The No. 479 chapter rises

    Xiangjiang is one of the three special administrative regions. The area and permanent population are far less than Beijing's, but the population density is in turn much higher than the latter. The developed economy is prosperous and the media is in full swing.

    TV stations alone have Xiangjiang Satellite TV and ATV's two wireless overlords. Many small and medium-sized cable stations are full of them, so the competition for Program content is very fierce. Even if the difference is 0.1% of Viewership Ratings, the ranking may be different.

    Although Xiangjiang Satellite TV and ATV have steadily occupied two points in the three-point world, the common market share of the two has never been less than 70%. However, in recent years, it has also been strongly challenged by Pearl and Hong Kong Island Cable Station, whether it is Program or not. Resources or Viewership Ratings have been eroded a bit.

    Not to mention the competition between Xiangjiang Satellite TV and ATV, the grievances between the two TV stations can easily shoot a long series of several hundred series of drama series, which has already been red-hot in Viewership Ratings.

    The old ATV has not gained the upper hand in the confrontation of this giant in recent years.

    The internals of ATV are also a lot of problems. The resources between the channels are very powerful, and the internal consumption is very serious. As one of the trump card programs, the "Three Entertainment Entertainment" is also facing a severe test.

    As a variety of program interviews broadcasted in prime time, the average Viewership Ratings of Entertainment Three Talks is around 3%, but this data is calculated based on the 10-year rating. If it is shortened to the last 3 years, Then it will fall to around 2.2%, sometimes even below 2%.

    This is undoubtedly a sign of danger. Shen Shuling of Host "The Three People in Entertainment" knows well that she has tried her best to improve the quality of the program and not want to fall to the end of the final cut.

    The market is extremely cruel, ATV is also a charity retirement, a group of newcomers are eyeing, Shen Shuling looks very beautiful on the surface, in fact, there has always been a battle in the back.

    It is precisely because of this that she boldly rushed to the public and invited the recent topic, Lu Chen, to talk about "The Three People in Entertainment" and explore the Hong Kong Island Government's new film support policy.

    You should know that the Program group included many Taiwanese people who thought that Lu Chen was a new artist who had just come from the mainland. He had no popularity in Xiangjiang. His identity and status did not meet the requirements of the "Three Entertainments". It was forced by the audience and the ridicule of the circle.

    However, it turns out that Shen Shuling’s adventure is correct. Perhaps the Xiangjiang audience is very interested in the mainland’s handsome Celebrity, and the competition brought by the perhaps new film support policy has touched many people’s sensitive points. Program’s Viewership Ratings Actually climbed up, and broke through 5% when it was nearing the end!


    This is quite a remarkable result, which is comparable to those of the really big-name Programs. The "Entertainment Three-Talker" last reached this Viewership Ratings, or invited the film songs to the result of Yanni.

    In addition to the high Viewership Ratings, Lu Chen, who is a key guest, performed extremely well in the Program, especially the story of the squid he told, which was refreshing and made the audience hear different voices and opinions.

    Lu Chen's "Entertainment Three Talks" not only did not reduce the level of Program, but also brought a different kind of vitality and vitality.

    Shen Shuling believes that his handsome, temperament and talkative will inevitably become a hot topic.

    The ATV Program Host seems to see a new star rising above the Xiangjiang River!

    The Program is still going on, but it is coming to an end.

    Shen Shuling said: "In fact, the first time I saw Lu Chen, I was on the Hong Kong Island blog, and then the video that was forwarded to me. At that time, were you at the bar in Lan Kwai Fong?"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes, it was the first time to come to Xiangjiang. Friends recommended that Lan Kwai Fong is very good."

    Shen Shuling smiled and said: "Then you took part in the Singing competition of LaDolceVita97 and sang the "Favorite of Life" that everyone is familiar with. I heard that this song was written by one's own and written to your girlfriend?"

    Lu Chen nodded: "Yes."

    The front is almost a debate, the dispute is relatively large, and now the end of the stage, the atmosphere is soothing, then talk about the Eight Trigrams anecdote, Shen Shuling has a good control of the rhythm of the conversation.

    Of course he is also very happy to cooperate.

    The only thing that is uncomfortable is that there is only one other guest, Zhuang Dong. Since it was hit by several counterattacks by Lu Chen, he was basically dumb, and there was no original aggressiveness.

    Everyone's eyes are sharp, and the failure of the debate must be acknowledged. If you continue to swear, it will only make one's own shame in front of the public, but let the opponent see the joke.

    Shen Shuling apparently also noticed the dilemma of Zhuang Dong, so she changed her easy topic.

    She turned to the scene and said with a smile: "A lot of viewers in front of the TV may not know, Mr. Lu Chen's girlfriend is the Missic popular Musical World, Miss Chen Feier, and the two photographers recently shot by Miss Chen Feier. The series has created a viewing miracle outside of Domestic."

    "It must be stated that the scriptwriters and male stars of the two drama series are Lu Chen."

    "So Lu Chen, your first movie, is the heroine Miss Chen Feier?"

    This time, Lu Chen shook his head: "No, the heroine is a new actress from Xiangjiang. The film "Ghost Story" is the actor and director of my own. Most of the other actors are Xiangjiang. , including our partners."

    The new film support policy introduced by the Xiangjiang government has limited terms. For example, in the movie submitted for review, Xiangjiang local actors need to account for more than 60% of the total. This is a rigid requirement.

    However, "Ghost Story" did not choose Chen Feier, mainly the problem of the schedule.

    Shen Shuling said: "Then we will wait and see, expect your movie to be released, and at the end of the Program, can you respond to the voices of the audience and play the "Love in Your Life" again?"

    She added: "I like this song too!"

    Lu Chen is pleased: "Thank you, of course there is no problem."

    This was pre-arranged by the Program team, not a sudden attack on Lu Chen, as he expected.

    "Love in a lifetime" in the absence of the official version of the development, relying on a cell phone video to go to Hong Kong Island, almost became the label of Lu Chen.

    This classic Cantonese song has greatly helped him to integrate into the Entertainment Circle of Xiangjiang. It has exerted influence in the young people of Xiangjiang, and it has also played its biggest role.

    So this issue of "Entertainment Three Talks" ended in Lu Chen's piano play "Love in Life".

    After the program was officially aired, it caused a lot of repercussions outside the circle of Xiangjiang!


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