The forty-seventh chapter chapter Yan Ke An Zhi Hongzhi Zhizhi

    At 2 pm on November 18, Lu Chen and his party arrived at Xiangjiang International Airport.

    Like the first time to come to Xiangjiang, Lu Chen is very low-key, and there is no description of the itinerary on one's own blog. He knows that he only has a few people in the studio.

    But what Lu Chen didn't think of was that he had just stepped out of the passenger passage, and the crowd of people picking up the plane suddenly found more than a dozen reporters holding cameras and microphones, and he was surrounded by him in an instant.

    "Mr. Lu Chen, can you interview you?"

    "Lu Chen, what is your relationship with Liu Gangsheng Liu Heavenly King?"

    “Mr. Lu Chen, how do you think about Chen Yuanchen’s evaluation of your Music work?”

    "Mr. Lu Chen, some people say that if you come to Xiangjiang to make a movie, you are robbing the Xiangjiang industry players…"

    "What do you think of this?"

    The flashing lights flashed brightly, and a microphone with a bundle of different media logos rushed to the front, and the surrounding passengers cast their eyes on it or curious or surprised…

    There are also questions and questions like squally showers.

    Lu Chenyi time is a bit awkward.

    How is this going? When can he enjoy the popular Celebrity treatment in Xiangjiang?

    This is a bit unscientific!

    However, Lu Chen is not an ordinary person after all. In the face of sudden unexpected situations, he can still remain calm and calm. He calmly reaches out and blocks several microphones on one's own face. He said: "Please let , here is the public passage, thank you!"

    And behind Lu Chen, he followed a whole team of people.

    This team of people is Lu Chen pulled back from Beijing, 10 men and 2 women are very young, all from the army retired, the age of bloody, and received professional training.

    So when Lu Chen was surrounded, they stepped forward without thinking, and blocked those paparazzi at the first time to create a safety barrier for Lu Chen, so that he could quickly get rid of the embarrassing situation.

    Paparazzi did not expect that there would be so many guards around Lu Chen. They were these elite opponents. The original situation of the forced formation of the palace collapsed instantly. A reporter fell to the ground in a crowded place.

    Security personnel at the airport rushed to the scene in time to stop those who tried to continue to entangle paparazzi.

    Therefore, Lu Chen smoothly got out and sat on the business car waiting outside.

    This time there were a lot of people returning to Hong Kong. The studio arranged to hire a medium-sized passenger car. It was Lu Chen’s assistant Li Zhen who was responsible for picking up the plane.

    Li Zhen saw the scene of chaos just now. She was embarrassed to say: "Lu Shao, I am really sorry, I did not expect so many paparazzi."

    Lu Chen waved his hand and said that he didn't care. He wondered why these paparazzi had to contain one's own.

    What else is Chen Yuanchen, what is the chance to grab the Xiangjiang industry players, it is simply inexplicable!

    These Li Zhen can explain.

    The source of the storm was the last Cantonese song he sang in Lan Kwai Fong.

    After the song was sent to the Internet, it quickly became popular in Xiangjiang, and was loved by many young people in Xiangjiang. There were even many local Singer imitating songs, and even KYV appeared in the corresponding tracks.

    Nowadays, the popular Musical World in Xiangjiang has long been no longer a prosperous scene in the 1980s and 1990s. Especially in recent years, there are fewer and fewer original Cantonese songs. The market is full of singing and imitation songs of Japanese and Korean in Europe and America. Young Singer's mentality is becoming more and more impetuous, and people who concentrate on making Music are fast becoming rare animals.

    This phenomenon has many similarities with the popular Musical World in the Mainland. However, compared with the talents of Domestic, Xiangjiang's original Music people are more and more dying, and there are only a handful of up-and-coming talents.

    The market environment is very bad. Those fans who really love Cantonese songs are naturally dissatisfied. In the Muslim forums and blogs on Xiangjiang, the nostalgia and the sniper phenomenon are everywhere.

    So now suddenly I heard such a classic work that is classic, many fans and even insiders feel the surprise, and it is entirely reasonable to be quickly popular.

    But for the Musicians on Hong Kong Island, this is a bit embarrassing.

    Because Lu Chen, who created and played this song, is not only from the mainland, but he is not a Cantonese-Guangzhou person.

    And there are two people who have hatred for Lu Chen.

    One of them is Hong Kong Island BBS's "popular Music" and "film and television talks" two major sections of the famous comment ID [drinking three bowls], he is in the original video of "The Most Loved in Life", and the local video will be Xiangjiang native Music People have ridiculed it all over the place, and it has inevitably touched the fragile minds of some Hong Kong people.

    The other is the well-known blogger of the Hong Kong Island blog, "Nanhai Madman". His commentary on "The Most Loved in Life" has really pushed Lu Chen to the top of the cusp.

    Lu Chen knew this thing. For this reason, he also made a special blog post response, and he won Liu Heavenly King.

    He thought that the situation would calm down and return to Beijing a few days later.

    However, the development of the matter is far from unexpected. The Flames of War caused by the "Southern Sea Madman" has not been completely extinguished. Instead, it has spread more and more. Many people in the popular Musical World have been rolled in and have been very angry on the Internet. heat.

    A few days ago, the famous columnist, music film critic Chen Yuanchen in the "Hong Kong City Daily" column of the article, he thought that the music of the people do not need to feel insignificant, Lu Chen a Cantonese works prove nothing, "Love in life" is not what is worth blowing the classics, And there is suspicion of intentionally speculation, the existence of network pushing hands.

    "Dongcheng Daily" is one of the largest Chinese newspapers published by Xiangjiang. Chen Yuanchen's review article has caused quite a lot of repercussions and added a firewood to the debate on the Internet.

    At this time, Lu Chen, who had no reputation in Xiangjiang, was really red, and his past experience was quickly smashed out, including his coming to Xiangjiang to make movies.

    This inevitably touched the hearts of others in another circle, so there was a rumor that the mainlanders used the support policies of the Hong Kong government to seize the opportunity of local people and called for the policy terms of the changing.

    Because of the preparation for the film "Ghost Story", the work of Xiangjiang studio is very busy, Li Zhen is no exception, so she has limited information and knows so much.

    She apologized: "Lu Shao, I am really sorry, I should report these things to you earlier."

    Lu Chen finally understood the cause and effect, and he laughed dumbly: "When you listen to Lala, you don't plant the land?" We do our thing and don't need too much geography to do these things. ”

    His roots are in the Domestic, Xiangjiang is just a platform to enter the film circle, it is too stupid to fall into the Eight Trigrams dispute, involving energy and wasting time.

    And the bird, and the knowledge of Hongzhi!


The first is sent. (To be continued~^~)

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