.

    Unless there is a squid that stimulates them!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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